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Job advertisers that don't respond to applications and questions [closed]

Job hunting is a pretty crappy experience when you apply for jobs or ask questions, but never hear anything back from the company. Does /jobs do anything to actively encourage recruiters to respond ...
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1 answer

Set up job match preferences to only full remote [closed]

How can I tell potential employers I am only interested in full remote jobs? In my "Job match preferences" I can check the box saying "Willing to work remotely", but I assume that only shows my ...
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Improve "not interested" message to employers [closed]

Currently when you respond that you're "not interested" to a message from an employer, the following message will appear in the thread: {Name} Is not interested in this role. Is this ...
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Jobs: How to block an employer (before any contact)? [closed]

There's a section Blocked employers on the .../jobs/messages page. I couldn't find a way to add one there. The Help Center section doesn't give a hint, either. [Edited after comments] I found Is ...
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46 votes
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Stack Overflow Jobs site should use my Stack Overflow photo (right?) [closed]

I just realized all my job applications (several) have gone out with my Google photo instead of my Stack Overflow one. Is this expected? I've posted a couple screenshots below. This screenshot ...
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I keep receiving emails about a job message I archived [closed]

I recently received an invitation to apply for a job through SO and followed the instructions to apply outside SO. I archived the message, but I keep receiving emails about it, including the below ...
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"Messages" has grown in size [closed]

As you can see: The "Messages" header has font size much higher than the others, for eg: All Questions: Tags: It might be a trivial thing, but looks fixable within a short span of 6-8 weeks.
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35 votes
2 answers

Provide 3rd option to clarify job specs when replying on job messages [closed]

I keep receiving some job messages, however, most of the times recruiters doesn't clarify enough details in their initial message (such as type of job: permanent or contract, or location), therefore, ...
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Jobs Messages section design is weird [closed]

Can the messages section be moved to the left navigation section? It's confusing how it's like a nested frame. Current design: Proposed: I noticed other people had some similar issues/suggestions w....
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24 votes
2 answers

User experience on getting to job applications/messages needs work and there are a few bugs in design of the jobs applications page [closed]

Question: Can the user experience on finding the job applications/messages be made more clear? Also, would it be possible to fix some of the design bugs: Footer doesn't take full width on the jobs ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Lost all Jobs inbox messages after changing login method [closed]

I previously used my Facebook account to login to Stack Overflow, and now I have just changed to my Gmail account. The changing process is finished, I received an Email Verification, but all my Jobs ...
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Responding to old recruiter message caused me to be part of their company [closed]

Yesterday I noticed that I had an old (almost two years) recruiter message in my SO Jobs inbox that I never marked as interested/not interested. So I clicked "not interested". But apparently ...
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Add clarification on job message responses [closed]

I've just got a job message, and now I have two options: I wasn't sure if I'll be prompted to add my own message after clicking one of the buttons. What happened is that the action was taken; the ...
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Clicking "Send message" button when replying to job messages opens file browser [closed]

When responding to a message in my inbox and click "send message", it opens the attach file dialog. My workaround was to set the style of the attach file button to display:none. I'm using Firefox 65....
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Prevent receiving job messages in languages you cannot understand [duplicate]

I've received a job message from a company in a language I cannot understand. I live in Luxembourg, which puts me on the border of Belgium, France and Germany. I however cannot speak German (Nor do I ...
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Is my email address visible to the other party in the Job "messages"? [closed]

Is my email address visible to the other party which I sent an enquiry about a job? (I don't like my email address being collected). p.s: I read this question Is my email address accessible? but I ...
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SO jobs message sidebar styling bug [closed]

Just noticed a styling bug on SO job messages inbox app. It appears that the 'Messages' sidebar container is missing a left margin and/or padding. This is only happening with window width of 980px and ...
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1 answer

Getting repeated messages from a company in Developer Jobs section (bug?)? [closed]

I asked a question of a company in Developer Jobs and they replied... and then the same reply keeps appearing every hour or so in my inbox. I've received 9 copies so far. I mentioned it in a reply to ...
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Job messages not displayed [closed]

