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Questions relating to logging in to Stack Overflow.

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Update Help Center page about login credentials

The instructions and images on page titled How do I add or remove login credentials from my account? are inaccurate after the introduction of new profile pages. Link "My Logins" is one of ...
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Stuck at login - create account

So I hit the Log-In button. Then choose "Google" as the authentication provider. I had an email pre-set. Unfortunately I did not realize it was the wrong one. So I get an offer to set up my new ...
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Logout and Login

Well, I finally reclaimed my identity. It took me hours -- the "logout" was hard to find, so I was trapped in a new identities on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. Then I had to locate "login" -- ...
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Adding Security log option for seeing login activites

Recently I was logged out of my SO account automatically. This happened 2 times in 2 days (like 1 today and 1 yesterday). Note also that this has happened in the past as well. Upon seeing this, I am ...
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Getting logged out of Stack Overflow due to RSS feeds

I'm using Firefox (currently v112 v114 v122 v125 v127) on macOS (currently 12.6 (Monterey) 13.3 13.6 (Ventura)). This began happening a couple of months back. Every morning I'd wake up my Mac, go to ...
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Temporarily lost login while being active

It has happened to me a couple of times over the last few days that I was suddenly logged off while being active on StackOverflow. I then get a banner at the top of the browser window that offers me ...
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Login Stack Overflow with Elinks

Just for the sport: is it possible to login Stack Overflow with Elinks? Appearently, it accepts my credentials, but then it requires a CAPTCHA test that, clearly, is not an obvious matter with a text ...
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Why I am being automatically logged out of SO so often?

For some reason, I can't seem to stay logged into SO for more than a few minutes. I am on MacOS 10.14.3, Safari 12.0.3. I've been on SO since the beginning, but this has only manifested recently (...
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Stay on current page after login

When I arrive on Stack Overflow, I'm not initially logged in and if I try to participate (e.g., voting on a post), I'm asked to either sign up for an account or log in. So far so reasonable. The ...
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Why does autologin into hats not work?

I join at work. But when I get to the computer at home and click the link I am not autologin in comparison to any other Stack Overflow-type site I was ...
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Set focus on email address field on the Login Page

I hate using mouse to select a form once I load any webpage which I know will require input of some type, so I just place both of my hands on keyboard and get ready to hit tab until I get to form ...
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Can't add new Stack Exchange openid login

I'm trying to get away from google login so I created a new Stack Exchange openid login. I then went to my Stack Overflow profile, logins page, and selected add more logins. In the box where you can ...
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Cannot login to Stack Overflow ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED

From work, I could login. A few days ago I was disconnected. Now I try to login via Google, from work, and I am redirected on a: This site can't be reached. The webpage at
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Autofocus the 'email' field on login page

Apparently, this was asked 5 years ago: Set focus on email address field on the Login Page If you're like me, you hate using the mouse. I keep my browser secure on my work computer, so I have to re-...
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Google and Facebook login options don't work when there is text in email field

This seems like a bug, I've reproduced it across Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If I visit the login page, enter anything in the Email field, then try clicking on either the Google or Facebook sign in ...
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Why do I always have to go through password recovery to log in?

Every time I want to log into Stack Overflow I type in my credentials and then get a "Wrong email or password" pop up. Then I click the "forgot password" link type in my email (the same I used before) ...
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"Suspicious request" message after login

After I log in, I'm redirected to this page stating "Suspicious request". I don't know what it is. Did I do something wrong? I just logged in at See the screenshot below:
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with GitHub no longer available on Stack Exchange

I was logged into Database Administrators ( using the "Sign in with GitHub" feature. Today when I loaded the site, my account was logged out and the GitHub login method was no longer ...
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Why do I need to manually login to some SE sites seperately, when I have already logged in through SO?

I have logged on to Stack Overflow. Then under the Stack Exchange drop down I click on Android Enthusiasts. The page loads and asks me to refresh in order to login, but when I click on Unix & ...
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Is it possible to log into Stack Overflow using a passkey?

I am curious if there is support for passkeys for Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange. If not, is it on a roadmap?
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Password change or reset applies to wrong address

I have two email addresses associated with my StackOverflow account: an old one which was used to create the account, and a new one. When I log out and I try to log back in, the new email address is ...
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Login page keeps trying to authenticate with social-login instead of entered credentials

Summary On login page, login with credentials keeps trying to login with social integration if you previously tapped on one of social-login buttons, and hit back button. Steps to reproduce Go to ...
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How does Stack Overflow share a token across domains?

How does Stack Overflow share token across different domains? There is and there is and its different domains, so token sharing is not easy... How does Stack ...
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Understanding My Logins

In the past, I logged into SO using the Google account method. However once the StackExchange OpenID was available I switched to using this, but used my gmail address to create the StackExchange ...
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OAuth2 not working

Today I'm unable to log in to my web application with Stack Overflow OAuth2. I receive the following error on Keycloak: 2023-09-22 12:46:28,800 ERROR [
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Stack Overflow requires cookies for authentication—and YES, my browser cookies are enabled for this domain

This problem seems to have been around for about a decade, but it's Feb 2023 and it still lives. I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome running Windows 11. I tried to create a new Stack ...
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What is the default login session time out for SO?

