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Questions tagged [linked-questions]

Use this tag when asking about the Linked questions block; all links to Stack Overflow questions and answers on the current page are gathered and the questions are displayed in this block.

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Cannot delete due to linked question - Weird dialog behavior

I tried to delete a question that was tagged as a duplicate of another question (and already had 2 delete votes) and saw this: So I clicked the "View duplicate questions" button and saw this I ...
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Linked questions should take priority over some items in the sidebar

I just answered a question where I linked a related question. I'm aware the link is in my answer, but I feel that if answers on a post link to other questions that might be useful to the OP or future ...
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Remove a post from the "Related questions" if it is already linked and can be seen in the "Linked questions"

I've visited this post and saw this in the sidebar in the right: The same question appears in the "Linked questions" and "Related questions". This shouldn't happen because I don't see any reason why ...
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'View duplicate questions' button shows more than just duplicates

When voting to delete a question that has linked duplicates, a dialogue appears: The 'View duplicate questions' button points to the 'Linked Questions' page, which contains more than just ...
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Why doesn't linked question in a comment appear in linked question part?

In this question sashoalm commented the link to this question as a possible duplicate, but it doesn't appear in the Linked part like below. Why is this?
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"Linked" still contains link which was introduced by a now deleted answer

In my question there was an answer which linked to this other question: Is it possible to write a template to check for a function's existence? Now that this answer is deleted, the "Linked" ...
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Related/Linked question vote counts for same question differ -- caching?

This is probably caching. (It's always caching.) But just in case something is genuinely awry, I present this bizarre screenshot, taken a bare few minutes ago: There you have it.
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List of "Linked" questions across network sites

The list of "Linked" questions can be very helpful to quickly find questions that are related to the current question, for the case that the current Q/A is not exactly what one was looking for. This ...
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3 votes
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Can we make the "linked" sidebar more inclusive?

The linked sidebar lists Questions linked in the question, answers or comments. At the moment, it seems to only list them if it's a simple link directly to the question itself, not to a specific ...
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Linked / Related question titles in the sidebar are misaligned

Since recently the vote counts boxes next to question titles in the sidebar have become wider and have a new background color. Since then, the titles of these questions are not well-aligned with the ...
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