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Link-only answers are answers that are barely more than a link to another page.

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Multiple link-only answers used to justify another

Ran across a review in the LQP Queue. It's for this question how to use CRUD in wordpress Got stumped a bit because of the following It's not asking for a third party tool so can't close it for off-...
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Not an answer declined It is 100% a "link-only answer", which unless I'm mistaken are to be deleted according to the rules. What should I do when coming across such an "answer"? I ...
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How to handle VLQ posts that were awarded bounties

The answer I had in mind is here. Edit: Since the post was since deleted, here's the screenshot for us lesser mortals with less than 10K reputation: The answer is mostly a link, so normally I would ...
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What should I do with "here are some of my answers that may help"?

There is a question that reads like I do not understand exactly what an application server like Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere, GlassFish etc. does. ... I do not understand what exactly an application ...
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Add "link only answer" to a flag description

I know that there is some amount of debate on how to judge whether or not an Answer qualifies as a "link only answer" but avoiding that discussion entirely, could we get the reason added to the list ...
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Add "It's a link-only answer (not spam)" to Late Answer reviews

We have an "It's a Link-Only Answer (Not Spam)" option for flagging in Low Quality reviews. It will be helpful to have the same option (or sub-option) in Late Answer reviews because the closest ...
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"Low Quality Posts" review audit failed on basically a link-only answer

I just failed this low quality posts review audit, which granted me a temporarily review ban. The answer only contains a hint to look into the Microsoft docs which is from my understanding a link-only-...
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Improved link-only answer audit failed

I just failed this audit: Which was a link-only answer, had a comment to that effect, and was edited to include the content of the link. I ...
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Link only answers with Stack Exchange content

I just came across this answer and was about to flag it as a link only answer but I then noticed that the link is to a Stack Exchange site. As far as I'm aware Stack Exchange stuff is pretty constant ...
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When is too broad not too broad?

A while back I flagged this question: Any way to add multiple images on Materialbox Materialize CSS? As too broad. As it turns out it may have been a victim of the error I pointed out here: Flagged ...
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Clarification on failed audit of "link only answer"

I recently failed this audit & was immediately review banned for 2 days. I'll probably be too busy over the weekend here to review anyway so that's not a big deal. However it would be nice to ...
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Answer to the question in another question

This question is actually an answer to few other questions and it's not actually a question itself. The answer to the question extends the answer. The solution refers to a library (probably developed ...
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Allow flagging of link-only answers when reviewing first posts

Can the flagging options on first posts be modified, so people with the close-votes privilege can cast a close vote? When reviewing first posts, I cannot flag link-only answers as link-only. The ...
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Should "use this later version of the tool that solves your problem: (link)" be deleted?

(As noted in Tunaki's comment, one of these examples is actually a bad demonstration of the point I'm asking about. The question in the abstract still stands, though.) I just hit these LQP reviews: ...
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Do I "Recommend Deletion" to old answers on closed questions about off-site resource recommendation?

I skipped a bunch of these posts in the LQP queue, though. https://...
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Should I create a new question/answer out of a (good) partial answer?

Regarding this answer: What is the difference between '?', 'E', and 'T' for Java generics? Note the comments; Testo Testini writes: "...there should be one dedicated question with this answer." ...
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