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Questions relating to the rendering of markdown. Use this tag when something is rendering different from the way you expect it to, among other things. Most uses of this tag should also have the tag [markdown].

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Rendered view requires blank line before (and after) tables, but preview works regardless

I saw a wrong table layout where the poster did the following and it looked wrong: Table x | Name | Category | | ---- | -------- | | A | High | | b | Medium | | c | Low | ...
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3 answers

Please block posts containing unsupported HTML

Having had a look at Things in <angle brackets> that aren't HTML should not disappear, where jtbandes publicises his irritation with silently-disappearing code, got me to thinking: Please block ...
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Code wrapped inside headers is too small

Any inline code block inside a header gets rendered with the same font-size as normal paragraphs, and this makes code look very inappropriate inside headers. For example, the following Markdown: ...
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Don't show escaped pipe symbols in Parameters [closed]

According to the answer from Jon Ercison on System doesn't let me submit my submission for Parameters you have to escape any | symbols with a \ to prevent breaking the required two column table ...
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Testing GitHub Oneboxes for Stack Overflow for Teams [closed]

UPDATE: Some new features and bug fixes based on your feedback! PRs now render HTML that matches exactly with GitHub Links to the GitHub username now go to the user profile See the updates in the ...
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Accessibility concerns about Stack Overflow

When writing Markdown on Stack Overflow, you can create HTML section headings, also known as <h1> or <hx>, using '#' 1–6 times. This is very useful for questions and answers because you ...
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Code block rendered incorrectly at question but correct in edit window

I came upon this question. On a first look I thought that the code was formatted with a backtick starting and ending every line: I decided to correct this but when I clicked on edit I saw that it ...
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11 votes
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Inline formatting no longer works with syntax highlighting

Sometimes I use HTML <pre><code>…</code></pre> instead of Markdown ```…``` / ␣␣␣␣… blocks for code blocks with inline text formatting. I have noticed recently that such inline ...
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Literal tab in code block renders as four spaces

I think this used to work correctly before because I have memories of testing this when responding to makefile questions before, where proper tabs are crucial. (That would have been before the switch ...
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SO links do not render like they do in the editor preview

Duplicate of Editor preview resolves title to HTTP links but rendered post does not It looks like this was fixed once, here: Actual link style doesn't match preview link style See this question: ...
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How to Create Table in Stack Overflow Answers & Questions? [duplicate]

Why, despite support of markdown in the stack overflow, Still I can not be through this language or HTML making a table? Standard Markdown should have allowed in-lined HTML table. How can I making ...
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How to insert a space as a first character inside of backticks in comments?

I tried to insert b> in comments, but I could not do this, it rendered as a standard text with backticks. Why? How to insert this code: ` text` in comments so it renders as text with three ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Minimarkdown formatting in SO comments

According to the help page on formatting text in comments on this site, the backtick should format text as code. like this But that does not work. My comments will display on one line. I have seen ...
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146 votes
2 answers

Underline in [`code`](links)

Apparently links are now underlined. While I'm personally not a big fan of this, this seems to be a design decision. However, code in links is underlined as well. This makes it rather hard to read. ...
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81 votes
2 answers

Do not remove trailing spaces in inline code

If I write ` a b c ` Markdown renders it as a b c Inline code should not be trimmed. It's still code, and the spaces can be relevant. Example: [...] so .2 and .3 are invalid ...
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URL works in preview but not in actual post

In this answer the need arose to include the URL$. I put it directly in the text without any brackets. I knew there was a chance of that dollar sign being a ...
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Is there a way to increase the contrast for blockquotes, such as the old style with a light-yellow background?

I noticed a recent change in the markdown rendering of blockquotes on they now display as regular text, with just a thin grey vertical bar the the left. This change seems to be a ...
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Tag followed by link results in unexpected formatting

This is a [tag:tag] [and link][1]. It displays incorrectly. This is a tag [and link]1. It displays incorrectly. This is a [tag:tag]&nbsp;[and link][1]. It displays correctly. This is a tag&...
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26 votes
2 answers

Code wrapped inside sub/superscripts is too big

In this answer I happened to use some inline code markup inside a pseudo-footnote1 wrapped in <sup>...</sup> tags and noticed that, while the plain text inside the footnote is typeset in a ...
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Comment formatting is not working with & (and other special characters) sign(s) after letters/words

When using the & sign in a comment, the formatting is not parsed correctly for example, SO is a Q&A site. The comment doesn't seem to get formatted as it is supposed to as can be seen in ...
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1 answer

Indentation of tabs and spaces is inconsistent in Stack Snippets

When I write code using JS/HTML snippet editor (orange icon): and paste code which contains one or more tab () characters as line indentation, then the snippet editor shows me this: The same code in ...
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10 votes
3 answers

How to embolden an asterisk?

