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Questions involving legal matters on Stack Overflow, including the (non)enforcement of copyright and non-disclosure agreements in posts, as well as licensing issues on posts.

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How does one report bad actors who copy Stack Overflow content and publish it without attribution in commercial books for sale?

I reported some unethical bad actors in India who copied Stack Overflow Python code content and published it without attribution in commercial books for sale. I received 2 downvotes within 30 minutes....
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Is there a policy under what circumstances moderators are allowed to make private information public? [closed]

I came across a Meta answer with comments that made me wonder whether there is a policy on what private information Moderators are allowed to reveal under what circumstances. This policy should at the ...
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We’ve made changes to our Privacy Notice for Collectives™

We’ve just made a few adjustments to our Privacy Notice for Collectives™. They were made to make the notice ready for the upcoming expansion of Collectives into new areas of practice - as well as ...
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How to handle legitimate questions about an illegal project

Recently, I came across this question. The question is about creating an image carousel in WooCommerce; so the question itself isn't too bad. However, the author provides a link to example screenshots ...
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Copyright status of blog post containing Stack Overflow answers? [duplicate]

I've got an idea for a blog post I want to write which compares different approaches to a problem demonstrated in the answers to a question on the site. For a specific example: there are so many ways ...
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Why is the European Data Protection Supervisor linked to as the complaints office when it clearly states it isn't responsible?

I have recently made a GDPR Data Request via Stack Overflow's online request wizard. In the e-mails that followed, I noticed a couple of issues of which I'm unsure whether they really are issues or ...
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How does Stack Exchange react when licenses are violated? [duplicate]

See for example Clearly this website is using content created by the SO contributors, which are licensed under CC ...
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Am I allowed to ask about cracking a forgotten Ethereum wallet keystore file password?

I have an old Ethereum wallet keystore file that I created in 2017. I can see that the address contains a tiny amount of eth, such a small amount that I'm wondering if it's worth my time, however I'm ...
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Is full attribution required when quoting parts of the question in an answer?

I know that using content from Stack Overflow requires attribution. I am also aware that that attribution is required even when quoting other answers on the same page. I came across a post today which ...
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When should answers consisting entirely of cited, copied content be flagged? [duplicate]

The Help Center article on How to reference material written by others says Do not copy the complete text of external sources; instead, use their words and ideas to support your own. And always give ...
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Do I need to license my code under GPL if I use code from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

From the licensing page: Content contributed on or after 2018-05-02 (UTC) is distributed under the terms of CC BY-SA 4.0. When I looked on the Creative-Commons page describing the license, I found ...
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Stack Overflow mirror site [duplicate]

I found a mirror in Russian, e.g. Stack Overflow: Golang time.Ticker, how to begin on even timestamps coderoad:
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DMCA take-downs ignored

I have sent a DMCA take-down to SO and followed it up with an email, but got no response after three weeks. Is there a better way to contact SO than the legal email address for DMCA notices?
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Copyright issue with Stack Overflow?

I'm confused about a copyright issue on Stack Overflow. Can anyone please tell me clearly about copyright on Stack Overflow? Meaning, if I just copied 10 – 15 lines of code, will it create trouble for ...
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Could I report some websites that blatantly mirror Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

In the last two months I had found some websites that blatantly mirror or some of them blatantly crawl the questions and answers, and provide some translations. Is this ok to report here? For ...
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Is an illegal page that takes info from in order to cheat users? [duplicate]

I found this question on an site that already was unknown for me. It seems it is kind of a phishing site The evidence is that the question is the same that ...
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Is it legal to use vacancies data from Stack Overflow for a personal project?

I'm about to start working on personal and non-profit pet-project, in which I'd like to collect and analyze data from different job platforms like Stack Overflow jobs or Muse, but I don't know is this ...
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What should happen when a question, answer, or edit incorporates a link to a pirated work?

In an edit to one of my questions, someone added a link to a pirated version of a copyrighted work. I can't find a specific policy on this (I'm likely not using the right terms). What should be the ...
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Stack Overflow for Teams meets German Works Council [closed]

I am currently under the process of extending Stack Overflow for Teams within a medium-sized company that has also employees located in Germany. For these employees the German law applies which ...
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Is user activity data shared with third parties?

Stack Overflow privacy policy states: Information Shared with Third Parties We may share personal information with third parties who provide services to Stack Overflow, such as payment ...
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How to deal with answers promoting "hacked" link for premium ressources? [duplicate]

Let's consider this question: I need the Demo Content of E-commerce theme First, it's clearly off topic and should be closed then deleted (I am pretty sure the meta effect will make this faster). My ...
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Copyright of Stack Overflow Trends

I would like to use some of the graphs from Stack Overflow Trends in my academic research. I am unable to find any copyright information regarding that data. Is it legal to use it with proper ...
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This YouTube video is purporting that the Stack Overflow survey endorsed their service [closed]

I started to watch this video: where a YouTube content creator (developer by profession) "analyses" the Stack Overflow Survey Data. About 3:24 minutes in ...
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Why is Stack Overflow's disclosure of email addresses to Amazon a big deal?

