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For questions about the usage, design and display of the Stack Overflow identification symbols. Sometimes should be accompanied by tag [design].

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Missing orange logo with dark theme [duplicate]

Now that the dark theme is under reconstruction, could we please have the orange logo back? The white logo is dull. The orange logo is displayed perfectly on the tab of Edge, so why not where it ...
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Dark theme topbar logo styling for dark mode

I'd really like to see orange part of the Stack Overflow logo when in dark mode. I noticed that the Stack Overflow image is just plain white on dark-mode vs the light-mode view: So I inspected the ...
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Can the Stack Overflow Talents logo be updated to look nice in dark mode?

On the Stack Overflow Talent page in dark mode (toggle is in the footer), here's what the dark-mode logo looks like. I find the pretty much black text tough to read on the dark-grey background. But ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Why does Stack Overflow use a monochromatic logo in dark mode?

Out of curiosity, why was it decided to keep the Stack Overflow logo monochromatic in dark mode? The light mode uses the colored logo. Wouldn't it have been a better choice to keep the logo colored ...
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1 answer

Is there a direct meaning of the SO logo?

I really like the SO logo. Just a simple stack of lines (main's orange and meta's black) unaligned put on top of a bracket. I know that it relates to programming but, given the detail, I don't get the ...
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27 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow META logo is missing META on the user page

The MSO logo, when logged out, is missing the orange META mark on the user page. Image of the header when logged out: Image of the header when logged in:
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32 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow logo is missing in the blog [closed]

Logo is missing in the Stack Overflow blog. When inspecting the element, I can see the below <svg code for the logo, but it is not displaying. <svg role="img" class="so-icon so-icon-logo" ...
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134 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow Logo stolen If you look at the fifth picture, you can clearly see the Stack Overflow Logo next to the text "Multiple Storages". It looks like somebody just Googled "orange ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Redundant meta in logo?

Did I end up on the Stack Overflow meta for Stack Overflow meta, or is there something wrong with the logo? Present on both Firefox and Chromium.
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25 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow logo not visible on "site rooms" button in chat

Being orange logo on orange button, the logo is not really visible in chat rooms on domain having Stack Overflow as their parent site: (sample room) Can this please be fixed, e....
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-24 votes
1 answer

Tooltip is missing in stack overflow logo [closed]

Tooltip is missing on stack overflow logo
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97 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow logo in footer is misleading (on Meta)

On Meta, the SO logo displayed in the footer is the main site logo, but it actually links to Meta. I think it should either link to the main site or be the dark Meta logo if it's supposed to link to ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Did the FCC steal the Stack Overflow logo? [duplicate]

I went to file my net-neutrality comments today, and look what I found: It appears to be a "create PDF" button...
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0 answers

Icon part of SO Logo - Do we own it? [duplicate]

Do we own the icon part of the SO logo? Reason I ask is I came across this website that is using it as an icon for their Industry News:
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29 votes
1 answer

Logos on SO and mSO are not aligned

For some reason, the logos on Stack Overflow and Meta are not aligned. They're off by 4 pixels. SO has this in the CSS: .so-header .-logo._glyph .-img { height: 30px; width: 25px; ...
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The Stack Overflow logo is being used on a different, unrelated website [duplicate]

This Austrian government website is using what looks like the Stack Overflow logo on the left side at the nav menu. This logo doesn't even seem to fit with the caption, which translates as "The Basics"...
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71 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow's logo is being used in Clear Linux project's website [duplicate]

Please read before flagging as duplicate: Stack Overflow logo used on another site talks about the old logo and a different website. This is with the new logo. I've been looking at some benchmarks ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Please improve SO logo kerning [closed]

This might appear to be a petty matter, but it bugs me every time I see it. SO logos are well-balanced, however, when scaled down, the kerning is starting to hurt. Any chance we could use a version ...
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New Logo Has a Distracting "Hole"... Why? [duplicate]

First of all, my apologies for what might seem to some a superfluous question. The new Stack Overflow logo has a tiny "missing hole" on the letter "a"; see magnified screenshot where I have ...
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57 votes
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Stack Exchange logo not visible in chat

The one-box image of is transparent and not visible boldly unlike the one-box image. It looks clear only when you look close. Perhaps it needs the ...
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The logo on the Stack Overflow Developer Survey page is old

On the Stack Overflow Developer Survey page is the old logo: This affects both the coloured one at the top, and the sidebar greyscale one.
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5 votes
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What happened to the logo? [duplicate]

I noticed this today on (StackOverflow's SVG logo) But "stackoverflow" portion on "StackOverflow Meta" looks perfect.
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34 votes
2 answers

Where to get an updated SVG version of Stack Overflow logo?

Where do I get an SVG version of the updated Stack Overflow logo? There is this answer, but I realized it uses the old logo. I think it would be a simple color change so I attempted to do the color ...
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3 votes
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When will the logo for the news letter be changed? [duplicate]

When will the logo in the news letter be changed from the old logo to the new one? I noticed recently they don't match: If you look at the date you will see it is from after the change.
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-25 votes
2 answers

Can Stack Overflow's logo be changed temporarily to a Support For Paris logo?