I've read the instructions for writing questions, answers and comments: and read the markdown documentation:
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8 votes
1 answer

Quote Formatting Messing Up/How to Handle Format of Error Logs [duplicate]

I'm fairly confused on how I should be formatting error logs. I've been coming across lots of posts like this one, where people post the errors that they are getting, or what LogCat is throwing at ...
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Code block is rendered incorrectly (partially in italic after underscore) [duplicate]

I noticed a strange rendering of the question text. Here is a screenshot. Note how the code block starts as expected until the underscore character and then turns into italic. I'm using Chrome on ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Strings between angular brackets not displayed

*String response = "<I:BARCO@noiclt22815||K:CMS||O:REgetPerspectiveList||A0:googleP||A1:yahooP||A2:gmail||A3:test||>";* When I put the above string in italics in one of my posts most of the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Several posts with incorrect image Markdown syntax

I've noticed several questions and answers posted recently, typically from newer users, where the image Markdown syntax is incorrect (using the link syntax instead of image syntax. In other words, ...
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Links to documentation aren't rendered properly [closed]

In documentation, when linking to a different topic / example, links aren't rendered properly. If a raw link is added in a example, like this:
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HTML tags in the body are not showing up

In this question on SO the author was asking a question with the following text: between > and </ of any tag. Those "greater then" and "less then" symbols are showing up only if you backtick ...
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A string containing `<people.txt` does not render [duplicate]

The Bash command sort -k2,2 -k1,1 <people.txt is not displayed properly. <people.txt is not in the preview. This is not an issue on some other sites. I can write the command as sort -k2,2 -...
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Link in the comments is rendered with semicolon

I've got the following URI:' In the post Markdown, it would be rendered as' which doesn't work - you have to use ...
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2 answers

Spaces around code keywords

An answer had no spaces around the keywords, and displayed as expected in my browser (Grazing, IOS 8; but Safari is similar). I fixed it, but the author rolled back the edit, and left a comment that ...
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Inconsistencies in the rendering of lists

Can some of these inconsistencies be remedied? behaves differently (somewhat more reasonable I'd say). I posted a twin question on SE. Note the differences. == demo ...
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31 votes
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Make tabs actually visible in code sections of posts

Today in a Python question, the OP had an issue where some code was not accessible because of a spaces vs tabs issue. Somehow, he had the first part of his code indented with tabs, and the second ...
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2 answers

How can I make a bold font within a code section? [duplicate]

Let's say I'd like to put in a block of a code and I want to stress some crucial places of this code with a bold font. [B] button placing two asterisks around the needed piece of code, but those ...
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Snippets comments are incorrectly parsed inside code blocks producing strange output

I was editing the following question, as the code blocks needed indenting, and noticed there was an problem with the html comments. Post: setOnItemClickListener for listview Here is the code I had ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Inline tags (inserted by [tag:] markup) are now underlined

I've just noticed that tag names inserted by [tag:tag] markup (tag), have become underlined: I've tracked this to
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What causes these list item marker display issues for content that begins with a code block? [closed]

Yesterday I made an edit that produced some unexpected output. It seems that when an item in an ordered or unordered list begins with a code block, in (at least) Firefox (but not Chrome) the list ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can't end a code span with backslash in comments [duplicate]

I tried to end a code span with a backslash in a comment. It treated the ` as a literal. I tried to escape the backslash, but that didn't work either and it still treated the ` as a literal. See below ...
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1 answer

Not correctly formatted hyperlink

There seems to be some problem with the handling of links after <h1></h1>. It wasn't there some months ago. The problem is here and on the main site (I've noticed because I opened an old ...
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Stack Snippet comments not showing up correctly when part of code

I'm trying add a "stack snippet starter pack" for tag wikis for specific libraries so there's a ready-to-go template when adding a tag that a user (or answerer) could copy and paste into their ...
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2 answers

Can we close Markdown rendering bugs against a related but maybe not fitting duplicate

We currently have 27 open bug reports for markdown rendering and most of those are of the type: The preview shows X, after posting it shows Y where X and Y can be any markdown/html that you can ...
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Why does code formatting not work in this question?

I found the following suggested edit in the review queue: suggested edit, question The multi-line code was previously formatted using `…` and it is suggested to be replaced with <code>…</...
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Tag wiki preview looks ok, live changes look crap

We're adding a FAQ to the c tag wiki. I initially did this with a copy/paste from a meta post to the wiki. The meta post looks ok even though it only contained raw URL to the posts. The site replaced ...
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Inconsistent rendering of documentation links on Meta.SO [closed]

Documentation links on Meta.SO do not render differently from other links, but the editor's preview shows them with the extra icon: Preview: Final version: They should be consistent: either show ...
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Additional spaces displayed differently in markdown and rendered output diff

When removing one of two consecutive spaces, like here before the word "declaring", rendered-output-diff highlights the entire subsequent word "declaring", whereas the markdown-diff more accurately ...
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1 answer

Heading underline markdown rendering differently in preview to published

I came across this answer which appeared to have rendered incorrectly. Editing it, the answer looked fine in preview so I suspected it just needed to be rerendered, but this was not the case. The ...
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Bug in the Preview/Display of Wiki Introduction Markdown [closed]

I've noticed something strange when I edit the wiki intro of a concept, for instance: When editing the intro the preview function ...
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Automatically indent code the correct amount under numbered lists [duplicate]

Code does not show correctly under a numbered list: I have found some questions about this, like Code block bug when following numbered list?, no one says that is a bug, and has a tag status-bydesign ...
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Preview of tables doesn't match the live view [duplicate]

I went to edit this question to improve the formatting of the tables, since it looked broken: But when I went to edit it, the preview showed it to be correctly formatted: This seems to be ...
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Bullet is suppressed (on certain browsers) when list item contains code inside of a blockquote

When you're trying to quote multiple pieces of code, you might use a bulleted list, where each item in the list is a blockquote that contains a code snippet. To wit: Here's my list: - > printf(...
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