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1 answer

Job messages not displayed [closed]

When I open my personal message box on Stack Overflow I get a blank list, even if I have many messages. As you can see in the screenshot below, in the dropdown there are two job messages but I cannot ...
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1 answer

Set up job match preferences to only full remote [closed]

How can I tell potential employers I am only interested in full remote jobs? In my "Job match preferences" I can check the box saying "Willing to work remotely", but I assume that only shows my ...
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Jobs: How to block an employer (before any contact)? [closed]

There's a section Blocked employers on the .../jobs/messages page. I couldn't find a way to add one there. The Help Center section doesn't give a hint, either. [Edited after comments] I found Is ...
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106 votes
2 answers

Job advertisers that don't respond to applications and questions [closed]

Job hunting is a pretty crappy experience when you apply for jobs or ask questions, but never hear anything back from the company. Does /jobs do anything to actively encourage recruiters to respond ...
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59 votes
1 answer

Improve "not interested" message to employers [closed]

Currently when you respond that you're "not interested" to a message from an employer, the following message will appear in the thread: {Name} Is not interested in this role. Is this ...
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35 votes
0 answers

"Messages" has grown in size [closed]

As you can see: The "Messages" header has font size much higher than the others, for eg: All Questions: Tags: It might be a trivial thing, but looks fixable within a short span of 6-8 weeks.
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35 votes
2 answers

Provide 3rd option to clarify job specs when replying on job messages [closed]

I keep receiving some job messages, however, most of the times recruiters doesn't clarify enough details in their initial message (such as type of job: permanent or contract, or location), therefore, ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Jobs Messages section design is weird [closed]

Can the messages section be moved to the left navigation section? It's confusing how it's like a nested frame. Current design: Proposed: I noticed other people had some similar issues/suggestions w....
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24 votes
2 answers

User experience on getting to job applications/messages needs work and there are a few bugs in design of the jobs applications page [closed]

Question: Can the user experience on finding the job applications/messages be made more clear? Also, would it be possible to fix some of the design bugs: Footer doesn't take full width on the jobs ...
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11 votes
0 answers

SO jobs message sidebar styling bug [closed]

Just noticed a styling bug on SO job messages inbox app. It appears that the 'Messages' sidebar container is missing a left margin and/or padding. This is only happening with window width of 980px and ...
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Developer Jobs messaging button for "I Might Be Interested" [duplicate]

Currently, for Developer Jobs inbox messages from prospective employers, there is a green button for "I'm Interested" and a red button for "I'm Not Interested" ... but sometimes, interest is not so ...
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Share tag page in message from company in Jobs [closed]

In Stack Overflow Jobs when sharing a link to a tag such as[php] then the last square bracket isn't considered as part of the url In this case, the ...
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Blocking an employer after they message you doesn't work [closed]

According to a comment from Donna at Jobs: How to block an employer (before any contact)? I file this as a bug. Steve mentions in an answer to Is there a way to block an employer request after the ...
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