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Link-only answers are answers that are barely more than a link to another page.

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I just failed this "Review" test [duplicate]

EDIT: The point is the answer was NOT "low quality" - the QUESTION was! The answer PERFECTLY answers the question! Why do you guys not READ before voting??? Link:
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What should be done about answers providing links to software on questions that ask for software?

I know that questions such as this one are off-topic and should be closed, but often I encounter their answers in the low-quality review queue. The answers are answers to that question (the ...
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Are link only answers OK if they link to somewhere else on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I recently encountered this audit As with most audits, it was an obvious audit and easy to pass, BUT although we usually discourage link only answers, I thought links to Stack overflowO were OK, and ...
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Snap Shot of Links

Some links may in cause of time disappear and become invalid. Hence it would be good to have a mechanism to crawl the old links in the site and also have a snapshot of the link. For new posts the snap ...
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Answering question using resource from web

Is it wrong in Stack Overflow to answer a question copy something from web (not exactly in Stack Overflow)? Should I inform about that site from where I copy the answer?
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What is wrong in this review?

As I was reviewing post I got first answer in the image as Review first post. As I found it ok so I clicked no need to Review and after that I got one message "Review Audit failed (Come back in 7 days ...
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Some link-only answers are immune? [duplicate] Google wrote some code to assist with this. Here's an example: <link> Here are other styled marker examples: <link> And another: ...
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How to handle "old" highly upvoted link only answers? [duplicate]

I came across this highly voted question, and found these two (also quite upvoted) answers providing nothing more than a link essentially (even worse, both are redundant for each other): May be at ...
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Why am I getting push-back for linking to my own blog posts in answers?

I posted an answer to a question. It linked to a blog post where I had gone through the answer in detail. What I posted did not seem any different from any number of other answers I have seen on Stack ...
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Is this answer acceptable?

I was browsing new questions when I came across this one. Before I typed up my answer to the question, this answer popped up: Whilst this answer answers the ...
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Why were my answers deleted? duplicate / not much more than a link or what reason?

Why was this answer from me deleted? Was it because I also posted it here(was deleted, too), but then why remove both answers? I couldn't comment on these answers and I thought it would be helpful to ...
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What to do when the accepted answer is a link-only answer?

Normally when I see a link-only answer I flag and move on. However, what do I do when the answer has already been accepted? This is the post in question: Unity How to make GameObject Speed gain ...
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Is linkrot as big a concern within SE as without?

Specifically, I came across this answer which feels like a (mostly) link-only answer. At least one of the reasons link-only is bad is because we can't guarantee that the link will still point to ...
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Is it OK to edit an answer by another person to avoid it being mistaken for spam?

I came across this answer today: Unit tests for Javacc The original answer was basically a link-only answer by the book author to the sample code freely available on the book's website. This ...
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Declined flag on link-only answer

I know we have very similar topics on a regular basis. I thought the definition of a "link-only answer" had been fairly well established, mainly based on @Shog9's canonical Your answer is in ...
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Correcting my own spam answer - is it fine now?

Three years ago I have given the a link-only answer which promoted my library in the following question without authorship disclosure. This answer was later deleted as spam/link-only which it deserved ...
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When are answers just linking to some one else Answer/Text Ok?

I ever thought answers that just contain links to content that is serving a answer aren't welcome on SO as answers. More they had to be a comment. But when I reviewed those answers and flagged them ...
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Link-only answer where URL slug text itself is actually a decent answer

Q: How do I get the number of items contained in a Java ArrayList? A: Look at this link it will help you a lot ...
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Link only answer flag declined. But why? [duplicate]

I'm referring to this answer, which more of looks like a link only answer: Followed @pimvdb's advice, and created my own: Be patient, as it takes ...
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Downvote link-list answers to questions asking for links? [duplicate]

Here's a question where the OP asks for links to recommended Android game engines. The question has already been put on hold. There is one answer with a long list of links to game engines. Now I'm ...
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Inconsistent reasons to delete an answer [duplicate]

I was wondering why the reasons to flag an answer are different than the reasons to delete it (in the review area for example). Let's take an example. In the review area, there's the "link-only ...
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Should answer 7186727 to "What's in an Eclipse .classpath/.project file?" be treated as link-only answer?

Should this answer to What's in an Eclipse .classpath/.project file? be treated as a link-only answer? If so, then what is the proper flag for it? (VLQ not available; positively voted post) If ...
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Why was this not-an-answer flag declined?

I flagged this answer as not an answer: Visit this link will help you as a beginner. Result: "declined - a moderator ...
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Link only old answers [duplicate]

Its been a while,since I got up to 2k reputation on SO,and unlocked the privilege of editing, and some reviewing tasks.While reviewing low quality answers,I recommend some answers for deletion because ...
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Why we can get such inconsistent judgments of answers?