Please know that I'm genuinely asking because I don't understand. So a user posted a question titled Please don't share my e-mail with Amazon without my express consent. I don't understand what is ...
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Please don't share my e-mail with Amazon without my express consent

Before the developer survey, I was invited to test it, and promised a $5 gift card from a web shop for taking part. Recently, I've received this gift card on my personal e-mail. But to my dislike, it ...
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Is criminal ransomware development allowed on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

This little criminal has had his question up on our site for several hours. This isn't academic. It isn't a good question. It's some two-bit amateur criminal who needs our help in order to delete ...
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Further details on DMCA-removed post

My answer here was deleted in response to a DMCA request. As far as I can tell, my answer does not contain any copyright content. The question also doesn't seem to contain any copyright content. ...
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Stack Overflow Logo stolen If you look at the fifth picture, you can clearly see the Stack Overflow Logo next to the text "Multiple Storages". It looks like somebody just Googled "orange ...
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Is using copyrighted code as part of a question allowed?

If I have a question about a section of code in a library open sourced under a BSD style license is it alright to copy/paste the section of code relevant to my question onto Stack Overflow? Almost ...
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Does licensing permit using code found in answers on SO at work? [duplicate]

I understand source code contained in answers on Stack Overflow are licensed under cc by-sa 3.0. If I'm getting paid to develop an application that is probably going to be closed source, does this ...
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Is it ok to link to material of dubious legality?

My question in general is whether it's ok, in an answer to a Stack Overflow question, to put links to pages for which there's some reason to believe (not certainty) that they might be violating some ...
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Should Stack Overflow advertise the SaveCodeShare open letter initiative?

A consortium of organisations and FSFE (free software foundation europe) have written an open letter and a detailed white book about the proposed EU directive on copyright, ...
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If I repost an answer merged into a question, do I need to note the attribution guidelines?

I often come across posts where the title has been incorrectly modified to include a home-made [solved] tag. Where this edit has been made, often the solution has been added as an addendum to the ...
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Is it okay to quote from ISO standards?

This came to my mind when writing Which object declarations in C cause storage to be reserved (i.e. are definitions)?, and there are a lot of other questions and answers in which people quote from ISO ...
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Can code posted on Stack Overflow be used on closed-source software?

The Stack Overflow site footer says: user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported] with attribution required And one of the terms of CC BY-...
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Are people allowed to sell Stack Overflow merchandise?

I found this shirt on many different sites. Are people just allowed to use the Stack Overflow name wherever they want to sell things?
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Can I copy/paste some of my answers to a blog?

Some of my answers kind of look like blog articles (e.g. or The company I'm working for just starts a new ...
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Is it OK that a website is mirroring SO without attribution? [duplicate]

There is a website that appears to mirror content from SO, without attribution. (Perhaps to profit from advertising?) Not sure it's OK, so I am bringing it to the group's attention ScalaTest on sbt ...
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An accepted answer with code that no longer works, and unlikely to help future readers

Edit: the referenced question has already been deleted The answer: Three years ago I wrote code to get translated text from Google Translate. Not the ...
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Is pasting code from the reference source from Microsoft legal?

When using .peek and ReSharper in Visual Studio (15) you can check the implementation of framework types. It will download a reference source debug file, and you can check the reference-only code. ...
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The license of code on Stack Overflow

I want to know the code license on Stack Overflow. Sometimes I copy the original code pieces, or make some changes; sometimes I used the idea and code by myself. I really want to know the license or ...
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Official policy on copying content

What's the official stance on copying content? I'm not after the community stance on the matter. I've read through the following and found the disclaimer (emphasis mine)...
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Using SO API in open source project

I want to make free open source chat bot using SO API to get some data. Just an idea for hackathon, not a business project. Are there any chances it will get me in legal trouble with SO ...
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Should copyright information be removed from code? (in questions or answers)

Should copyright information (for code belonging to the author) attached to blocks of code be removed? Are we legally obligated to keep these notices here? Or can they be treated like noise (like ...
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Does Stackoverflow's code licensing override my previously specified license? [duplicate]

I heard recently that Stackoverflow has changed their license on code. I don't know the details. Myself, along with a handful of other users, have explicitly licensed code posted to Stackoverflow ...
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Should I give credits to Stack Overflow if 30% of my website basecode comes from it? [duplicate]

I'm always looking answer to my problems on Stack Overflow, should I give credits to it?
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Can we talk about employer copyright assignment?

Some employers claim to own all code written by their employees at any time, even when at home and using personal equipment. Some employers have vague contracts which do not spell this out one way or ...
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Potential legal liability when answering a hacker's or terrorist's question?

When we answer questions on Stack Overflow, most of us most of the time don't know the asker - who they are, what the purpose of their software is, etc. What if we were to inadvertently help out a "...
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Legally republishing information from Stack Overflow?

Today, I answered a question in Stack Overflow, the OP thanks me, and just after, delete his post. I see it's not so uncommon (I answered a question, he accepted it, and then he deleted the question!)....
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Official SO policy on answering questions related to Web scraping [duplicate]

I would like to know what is the SO policy on answering questions related to the web scraping (crawling and similar procedure). As an SO user, I am always ready to answer questions relating to web ...
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