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For questions about the usage, design and display of the Stack Overflow identification symbols. Sometimes should be accompanied by tag [design].

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Stack Exchange logo not visible in chat

The one-box image of is transparent and not visible boldly unlike the one-box image. It looks clear only when you look close. Perhaps it needs the ...
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Stack Overflow META logo is missing META on the user page

The MSO logo, when logged out, is missing the orange META mark on the user page. Image of the header when logged out: Image of the header when logged in:
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Dark theme topbar logo styling for dark mode

I'd really like to see orange part of the Stack Overflow logo when in dark mode. I noticed that the Stack Overflow image is just plain white on dark-mode vs the light-mode view: So I inspected the ...
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Can the Stack Overflow Talents logo be updated to look nice in dark mode?

On the Stack Overflow Talent page in dark mode (toggle is in the footer), here's what the dark-mode logo looks like. I find the pretty much black text tough to read on the dark-grey background. But ...
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The inconsistent icon (logo) for blog posts

Just noticed the change (inconsistent) between successive "refresh". Is the logo actually being changed (logical) or I'm seeing some issue there? Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2:
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The Stack Overflow newsletter is still using the old icon

Saw this in my inbox today: The email shouldn't be using the old logo.
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The logo on the Stack Overflow Developer Survey page is old

On the Stack Overflow Developer Survey page is the old logo: This affects both the coloured one at the top, and the sidebar greyscale one.
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Is there a direct meaning of the SO logo?

I really like the SO logo. Just a simple stack of lines (main's orange and meta's black) unaligned put on top of a bracket. I know that it relates to programming but, given the detail, I don't get the ...
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