I've come over this question today, and found that the available answers were totally judged differently, though they had the more or less the same essence: I've been dovn-(close) voting on both of ...
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Isn't this answer link-only? [duplicate]

I have flagged this answer several times: [Yes.][1] This isn't the only method for doing it, but this is probably the most elegant method I've encountered. [Here's another one.][2] ...
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Why was my flag for a link-only answer from 2008, declined? [duplicate]

I know it's Jon Skeet but this answer of his posted in 2008 is link only. My flag to this post get rejected by moderator as declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to ...
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Link only flag got declined for answer: "Here is a rather descriptive starting point."

I flagged this answer back in September (used Other with link only answer as description), and recently it got declined with the following note: declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found ...
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Do moderators want link-only answer flags, or not? [duplicate]

Here are two examples which I recently flagged as link-only answers: Example 1: Try this: {link} Example 2: i think this will be help ful: {link} I think we can all agree that these two ...
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What was the correct thing to do in this review? [duplicate]

I've been learning to go through the review queue, and this one popped up: Entity Framework Code First: pre generated views work, but startup is still slow The answer given was a link to the correct ...
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Audit in which I was unable to act?

I just ran on review audit. I couldn't comment nor edit (I really just wanted to comment, and it was just what was in this comment on the picture below). I don't see a point in downvoting this kind of ...
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Clarification for "this answer cannot be fixed" on link only answers (can I just delete link only answers?)

While processing the low quality answer queue, you are presented the following information about how to do so: Looks OK if nothing is wrong with this answer Edit if you can fix all the problems with ...
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Can we get an official stance on link-only answers in the LQP review queue?

This isn't really a complaint about this specific audit (although failing it did give me a review ban despite the fact that I've only failed two in almost three months). I thought that we had an ...
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Failed review audit - see your own record - is the ban justifiable? [duplicate]

I just failed this review audit. Usually I flag link-only answers as "not an answer" which would've been correct. I didn't do this here, since the link is to the official manual, not some tutorial of ...
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What to do with helpful link-only answers pointing to a code snippet that does not have a specific license?

A certain question asking how to achieve something with jQuery UI has an answer that points to a code snippet. The code is helpful, albeit long (400+ lines). It does not mention a license, but it does ...
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Should I include the code from other answer for a different question in my own answer?

From time to time I go back to my answers to see if I can improve something based on knowledge I gained in the meantime. Some time ago I gave this answer and it was well received as you can see. I ...
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Shouldn't this answer be converted into a comment or just deleted?

I today found this answer that exactly says: 30 seconds of googeling: I flagged it as "low quality post" ...
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Why is my accepted answer being downvoted? [duplicate]

Am new to Stack Overflow. I answered a question OP marked it as accepted, but my answer is being down-voted. I think this is not fair.I deleted all the questions which is down-voted,still unable to ...
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Link only answer when the the question is asking for a link

I just noticed this answer: I was about to flag it as link only but noticed that the asker specifically wants a ...
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You have made too many incorrect reviews. After only failing one?

So I was reviewing post and came across a questionable answer (that turned about to be a test). Here is the question. And an answer was this: This is another possibility for English: http://...
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Link only answer: "There's a tutorial and a nicely wrapped class available here"

The following is a link-only answer (even to outside Stack Exchange universe): There's a tutorial and a nicely wrapped class available here. Yet my "Not an answer"- flag was declined. Why?
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Late Answer and Link Only Answer - how to flag? [duplicate]

This is related to Add “It's a link-only answer (not spam)” to Late Answer reviews, but there's no guidance provided. Note: I believe this is different from @gnat's cited duplicate. In the cited ...
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Do tools and libraries constitute "helpful" link-only answers? [duplicate]

When reviewing, it's not uncommon to find a question that's been asked within the on-topic guidelines, most pertinently one that isn't specifically requesting a tool or a library, and for someone to ...
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Link only answers with Stack Exchange content

I just came across this answer and was about to flag it as a link only answer but I then noticed that the link is to a Stack Exchange site. As far as I'm aware Stack Exchange stuff is pretty constant ...
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Are users unaware that posting a link to a tool is not an answer?

This answer, for example, along with a few other answers on the same question, are code-lacking, link-only answers to a tool/library/off-site resource. Even the question, which starts with Is there ...
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Is it appropriate to delete a link-only answer in review queue? [duplicate]

Supposing the question was already answered and accepted, this would be an obvious yes. Delete Supposing this was the only answer, and the OP posted a thank you comment or otherwise marked it correct,...
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Mass removal of link-only answers also removes internal links

Recenty the low quality queue became pretty big and it is full of answers containing a single link. I see that link-only answers are discouraged, because links can go dead and it is better to have the ...
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Copy link-only answer to comment

While reviewing the low-quality answers, I came across this answer. It is a link-only answer, but the link the answerer provided could be useful to others. Since the user doesn't have enough ...
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Link-only answer advertising a library - why has it not been deleted? [duplicate]

A little while back, I found an answer that matches the description of a "link-only answer", Source: Which is great, however, you haven't answered their question at all, you've deferred the ...
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Add "link only answer" to a flag description

I know that there is some amount of debate on how to judge whether or not an Answer qualifies as a "link only answer" but avoiding that discussion entirely, could we get the reason added to the list ...
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