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Apply to questions about the licensing of Stack Overflow content unless specifically regarding the Stack Exchange changes made in January 2016, for which use tag [mit-license].

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Letting go of SO

Stack Overflow has been a major part of my Internet and professional life for the last six years. Over the last two months, my visits to SO have increasingly made me wonder "what unpleasant surprise ...
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Inlining external code - copyright?

Today I came about a question in the review queue which could benefit from inlining the small code sample that was linked by OP by including it directly into the question. But: Code hosted on Stack&...
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Quoting from documentation of GPL code in questions & answers

Recently, this question about posting GPL code made me wonder about the implication for SO posts containing quotes from documentation of GPL code. I'd assume that as an element released with the GPL ...
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Incorrect CC link on help page

The Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike link on this page still links to the 3.0 license. It should instead be 4.0 - see the announcement.
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