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Use this tag for questions about the Low quality answers review queue ( and how to review in it.

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Should this zero-score, not NAA, deleted answer be used as a Low quality answers audit?

I came across a Low quality answers audit yesterday on this answer to Biopython: Local alignment between DNA sequences doesn't find optimal alignment yesterday - screenshot for users with < 10k ...
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Why does “recommend deletion” have variable number of reasons?

I'm just getting to be familiar to the Low quality answers review queue and I have observed that sometimes the option Recommend deletion has multiple reasons: No comment needed This is commentary on ...
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How should I handle typo answers in the Low Quality Answers queue?

Occasionally, I find one sentence answers in the Low Quality Answers queue. They are often: I had to restart my computer/IDE/whatever Or Not reproducible or caused by typos type answers such as: ...
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Make it possible to view the review answer on the same page as other answers in answer queues

Quite often, I leave a comment on new answers if they add nothing to existing answers. Sometimes I also downvote because of this. I also think this is a quite important thing to do when reviewing. But ...
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Why is this answer that does not even have a link spam or offensive?

I got a 'STOP! Look and listen.' from clicking Looks OK here. For whatever reason the answer is considered spam and was deleted as such. Sometimes the answers have a link to an undisclosed affiliated ...
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What makes this answer delete-worthy and how can that be avoided in the future?

I posted this answer which has been deleted from a low quality answers review. Here is a screenshot: The question I was answering asked "What is the JavaScript equivalent of Clang?" - to my ...
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