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Apply to questions about the left (collapsible) navigation bar, introduced in mid-2018.

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Hiding the left navigation is making the question page grid too small

I don't like changes so I decided to hide the new shiny left navigation and to keep the good old design with 2 columns instead of 3. After hiding the left navigation I noticed that the main Q&A ...
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Can we copy site settings (Hide Left Navigation bar) across Main and Meta?

As the title says, currently Users have to enable/disable navigation bar settings individually for Main in Main site preferences and for Meta in Meta site preferences. Can we have a common setting ...
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28 votes
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Make left navigation sidebar items "sticky"

Having seen How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? and its answer, it struck me that there's room for improvement in how the left sidebar and/or the menu-icon works: Sidebar Visible The menu-...
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The new design does not work on IE11

The buttons that are now on the left side do not work on IE11. They are visible but not clickable.
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Allow logged-out users to hide the left navigation bar

The instructions in the proposed FAQ How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? only work if the user is logged into an account. I propose that we allow another method to give users who don't have ...
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Word change in SO's left side menu

It's not the first time I'm going through the struggle "How can I go to the questions now?" in Stack Overflow. The menu says, differently than most other websites in the network, Stack Overflow ...
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On URLs, the sidebar shifts down

On a URL (for example, the sidebar shifts down a little. I am using Google Chrome 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build)...
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Access meta site from main and vice versa from left bar

I'm often annoyed to be forced to go through my profile to switch between meta and main site. I think the new left bar shows an opportunity to create a more convenient shortcut. My best designers ...
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