On June 26, 2015, a user requested the logo be changed temporarily to show support for a then-happening situation. The request was granted. The logo was altered on many websites. A similar show of ...
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58 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow (main site) logo renders incorrectly on Safari Version 8.0.8 (10600.8.9)

I'm on a mid 2014 retina MacBook Pro and am browsing with Safari version 8.0.8 (10600.8.9). The logo appears to not render correctly. Note the problem with the a: The logo looks fine on Chrome ...
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The Stack Overflow newsletter is still using the old icon

Saw this in my inbox today: The email shouldn't be using the old logo.
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34 votes
1 answer

The SEDE site has an incorrect Stack Overflow icon [closed]

The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) has the old Stack Overflow icon. It looks like the unicorn forgot the bar on this site.
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43 votes
2 answers

Do t-shirts and other SO swag still have the old logo?

As a part of the 10 million questions milestone, SO is sending swag (t-shirts, mugs, ...) to some of its users. Has the logo on this swag been updated or is it still the old one? Since we reached the ...
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41 votes
1 answer

Main and meta site logos aren't the same size

In the same vein as the recent discussion on the favicon being too thin, I spotted a difference between main and meta with respect to logo size. Here are the two current sprite sources being discussed:...
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1 answer

The new Stack Overflow logo is blurry

Here is a screenshot from zoomed in Paint.NET where I pasted a screenshot taken using the Windows Snipping Tool. The browser is Chrome and it was not zoomed. Machine info: Chrome 46 beta Windows 7 ...
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The inconsistent icon (logo) for blog posts

Just noticed the change (inconsistent) between successive "refresh". Is the logo actually being changed (logical) or I'm seeing some issue there? Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2:
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7 votes
0 answers

Favicon for the new Stack Overflow logo? [closed]

I like our new logo: But is it just me, or does the lowest orange bar look way darker than the rest? Maybe it should be rendered a bit lighter to compensate? What does the design team think? (This ...
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66 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow title edit to 'celebrate' 10 million questions

Took me a little bit to understand the new title (the title was updated and published prior to the explanation being displayed..) I'm guessing it will just stick around for the day? Link to the ...
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4 answers

Is it okay to wear this jersey with the Stack Overflow logo for personal use?

I have this jersey that I got online. Is it okay to wear it for personal use?
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79 votes
2 answers

When are we going to get the old logo back?

I perfectly understand why SO has the LGBT-rainbow logo right now, and I respect the admins' decision to make it that way. But, seriously, it's been up for, what, three days? I am really sorry if I ...
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-20 votes
2 answers

Can Stack Overflow's logo be changed permanently to a spectral colours logo?

TL;DR Please change the SO logo permanently to the one below showing stack objects in spectral colours. The old orange (orange? Ubuntu anyone?) one doesn't properly reflect the diversity of ...
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0 answers

The logo in the chat room didn't change .. is that normal? [duplicate]

Well I was chatting with a user in the chatting room, and I noticed the logo isn't colored ..(it wasn't changed) is that normal ?
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1 answer

Make the rainbow logo a hyperlink to the explanation [closed]

I was unpleasantly surprised to see the subject, because I wondered if SE has started to promote LGBT, or adopted it as an official practice for its employees or something. Only after searching for a ...
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59 votes
10 answers

Is the new "marry whomever you want" title image out of place?

There are a lot of current events and social issues taking place in the world. Is it a good idea for Stack Overflow to become politically active, especially for events that have nothing related to ...
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16 votes
5 answers

Remember when you promised not to imply that I support your political message? [closed]

Before dismissing this as a "spurious interpretation", please consider that these license restrictions are the same ones that protect our names and technical content from being used on sites ...
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1 answer

A URL for SVG asset file with old banner colors

I wrote a small Greasemonkey script to replace the new rainbow banner: // ==UserScript== // @name LoveOverflows // @namespace User // @description Removes StackOverflow rainbow banner // @...
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34 votes
5 answers

Can I turn off the rainbow version of the logo? [closed]

I mean, I understand this tolerance thing, but can I at least choose whether I'm in favor of the new social logo or not (Please do not use Stack Overflow to promote social causes) and change it back ...
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411 votes
20 answers

Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?

Stack Exchange just tweeted this image following the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in favor of gay marriage: #LoveWins #LoveOverflows Please can this be made the logo for a couple of ...
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Is there a monochrome version of the SO logo available somewhere? [closed]

I want to use it on my webpage to link to my SO account. Even a color version will work. Thanks!
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2 answers

Stack Overflow logo cropped at 90% in chrome

The SO logo is being slightly cropped at 90% zoom in Chrome. Its fine above and below 90% zoom but specifically 90% zoom it is cropped. 75% Zoom 90% Zoom 100% Zoom
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