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Questions involving legal matters on Stack Overflow, including the (non)enforcement of copyright and non-disclosure agreements in posts, as well as licensing issues on posts.

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Is user activity data shared with third parties?

Stack Overflow privacy policy states: Information Shared with Third Parties We may share personal information with third parties who provide services to Stack Overflow, such as payment ...
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Why is the European Data Protection Supervisor linked to as the complaints office when it clearly states it isn't responsible?

I have recently made a GDPR Data Request via Stack Overflow's online request wizard. In the e-mails that followed, I noticed a couple of issues of which I'm unsure whether they really are issues or ...
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Is it legal to use vacancies data from Stack Overflow for a personal project?

I'm about to start working on personal and non-profit pet-project, in which I'd like to collect and analyze data from different job platforms like Stack Overflow jobs or Muse, but I don't know is this ...
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Are you allowed to use code from answers and sell your app

If you are stuck when making an app and someone answers your question. Are you allowed to use their code in whole or in part. How does the legalities work? What if you try to contact the poster and ...
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