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Anything related to posts of low quality, such as flagging posts for "very low quality", or the low quality answers review task.

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Don't post low-quality questions or answers. Make users fix them instead

Scenario 1: An automatic gatekeeper would detect and intercept all Low Quality questions and answers. Currently, an algorithm detects Low Quality posts and puts them into a review queue. My proposal ...
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What made this a low quality answer? [duplicate]

I am still relatively new to Low Quality Post reviews, and I got hit on this audit question, but I don't understand why. I am definitely not familiar with google-bigquery, but this answer appeared to ...
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Audit in Low Quality Posts could be improved without being considered spam [duplicate]

I was reviewing the Low Quality Posts and the following are the decisions I can make when something shows up: Then, the following appeared: After reading the answer to the question and realizing it ...
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How to flag a low quality answer when the option is missing from the flags?

I would like to flag this accepted and upvoted answer as low quality, because it is a link only by the definitions of SO. However, I am not able to do this, since the very low quality option is ...
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Anyone else noticed the tide of low-quality questions since the introduction of the new "be nice" policy?

As of late, I have certainly noticed an influx of low-quality questions. These questions are typically of the following caliber: Help with a homework assignment Incoherent and poorly-articulated even ...
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Triage implementation has been (silently) abandoned midway, how bad is that?

I recently learned that triage development has been abandoned midway: Triage was predicated on us rewriting all of the views. Which... Very nearly happened. And then didn't. (side note for readers ...
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What should be done, when a question has implications, which lead to a correct, but misleading answer?

General problem Questions can implicate the usage of a tool, which is capable to solve the given problem, however far from adequate for it, because the solution will be too obscure, unstable or ...
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Code only answers in the LQPQ that are wrong [duplicate]

So, I came upon a situation I feel is a bit weird, hence I want to ask for clarification. The Low Quality Post queue gave me this answer to review. By coincidence, I had already seen it about an hour ...
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Why was this an audit in LQPQ? [duplicate]

I just failed the following audit: Granted, this answer is only code, and it has a link that doesn't add anything. It's definitely a bad ...
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Let's stop people getting confused (and failing) by audits and remove the worse offender: the low quality review audits

The recap: The low quality review queue is meant to "Identify, then improve or delete low-quality posts" Spam flags are meant for post that "Exists only to promote a product or service, does not ...
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Failed review audit for a post, but it looks alright?

This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. Here's a screenshot of the result, the original post seems to have deleted. It says this was an audit, and the ...
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Allow deletion recommendation for questions in VLQ (Q)

Often I see stuff like this: and this answer got to the queue: At ...
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What effect do voting rings have on average post quality?

Brad Larson recently wrote: The single most popular reason for people to coordinate voting on this site is to evade question bans. People who rely on this site to do their job will do whatever it ...
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Low Quality Posts Review Audit

I recently failed this audit in the LQP queue. Now seeing any action from a moderator in the comments should have been a red flag, and I ...
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Should I answer with link or code? [duplicate]

Today I answered with both believing that I was being helpful to the person answering the question. In the first question, there was an awful amount of code and the question was about flexbox. I found ...
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Should a bad question by a newbie spared from being downvoted? [duplicate]

There was this question i came across. (It has been edited since, so here is the screenshot of its first revision.) I found this question to be of low quality as it was lacking a lot of aspects e.g. ...
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Has there been a change in how flags are reviewed?

Recently my flags about "low quality answer" started being declined. So much so that I am now banned from flagging. All that is fine, except I don't think I made any change in how I review flags. An ...
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Low Quality Review - Duplicate Answer

This answer came up in my LQP queue and from the review page it seemed like a genuine attempt to answer the question. It lacked a lot of good formatting, so I edited it. Something was rubbing me wrong ...
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What's the deal with this Low Quality Posts review/audit?

I just came across a Low Quality Posts review that I find quite strange. The review system tells me: Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review carefully And so I ...
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How strictly should we judge low quality bounty questions? [duplicate]

As of late I have encountered a couple of bounty questions that have been rather sub-par in their quality and I had some second thoughts about their legitimacy as a questions in and of themselves. I ...
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Why is the number of other answers relevant in the Very Low Quality queue?

The Very Low Quality review queue very prominently features the number of other answers in the sidebar when reviewing. Why is this relevant to how you review the question? What's the point of this ...
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An answer to an already closed question was flagged. How should I proceed?

An author was flagged after answering his own question. The question was already closed as "too broad". Answer in the LQ queue: To be ...
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Remove this audit from the LQP queue

I recently failed this audit. Upon reviewing, it seemed like the post seemed to answer the question, provided the main points from the article linked, and then provided the link as a reference. ...
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There should be auto-rejection system in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Many organizations have designed their systems to prevent bad things. Stack Overflow should design a system that either rejects the question on the basis of quality or forces the user to put more ...
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Can we reduce the amount of code-only answers entering the Low Quality Post review queue?

Whenever I go into the "Low Quality Posts" review queue, I'd say a good 75% or more of them are code-only answers. I almost always say they "Look OK". Looking through some older meta posts, this has ...
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Can we decrease the roomba times for auto deletion of bad questions?

