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Questions tagged [live-refresh]

For questions which focus on the live refresh features such as vote updates and new edit, answer, and comment notifications.

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Add the 30-rep live updates privilege to the privileges page

Currently, 30 reputation is required in order to see live updates (aka realtime notifications, used for "x new questions" on tag pages, notifications of edits on posts and so on). The fact ...
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34 votes
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New-answer live notification is faster than submitting the answer

When Stackoverflow is sluggish (or is it just me?), I sometimes get the "1 new answer has been posted" live (websocket?) notification for my own answer while the page is still loading after I ...
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Update page title for edited questions after a live refresh

This is a very small thing, but when a question is edited and the title is changed in the edit, if somebody loads the new question by clicking the grey bar instead of reloading the page, the title in ...
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15 votes
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Error when loading new changes

Over the last couple of days I've noticed a problem with the banner popup that says there's been changes to the post your viewing. Clicking the banner doesn't seem to apply any changes to the page and ...
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Why does the "Question Has Been Closed" banner no longer display until page reload?

On SO when helping with a question, if you were working on an answer when the question was closed by others, an orange banner would appear at the top of the browser window telling you the question was ...
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13 votes
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Check for new comments in Triage review queue automatically

Often I see (and sometimes am responsible for) redundant semi-scripted review comments posted on the same question within minutes of each other. Generally, this is because the Triage review queue ...
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Question blanks out if edited while looking at vote to close dialog

I've had several occasions now where I'm looking for a duplicate of a question. While I'm searching through the results looking for an appropriate duplicate, the question is edited (I get the "...
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6 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow questions page no longer loads new questions

I just noticed this a few hours ago: the questions is no longer loading new questions. My search query is [javascript] or [c++] and I have to refresh the page periodically to see new questions. There ...
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New questions clear the text from search box

There seems to be a bug related to the search box and live-refresh of new questions. To reproduce, type in something in the search box and wait for a new question to pop-up in any of the tabs. When ...
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5 votes
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Home page does not update itself

I do not get any indication of "Questions with new activity" on SO. I have to manually refresh to get new content. I do not face this issue on other Stack Exchange sites. What could be the cause of ...
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The ' new activity ' bar in the search is not showing up anymore, is it because of the "Testing new traffic management tool"?

Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 Google Chrome 103.0.5060.66 64bits Mozilla Firefox 102.0 (64-bits) Brave 1.40.109 Chromium: 103.0.5060.66 (Official Version) 64 bits Android 8.0.0; SM-G935F Build/R16W ...
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3 votes
0 answers

When new answer is loaded on the page, accepted mark is not refreshed

Steps to reproduce: Ask a question Get and accept an answer Get one more answer and accept it in some other browser tab Return to the first tab and click panel for loading a new answer Both answers ...
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3 votes
0 answers

New tagged questions not autoloading

Earlier the link to the tagged questions looked like But now from today its been changed to Earlier the ...
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3 votes
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Untimely new answer alerts

Just this moment I had the following odd situation: I posted an answer and was waiting for it to be submitted (say more than 10s) - with still the "cancel" option present. While waiting, I was ...
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"X questions with new activity" temporarily freezes the Chrome tab

It seems that clicking on "X questions with new activity" results in a synchronous web request, or there is some other problem. For example, I just clicked "18 questions with new activity" and there ...
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2 votes
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Can the search results also be automatically refreshed?

I'm searching questions with my relevant tags, score or keywords I want the site to refresh the search result similar as the refresh to comments and answers. (e.g. show 1 more comment / 1 new ...
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Why do I see Questions with suggested edits but no pending suggested edits in queue

I see questions that I want to edit but they show edit (1). I can select it and see the edit. The two times I have seen this, I have already hit my daily limit to approve the selected edit. My ...
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Get notification on union of selected tag, along with intersection

When I click on a tag ios along with newest tab selected. It shows all the question related with that tag sorted by newest: It also gives me badge whenever new question with ios tag arrives: ...
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Add "question with new activity" message to collective page

Most of the time when I am trying to answer new R questions I wait at the Questions page with the following tag r. Mostly there pops a message that there is a new question like this (This is nice ...
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