When I open my personal message box on Stack Overflow I get a blank list, even if I have many messages. As you can see in the screenshot below, in the dropdown there are two job messages but I cannot ...
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How to remove company ads on Stack Overflow? [closed]

Recently, I started getting job ads from an online casino on the jobs section on Stack Overflow. I find the idea of running an Online Casino morally reprehensible, but fine, I can just remove the ad ...
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1 answer

Replying via email to recruiter SO message does not work [closed]

Yesterday I applied to a job on StackOverflow and then today received an email saying: [Company name] has sent you a reply: [...] You can respond to [Company name] by replying to this email or ...
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1 answer

Unable to view Job Messages. 404 error [closed]

I'm unable to view My Job Messages. The error is: Oh no! We can't find the page you're looking for. The same error for all the job messages Also I see the Easy Apply Button for jobs that I have ...
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Unsubscribe from email notifications about job messages [closed]

I recieved job message and email. How do I unsubscribe from this email? There is no convenient "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of email: In the "email preferences" I have everything OFF and empty ...
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Change status (accept/decline) of job message [closed]

After accidentally clicking "I'm interested" in the notification email for a job offer, I'm unable to change the status to "I'm not interested". When clicking on the "I'm not interested" link in the ...
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1 answer

Can't read message in Jobs [closed]

Received a message from a recruiter but when I try to look at it in Google Chrome on my Android 10 this is what I get I tried opening in Chrome's Desktop mode but the problem remained.
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When replying to messages regarding jobs, will each option provide an opportunity to input a custom message? [closed]

The two (2) available options presented for action on a message regarding employment are both very vague and limited: I'm Interested - Can I include a custom message with the reply? I'm Not ...
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Search through Stack Overflow job messages [closed]

It would be great to have a possibility to search through the Stack Overflow Jobs messages (!/inbox). Currently, it's very inconvenient to find something ...
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Share tag page in message from company in Jobs [closed]

In Stack Overflow Jobs when sharing a link to a tag such as[php] then the last square bracket isn't considered as part of the url In this case, the ...
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edit option for job messages/replies [closed]

Provide edit option for job message or replies. That helps to review and edit if any changes need to do. Edit option can be temporary time based or until recruiter replies to it. Providing more ...
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Developer Jobs messaging button for "I Might Be Interested" [duplicate]

Currently, for Developer Jobs inbox messages from prospective employers, there is a green button for "I'm Interested" and a red button for "I'm Not Interested" ... but sometimes, interest is not so ...
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1 answer

Is markdown supported in jobs messages? [closed]

When messaging back an forth on a job thread via job messages it's not clear if it supports markdown. Does anyone know?
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"Report a message (Something else)" text box incorrect character count [closed]

When trying to report a message sent from a recruiter I'm told that: Your description is too long. Please use at most 255 characters on it. Here's a screenshot and you can see that I've only used ...
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Jobs Message View Doesn't work properly in Safari [closed]

The Jobs site won't allow me to view sent messages or anything besides the default inbox when using Safari.
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What could be a reason that I can't see any messages in the stackoveflow messages [closed]

What could be the reason that my inbox is empty (!/inbox) while I receive an email. I can also reply to it. When I click on a link in the email I get page not ...
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1 answer

Blocking an employer after they message you doesn't work [closed]

According to a comment from Donna at Jobs: How to block an employer (before any contact)? I file this as a bug. Steve mentions in an answer to Is there a way to block an employer request after the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Job messages appears empty, while my Inbox indicates messages [duplicate]

I have jobs messages indicated in the inbox toolbar icon and in e-mails, however, when I click them or otherwise go to the jobs messages, it appears to have no messages at all. The JavaScript console ...
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Can't clean old jobs-messages [closed]

Do they let you delete written job applications from last year (in the I don't see that I can.
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Message chain is appearing in inbox (with preview), but I cannot open the full message [closed]

I had sent a job application without logging in, I used the link in the Stack Overflow email to view the message, and it requested that I log in, I did so, and the message is showing up in my inbox, ...
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