In an attempt to improve the quality of content on the site, expediting the speedy deletion of low quality questions, while taking pressure off the community. Can we decrease the roomba times for auto ...
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Can not retract very-low-quality flag after the post is upvoted [duplicate]

It is known that we can not flag a post as "very-low-quality" if it has a positive score. But for example, if I initially flag a post with zero score as "very-low-quality", then when later this post ...
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"This is an audit" error popup in an audit

Today while I was reviewing Low Quality posts, I got this post with a code only answer. So I tried to add a comment to the user saying it's better to add some description. Suddenly an error popup came ...
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I fail to understand how this answer is spam or offensive

I just failed this audit. I was then banned from review. The text of the answer is: There's no negative to using 301's or 302's anymore, and especially so if you're migrating to https from http. I ...
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Why is this answer still around?

I ran across this answer last week. You won't need this soon since public API will be available next week. Documentation is almost ready. Write to [some email here] if you want to get early access to ...
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Why is the "very low quality" flag unavailable here?

I found the following post on the Stack Overflow: I think the answer quality is very low, because the post provides only links to off-site resources without essential parts of the answer. Moreover, ...
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Enabling easier elimination of posts by new users that disregard documentation

It is evident that SO tries to remove hurdles and make it easy for newcomers to post questions. While this surely reduces the "friction" that new users encounter, it has the downside of ...
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What should happen with this mess?

Here is the situation: (edit: post has been deleted) got downvoted, but as it had answers, the OP couldn't delete it. ...
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Why are only certain VLQ flags shown in my flagging history?

I recently wrote an answer to this question by Tim Post. In my answer I advocated to change the way the Helper Queue works. To strengthen my argument there I decided to gather some data on how the ...
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Why did I fail this LQPRQ audit? [duplicate]

I just failed this Low Quality Posts review audit, but I'm not sure why. Here is the answer: // calling action var executeAction = orgService.Execute( new OrganizationRequest("...
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Should "Very Low Quality" flags be offloaded entirely to tag experts?

Some of the Stack Overflow moderators were having (yet another) discussion about what makes "not an answer" fundamentally different from "very low quality", since the former ...
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VLQ flag declined by moderator through edit?

Today I was checking my flagging history and found out one of my VLQ flags was declined by a moderator. Apparently the answer was not VLQ, and it was my lack of subject knowledge combined with a ...
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What should I do about a lack of good canonical questions?

I have been growing increasingly annoyed by the lack of good canonicals and the number of bad questions that are commonly used as duplicate targets. (Sometimes because there's no better alternative, ...
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Review > Recommend Deletion - Grammar

Under "Review > Low Quality Posts > Recommend Deletion", the option: This is an “I’m having this problem, too” comment Should not really have a comma after the word problem before the word too ...
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Is Stack Overflow losing its guidelines concerning answering low-quality questions? [duplicate]

A couple of days ago, Jay Hanson published a blog post titled Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming. It’s Time for That to Change. Although I have several questions about things said in the post, this ...
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How to deal with the inundation of low quality questions [duplicate]

Preface This post has received a lot of negative attention in a relatively short period of time, but I just want to clarify that this question is about how can we effectively deal with the growing ...
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Would you like for free? [closed]

tl;dr: I own the domain name I cannot build something good for the community with it, and I want to gift it to someone who has an idea that will benefit the Stack Overflow ...
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Low Quality Post What is Recommend Deletion

I'm a bit confused on what Recommend Deletion is and to what it counts towards. In other Review queues you can vote to close, which counts towards your close votes flags. Is Recommend Deletion a ...
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VLQ flag declined, but answer deleted anyway [duplicate]

An answer to this question came up in my review queue. The answer was a one-line wrong code. I do not remember exactly, but it was something like average_color = cv2.mean(image) I had flagged it as ...
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No reviews for me but the answer is near deletion

This is the second time this has happened over the last week. I reviewed this answer where the submitter admitted his posting is not an answer, and I voted to delete it for that reason. It now has ...
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Could link-only answers from low-rep users be preserved as comments?

Going through the recommended deleted queue I often see a lot of useful link-only answers from low-rep users who are unable to post comments. Sometimes I see a deleted answer on a question that has a ...
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No option for already commented on for Low Quality Posts

While reviewing Low Quality Posts queue, I come across this situation very often when a post is low quality but someone has already gone in before me and left a comment saying this post needs a more ...
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How to handle multiple old accepted/up-voted Low Quality Answers from same user?

If I notice many Low Quality Answers from one single user, what is recommended practice for me to handle those if: all answers are from one single user all answers are old (2011-12-13) some of the ...
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Edits should not mark Very Low Quality (VLQ) flags as Helpful

In a comment on this answer, I asked why edits mark VLQ flags as Helpful. @Shog9 ♦ replied: Ancient reasons, @Robert; that behavior predates review, and partially fulfilled the need for a "flag ...
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Possible bad audit on LQP Queue

I just came across this audit in LQP Queue: It looks like a bad audit for LQP, because, It does seem to answer the question. The question is about difference between include and require ...
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