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Link-only answers are answers that are barely more than a link to another page.

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Flagged link-only answer as NAA, flag declined but moderator deleted the question

I'm curious about why this just happened. I came across a three year-old question basically asking for library recommendations. The question had been closed for quite some time. It had two answers. ...
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Do link only answers get a free pass just because they are highly voted? [duplicate]

I recently came across this question and this accepted answer for the same question. Here's a screenshot for convenience. This answer, by the way, does not have as many votes as another answer which ...
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Should I create a new question/answer out of a (good) partial answer?

Regarding this answer: What is the difference between '?', 'E', and 'T' for Java generics? Note the comments; Testo Testini writes: "...there should be one dedicated question with this answer." ...
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Are we supposed to edit answers ourselves now, instead of flagging as NAA?

I flagged revision 2 of as NAA. It's a classic case for the flag. A moderator declined my flag: declined - flags should only be used to make ...
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Cleaning up link-only answers to Wikipedia

I was doing some research for links to Wikipedia on Stack Overflow and found many link-only answers and answers of low quality. A lot of are accepted (approx. 13k), most have a few up-votes (approx. ...
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I need some help understanding these disputed NAA flags

I noticed some of my recent NAA flags were disputed and I have a hard time understanding why. I understand that the community (or a moderator?) decides the result of a flag and I respect that. However ...
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"First Post" review audit thought the answer was link-only, when a URL was the answer

Today I failed this review audit, which earned me a 4 day review ban. I got a review ban a while back, also for incorrectly reviewing a link only answer, which made me extra careful with links inside ...
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Link-only answer, flagged, deleted, then undeleted

In the span of about 15 minutes, I flagged an answer as NAA, the user deleted the answer (for no apparent reason at that point), and then the user undeleted the answer. So now my flag shows as "...
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Gap between moderation theory and practice for link-only answer deletion

Are reviewers currently too harsh in votes to delete link-only answers? Theory I'm aware this has been a topic for debate for a long time, from Your answer is in another castle through FAQ and a bunch ...
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Deleting the only answer to the question

There is a question which had only one answer (and answer was upvoted). The answer was link only, but it was found useful by community and link is alive since 2009. Recently this answer was deleted by ...
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Flags disputed on a link-only answer

I recently flagged the following answer as being of low-quality, and both flags were disputed. The flags and responses are as follows: 1) very low ...
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How to handle VLQ posts that were awarded bounties

The answer I had in mind is here. Edit: Since the post was since deleted, here's the screenshot for us lesser mortals with less than 10K reputation: The answer is mostly a link, so normally I would ...
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What to do with this high-voted Link-only answer? [duplicate]

I've recently seen this answer. It has a lot of upvotes, but it is still a link-only answer. Moreover this answer is slightly off-topic in view of the question (tell about server config on an ...
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Reason for closing an answer with legit-looking solution [duplicate]

Someone posted a question with a mock-up of what they are trying to achieve. Someone else developed a solution from that mock-up, put it up on GitHub as an Xcode project, and posted as an answer to ...
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What to do about high voted low quality answers

I wanted to figure out how to get the size of a GH repo and I found this post. I noticed that this answer just recommended a Google Chrome extension. Although it did answer my question, I have ...
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Minimum bar for an answer not to be classified a 'link only answer'

While in the low quality post deleting bad answers just now, I saw this: The answer isn't spam, it answers the question perfectly. I checked out the link,...
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NAA flag declined [duplicate]

According to the accepted answer on this question Why this flag was declined? the NAA flag can be used on a link only answer. What if the answer has two links and merely the statement There is a ...
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When to post new answer vs overhaul edits

I found a question where the current answer was out of date because of several broken links and it was basically a link only answer. The answer I posted was originally a suggested edit to the ...
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Missing standard flag for link-only answers? [duplicate]

So far I've flagged dozens of link-only answers with a 100% approve rate. Couple of days back I clicked to flag one such answer just to find out that I've already flagged it a week ago and it was ...
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Flagging system is unclear when it comes to link-only answers

As explained in a Meta answer, link-only answers should be flagged: [...] since it requires you to go off-site to find a solution. We want solutions to be on the site. The answer should have been a ...
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Are answers that tell you to buy a book actually considered answering a question?

This question asks how one would access Java APIs in Android from Adobe AIR. The asker answers his own question by telling people to buy a book, not even mentioning what function he ended up using to ...
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Why were these NAA flags declined for content-less link-only answers?

I recently flagged several link-only answers here, here, and here. Current SE guidance states that "Your answer is over here" or "Take this tutorial (link)" answers are not answers. All three of my ...
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Is there a way to accept an answer from another question?

I asked a question concerning git here Why are my local changes not being removed by git reset? After some back and forth with other users, and a few hours banging away at my computer, I discovered ...
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I can't insert a jsFiddle link in my answer

I can't insert a jsFiddle link in my answer, I even used 4 space before my link and the snippet code but always I get error This my question posted: Yes you can do it, You will find my solution in ...
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Cleanup 500 old terse answers that either have hidden value or indicate awful questions

This is a category of posts that appear to be rather difficult to handle by regular means, mostly for historical reasons. There are not that many of these posts - just a few hundred. Because of that I ...
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How to report low quality answers that are not only link only but DEAD link only?

