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Questions tagged [licensing]

Apply to questions about the licensing of Stack Overflow content unless specifically regarding the Stack Exchange changes made in January 2016, for which use tag [mit-license].

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How does SO attribute questions and answers to deleted users?

The CC license under which SO posts are made requires attribution. As explained at the Creative Commons link, ...
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Does the CC license of Stack Overflow content mean that the OpenAI model will also have to be CC licensed?

I don't see the point of the license if derivative works are not licensed in a similar way. I don't think OpenAI will license their model like this, so what recourse do Stack Overflow users have?
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Are OpenAI answers under CC BY-SA?

I understand my answers will now be used by OpenAI to produce LLM based AI(s), per "Our Partnership with OpenAI". OK, but I licensed my answers to SO under CC BY-SA. Will the output ...
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Are SO users legally entitled to any benefits from the SE-OpenAI deal?

I am not a lawyer, or at least not formally and not in the US, but I've read the recent post: Stack Overflow and OpenAI Partner to Strengthen the World’s Most Popular Large Language Models I realize, ...
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Where is the opt out option so my answers don't get used by OpenAI?

I want to opt out of OpenAI taking my answers on SO and other SE website. How do I do that? I tried to look in my settings and there is nothing. As an European member of SO, should I check with my ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer providing Creative Commons Data Dumps

The company has refused to honestly explain their plans to the community, but the data dump was late, and a former employee graciously did the community the favour of confirming that the company has ...
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4 votes
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Is Stack Overflow tag-wiki also open?

I am developing a tagging system and wanted to seed the tags list from Stack Overflow. Thank you Stack Exchange for opening up this data to the public:
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How do I properly attribute code copied from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

From my understanding, it's fine to copy Stack Overflow code so long as you fully understand it (so as to not copy vulnerabilities, etc). I am wondering what the proper way to attribute code is if I ...
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Any recourse for answers put in commercial publication without credit?

Several weeks ago I was reading through a commercial publication (a book) on a niche platform and noticed it contained, verbatim, a long form answer I posted to a question on Stack Overflow. Skimming ...
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What do we do when we cannot post code due to licensing issues?

I have been facing some problems with my production code and I've been trying my best to give all the info I can in my SO posts. The only problem is that I am not allowed to post my code on any forum, ...
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Appropriate use of Stack Overflow responses [duplicate]

What is the appropriate use / attribution / non-use / licensing of responses to questions posted on SO? Is the information provided by the user community (e.g., code examples or solutions to posed ...
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How does Stack Exchange react when licenses are violated? [duplicate]

See for example Clearly this website is using content created by the SO contributors, which are licensed under CC ...
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6 votes
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Can I use Stack Overflow's CSS?

I am trying to build a design exactly like Stack Overflow's profile badges. Can I just copy and use it? With open source (not commercially)?
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2 answers

Does a link to Stack Overflow in an open source library mean that that library must be copyleft?

In an opened issue against a BSD open-source library, an OP states that the mere presence of a single URL to a Stack Overflow article in a code comment section makes the entire source code copyleft, ...
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What is the proper procedure to citing a Stack Overflow post in my code? [duplicate]

The Question (TL;DR): I'm making a PyQt program both for fun with my friends, and to put on GitHub to show programming experience for employers/recruiters. I wanted to make the text of a couple of ...
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2 answers

Can I retroactively dual license code I posted on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Edited the question to only contain the part which is not being answered by the linked question I know it is possible to dual license code posted on Stack Overflow. Does this also apply retroactively ...
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Can someone replicate Stack Overflow if all users put their posted content under e.g. CC0?

I have seen some users put another license on their content posted on Stack Overflow. Some dedicate it to the public domain or use CC0 by stating that in their SE profile. Judging by some other meta ...
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Should Stack Overflow implement automated link attribution on copy/paste?

A recent blog post celebrated the fact that 40.6 million copies of 7.3 million posts were performed by users over a two week period. The author is on the marketing team and from a marketing ...
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Who do I contact when I find an external site infringing the content of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I found this site,, which appears to be ripping off the content of Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow page: How to add multiple security groups and group names in cloudformation ...
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Is removing a deleted user's name from their posts compatible with CC-BY-SA 4.0?

According to the Terms of Service, the content posted by a user is CC-BY-SA 4.0 licensed. But CC-BY requires attribution. A deleted user's content is missing attribution since their username is ...
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Do GDPR's protections on "personal information" entitle users to vandalise/remove their own posts?

This revision is the result of a user's reasoning that the GDPR entitles them to replace an accepted and upvoted answer with things like "Content no longer relevant to the question". I was ...
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Do I need to license my code under GPL if I use code from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

From the licensing page: Content contributed on or after 2018-05-02 (UTC) is distributed under the terms of CC BY-SA 4.0. When I looked on the Creative-Commons page describing the license, I found ...
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3 answers

Feature Request: Automatic insertion of license header for code blocks

My employer requires that I add a license header to code I post on Stack Overflow. It would be good if it had an option to automatically add such a header to all new questions and answers. Here are ...
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Request for official policy of implementation of section (4)(c)(iii) of CC BY-SA 3.0 regarding comments

Prompted by this answer, and in particular this comment. For reference, section (4)(c)(iii) of CC BY-SA 3.0 reads: to the extent reasonably practicable, the URI, if any, that Licensor specifies to be ...
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Self-Promotion or Manipulating SO License?