I have been using Stack Overflow for some time, but only in recent months have I had to urge to give back and provide answers when I am able. I am logged in through my phone, tablet, and a PC at work. ...
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Support logging into Stack Exchange account with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is very powerful, and for non Google users that wish to have a single sign-on (SSO) for their communities the LinkedIn login is a must. Will Stack Exchange support it?
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Google account hacked: why was I still able to log in?

Days ago my Gmail account was hacked and destroyed. Google recovery wizard brought me nowhere. I am still counting the data I lost. Anyway one good thing happened: as I went on Stack Overflow I was ...
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Stack Overflow cookies expiring after logging in another browser

I have this Firefox profile that is shared. I may use that very same profile in Linux or Windows. The issue is every time I switch OSes I have to log in again to Stack Overflow/Stack ...
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I have connected my Stack Overflow account to Tex.SE and Meta.SE: Can't login with another device

One week ago I set up this SO account. I was active on the site. Then when I went to Tex.SE and I logged on/connected using my SO account. Now I am on a different computer; logged on to SO. But when I ...
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Lost access to my account email

I have lost access to the email address for my Stack Overflow account. I can still login... but it would be really good to fix this, so that any emails from Stack Overflow actually reach me. Is ...
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Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in, still Duplicate of Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in but I can't find where else to get help for this.
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Login to other Stack Exchange sites with the same account?

I cannot login with the same account to, but I thought the account is shared between the Stack Exchange sites. I login via email.
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Why do I get logged out every few days?

On multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome), and multiple operating systems, Stack Overflow only keeps me logged in for a few days. This is quite frustrating as it means I need to keep logging in. I've had ...
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Unable to login to Stack Overflow in IE using my Google account

I have recently been having a clean up on my computer so deleted all of my temporary files etc.. when I returned to the StackOverflow login page I was logged out. Now, each time I click on the Google ...
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How to switch to a Stack Exchange account?

I am aware additional logins (Facebook, Google, Yahoo...) can be added to stack by going to: My logins Add more logins I find no option here to add a Stack Overflow login. Question If I create a ...
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How can I recover a Stack Overflow account with just a username - no email?

I have a 10-year-old SO account that I used to log in with username and password. I still have those credentials. I tried to log in again today after being inactive for over one year, but now there ...
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Google login option isn't working on iOS Safari 12.5

I'm trying to login with Safari on Stack Overflow from my old iPhone 6 with iOS 12.5.5. But when I tap on "Login with Google" nothing is happening and the login does not work. Why?
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Gmail blocks links in "Reset Stack Overflow password" email

Recently I had the frustrating experience with resetting my password for Stack Overflow, apparently in the Gmail mobile web and mobile application. The email sent with the link to reset password is ...
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Teams members can't log in to chat.SE with private browsing

Since a short while back, I cannot seem to log in to the SE-hosted chat from my phone any longer. I am active in Charcoal HQ and so I frequently get pinged from that chat room while I'm off-line ... ...
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The Forgot password link overlaps the Safari autofill icon

On the log in page, there is a forgot password link inside the Password text field. I'm using Safari 9 on Mac, and it offers a password autofill feature that appears as a key icon in the same position,...
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Log in is broken

I primarily use IE11. I visit StackOverflow several times a day, and just leave it logged in. Closing and reopening the browser logs me back in automatically. IE just crashed on me. When I brought ...
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StackExchange login account not shows in My Logins screen

I have enable MyOpenID login for my account. Its not showing StackExchange login. When I add my gmail login, its shows StackExchange.
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Did Not Receive Confirmation Email to Add Login

In Stack Overflow, I went to edit profile -> my logins -> add more logins, put in email and password - but did not receive a confirmation email (checked junk email). How do I update my login ...
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How does Stack Overflow link accounts?

My primary way of signing in is with a Google account. Once I tried to sign in with a GitHub account and it was linked to my previously-created Google account. How does Stack Overflow make that ...
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Fail to change SO password

I have tried to change my password. My Account → Settings → My Logins I see four Stack Exchange logins: two with my mail addresses surrounded by what appears to be two Stack Exchange and further down ...
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The login mail address is not yet updated even after updating the profile associated email address

I recently updated my mail address associated with my account. But while logging into my account, only my old email address works in the username field. When I try with the new mail address to login, ...
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Unexpected behaviour for link to my logins page

Recently I received a comment on my answer on a Meta post. I had stated a link which was the solution of the question. The link was: Which goes to a ...
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Can't remove any of the login options from 'My Logins'

For some reason, I can't remove any of the login options in 'My Logins' in my account settings. All I get is an error message saying: Unable to remove login - please try again I sent an email to ...
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