What is the correct way to report this answer is useless garbage now to get it into a queue to be deleted? There is no available "low quality" choice anymore? And it will get declined, rightly so as ...
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Is providing a "more" link enough regarding attribution?

Problem We have this answer for this question. The answer is ultimately helpful, the only problem is that it is a plain copy-paste of this blog post as I mentioned it in a comment: Although this is a ...
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How many old, accepted, high score link-only answers are there?

<! dedicated to Brad Larson ( -> As far as I can tell there are some difficulties in the handling of certain kind of link-only answers. I would ...
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Link only answers recommending to run an executable from unverifiable source

Right now I am talking about this one. But I have seen similar answers before as well. My concern is not the obvious low quality (links tend to go stale) of such answers but security implications. The ...
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Why were these two NAA flags declined for link only answers (one of these being the accepted answer)?

This question (image) recently came to the attention of users in the SOCVR chat room (an answer was posted in Spanish). I saw two other answers that were link only: this accepted answer (image link) ...
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Link-only answers targetting SO documentation? [closed]

Another user asked for an error #1009, and got pointed to the documentation example. And the answer got flagged as being link-only. Does the policy for link-only answers apply if the link goes to SO ...
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Is a link only answer pointing to Documentation an answer? [closed]

Can I limit my answer to a link to documentation? If the answer is positive won't it degrade the quality of the Q&A site? How do I write a good answer? says: Provide context for links ...
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What to do with a link only answer that was correct, but now links to malicious site

I've found an unusual case. This post has an answer, marked as correct with 21 upvotes. The user has a good rep and checks out as a good SO user. When I click on the link, I get a malicious content ...
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Should "use this later version of the tool that solves your problem: (link)" be deleted?

(As noted in Tunaki's comment, one of these examples is actually a bad demonstration of the point I'm asking about. The question in the abstract still stands, though.) I just hit these LQP reviews: ...
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GitHub links as answers [duplicate]

Users will often answer a question with "I've done this in my project here..." and then link their GitHub repository. This is quite a frustrating experience, because it'll always be a link to the main ...
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Should I flag an answer that basically just links to my answer?

I posted an answer to a question. Now I saw that another user post another answer, which basically just links to my answer. The user's answer is: Here is a one-liner (stolen from Jonathan Mee's ...
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Should this answer deleted as link-only be undeleted?

The answer was deleted with the comment While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and ...
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What to do with broken but highly upvoted link only answers?

I found this specific Q&A where two link-only answers were given: The link from the first (and accepted) answer looks good at a first skim, but is broken at the second level when crawling in. The ...
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When is mentioning a library as an answer considered link only? [duplicate]

Let's say someone asks how to get the average of all elements in an array using javascript and someone answers with: function getAverage(array) { var sum = 0; for (var i = 0; i < array.length; ...
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Is this link-only answer ok?

I came across this answer a while ago and flagged it as not being a 'proper' answer, because it contains no information other than a link to an MSDN page where one of the comments included the ...
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We need a way to deal with deprecated web links and external resources [duplicate]

I have encountered this issue many times: You search for hours for an answer to your question Finally find a great answer The answer only contains a snapshot or less with an external link to the ...
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Multiple link-only answers used to justify another

Ran across a review in the LQP Queue. It's for this question how to use CRUD in wordpress Got stumped a bit because of the following It's not asking for a third party tool so can't close it for off-...
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Upvoted, broken link-only answer with auto-attributed bounty

Should this now deleted answer, which was upvoted and had an auto-attributed bounty, but essentially was link-only, be deleted like any other link-only answer, or could it possibly be useful for ...
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Should link only accepted answers remain on the site? [duplicate]

This is discussing a new answer to a new question (3 hours old at writing this) I flagged this post before it was the accepted answer. The flag was declined, I assume as it was accepted as an answer. ...
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Is an answer considered link-only if content from a supplementary or nonessential link is missing?

We all know what a link-only answer is: it's an answer that, aside from a link, has no other meaningful content and therefore cannot stand on its own without the link. Such an answer requires readers ...
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Bring some consistency to the flagging and deletion of link-only answers

When doing our daily reviews, under "Low Quality Posts", we are asked to judge the quality of answers. If we think it should be deleted we get the following option among others: Should be deleted ...
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Link only flag declined

I recently flagged an answer which only had a link on it's body. I used custom flag and stated that the answer contains only a link. But my flag was declined, and the reason is declined - flags ...
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A lot of "while this link may answer the question" - what's happening? [duplicate]

I've started getting a lot of "while this link may answer the question" review comments recently, on quite old answers (4-5 years old). Ok, I did not have much experience back then, I'd answer these ...
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Is this a valid link-only answer?

So I flagged following answer as "Link-only answer", as ... well... see for yourself: According to the flag reviewers my flag got disputed, which means ...
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What about highly upvoted VLQ answers?

I've come across this (now-deleted) answer: Try this It's a link-only answer to an off-topic question but is sitting at +10 upvotes (+7 as of now). That makes it ...
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