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Link-only answers are answers that are barely more than a link to another page.

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Failed audit on what looked like a link-only answer—was I wrong in my judgement?

While reviewing low-quality posts, I was presented with this answer: It looked to me like a link-only answer, so I flagged it as such. However, it was an audit and I didn't pass. Why is this answer ...
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Can't flag link-only answers as link-only answers

I wanted to flag this answer as link only. However, I don't seem to have that option when selecting a reason to flag. None of the reasons fit: It is spam - False It is offensive, abusive or hate ...
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Should using [whatever] as part of the question be discouraged?

If an answer which includes a link for a crucial part of an answer is frowned upon, should questions that use * for a critical part of the question be treated similarly, ie: as a link only ...
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Now that is essentially dead, is any action required for link-only answers that referenced the site?

It seems like is dead (or at least, down for the last month with no word of coming back), and all the link-only answers that referenced it are now completely useless. Since link-only ...
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Deleted answer from review queue gets undeleted when question is undeleted

This answer was deleted from the review queue as a link-only answer. After the answer got deleted, the question it answered was also deleted, and then undeleted. After the question was undeleted, ...
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Delete link-only answers to "plz send teh linkz" questions?

Occasionally I'll see a question along the lines of Plz recommend a tutorial about how to parse HTML with regex? And the answers are like Try this great tutorial! You should look at How To Parse ...
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Collection of resource links is a good answer?

This answer: is nothing but a collection of links from what I can see. Granted, that's what the OP asked for; but does that really change the fact that it ...
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Answering my Own Question using Links provided in a Link Only Answer?

I asked a question today and received two link only answers. (One of which has since been deleted.) The links were able to help me find a solution, however, when I search SO and come across link only ...
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How to handle link-only low quality posts?

Isn't this a link only post? Why on earth SO tells me I should have click on "Looks Good"? Not sure if this a duplicate. It seems from there that as long as the link is from a valid site, this is ...
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Improved link-only answer audit failed

I just failed this audit: Which was a link-only answer, had a comment to that effect, and was edited to include the content of the link. I ...
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6 votes
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Link-Only Attitude of Low Quality Posts vs say First Post Queues

I am writing this as a slight twist to this. The issue there has to do with why people get penalized for flagging link-only answers when the faqs say we should flag such posts. That is: Why are ...
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3 answers

Is it legit to flag this answer?

In review I found this answer (Visible to 10K user). The answer contains only links so I flag it as "Not an Answer" 2-3 days ago. In my flag history this flag is still pending. Could this answer be ...
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Link only answers to sites containing code which cannot be put under the cc by-sa license

I have noticed a few times that people have edited link only answers to include code taken from the linked site. However, anything posted on stack exchange is licensed under the Creative Commons ...
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Add an "ungooglable" tag for questions of the form "Just give me a link"

Can someone add an "ungooglable" tag for questions where I just want someone to give me a link (rather than a long on-the-fly possibly incorrect answer) I.e. for questions such as "What does operator ...
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What purpose does a question serve that does not explain the problem clearly and is answered by the OP

I'm referring to the following question: The question appears more like a XY problem. It reads: I am trying to remove ...
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What is the right way to handle link-only answers that refer to another StackOverflow question/answer?

I know that link-only answers are strongly discouraged, but what about when the link in question is one to another answer or question of StackOverflow? One reason why link-only answers are bad is ...
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Old link doesn't work for a good answer

There are many old answers on stackoverflow, sometimes they link to page which has been deleted or not found (cause it is old ) see this question and its answer.(as an example i faced..) maybe some ...
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Why is this link-only answer disputed?

I flagged this answer as not an answer: This is about the most detailed explanation of the algorithm for turning an integer value (3,111,792) into English-language text ("three million, one hundred ...
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Why isn't this answer considered "link only" answer?

A while ago I stumbled upon this answer: Debugging and optimization of multi-thread OpenMP-programs OpenMP links collection I find it to be a link-only answer and I flagged it as such, as ...
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10 answers

Should old, high-rep, link-only, accepted answers be deleted?

Exhibit A: Highlight a word with jQuery NOTE: Don't get itchy with your duplicate trigger finger. I'm trying to find out if the community genuinely believes that high-rep, accepted, link-only ...
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37 votes
4 answers

How should accepted link-only answers be handled?

Is the accepted answer of the question Highlight a word with jQuery not a link-only answer? I have raised a flag about it. A moderator has declined it. Here is a screenshot of the reply from the ...
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Add "It's a link-only answer (not spam)" to Late Answer reviews

We have an "It's a Link-Only Answer (Not Spam)" option for flagging in Low Quality reviews. It will be helpful to have the same option (or sub-option) in Late Answer reviews because the closest ...
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2 answers

Flagging link-only answers [duplicate]

According to this post, we should be flagging link-only answers because an answer should actually contain an answer. With the above in mind, I have flagged several answers as "link-only" answers and, ...
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Why did a link-only answer get 3 upvotes?

This user got 3 upvotes for this very recent link-only answer: How did this happen? Note that there is another recent answer with a link to the same site,...
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