I recently had an edit made to a question removing "Self-Promotion". I did some reading and didn't find a clear consensus, but what I understood was if it [the link] provides further details,...
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Copyright issue with Stack Overflow?

I'm confused about a copyright issue on Stack Overflow. Can anyone please tell me clearly about copyright on Stack Overflow? Meaning, if I just copied 10 – 15 lines of code, will it create trouble for ...
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What are the reuse rules for user content posted on Stack Overflow?

I see a lot of turbulence on Stack Overflow these days. (Moderators quitting, SE firing long time employees, etc). And the fact that the Stack Exchange "people" do not try to give any real ...
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Letting go of SO

Stack Overflow has been a major part of my Internet and professional life for the last six years. Over the last two months, my visits to SO have increasingly made me wonder "what unpleasant surprise ...
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Incorrect CC link on help page

The Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike link on this page still links to the 3.0 license. It should instead be 4.0 - see the announcement.
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40 votes
3 answers

How will Article 13 (EU) impact content on the Stack Exchange network?

As you hopefully know, in a few weeks, EU Parliament will vote for new copyright laws. These new laws/directives (especially its most controversial component, Article 13) (Julia Reda shared the ...
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How is ShareAlike interpreted in case of Stack Overflow content? [duplicate]

Background Stack Overflow content is under "CC-BY-SA" license. This means that you can: Commercially use and share the content (no NC is applied to license) You can adapt the content to your needs ...
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What should I do when there is a license text in code from an answer?

I came across an answer from a question in the bounty section and upvoted the answer, because it makes more sense and looks helpful than the other ones, but this answer had a complete MIT license text ...
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Is asking questions on Stack Overflow considered open-source?

Is asking questions on Stack Overflow considered as an open source contribution? I am asking because I know that some companies explicitly prohibit contribution to open source. Personally, we have ...
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1 answer

Code with license in comments not compatible with CC BY-SA? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this answer, which includes an explicit license in the code. While I am not certain, the license seems to make the code not license-able as CC BY-SA, by explicitly forbidding uses ...
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Restricting ''

I noticed that isn't CC-BY-SA (as opposed to, so we can't re-insert content back into a post. So please restrict usage of the same ...
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Does licensing permit using code found in answers on SO at work? [duplicate]

I understand source code contained in answers on Stack Overflow are licensed under cc by-sa 3.0. If I'm getting paid to develop an application that is probably going to be closed source, does this ...
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Are questions about which is the license of a particular software on-topic? [duplicate]

I'd like to make a question about which is the corresponding license of a software who looks like open source software (its source code is accesible) but I cannot determine which exact license ...
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Content attribution in the era of Doc.SO's erasure

All user-provided content on SO is given under the terms of the CC-by-SA Creative Commons license. Among other things, this allows copying, but only so long as you provide attribution to the original. ...
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12 votes
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Do license notes on user profiles have any effect? [duplicate]

I have noted that some users have placed notices in their profile that they say license their contributions to SO or SE. Now I know very little about licensing TBH, can barely tell an MIT from a BSD, ...
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2 answers

Can code posted on Stack Overflow be used on closed-source software?

The Stack Overflow site footer says: user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported] with attribution required And one of the terms of CC BY-...
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There's no about/version information or license information on the Stack Overflow App [closed]

Unless I missed it, which I don't think I did, there's no 'About' or anything in the Stack Overflow iOS app. There's also no CC-BY-SA reference. (The CC-BY-SA is not present in the Stack Exchange iOS ...
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76 votes
5 answers

Can I copy/paste some of my answers to a blog?

Some of my answers kind of look like blog articles (e.g. or The company I'm working for just starts a new ...
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1 answer

Deleting account with all content

Please delete my account including all posts (questions and answers) that I created. When I search for the instructions to delete it, it says: User deletion is irreversible! By sending this ...
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Inlining external code - copyright?

Today I came about a question in the review queue which could benefit from inlining the small code sample that was linked by OP by including it directly into the question. But: Code hosted on Stack&...
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3 answers

The license of code on Stack Overflow

I want to know the code license on Stack Overflow. Sometimes I copy the original code pieces, or make some changes; sometimes I used the idea and code by myself. I really want to know the license or ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Does Stackoverflow's code licensing override my previously specified license? [duplicate]

I heard recently that Stackoverflow has changed their license on code. I don't know the details. Myself, along with a handful of other users, have explicitly licensed code posted to Stackoverflow ...
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Should I give credits to Stack Overflow if 30% of my website basecode comes from it? [duplicate]

I'm always looking answer to my problems on Stack Overflow, should I give credits to it?
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What license are the hats published on?

I really love the way my actual hat is improving my avatar. Would I be allowed to make a copy of that hat and edit it in my avatar after the event is over?
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Making appropriate use of Stack Overflow answers in OSS

I'm working on an OSS project and often ask questions about how to fix or improve my code. I was wondering to what extent contributions made by Stack Overflow should be recorded. Should answerers ...
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Can SE users change the license of their content with profile text? [duplicate]

I thought that the answer to this question was an obvious "no". But these three users, all with much more experience on StackExchange than I have, evidently disagree. They each use very similar ...
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