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The Late Answers review queue is a review queue for answers by new users to old questions.

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Bad Late Answer Audits?

There are numerous posts on meta, including You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue that discuss when answers should be flagged, and the general consensus, particularly ...
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Canceling or editing an edit after suggesting it in the Late Answers queue causes redirection to the answer

Canceling or editing a subsequent edit after suggesting one in the Late Answers review queue causes redirection to the answer, not the reviewing page for that answer. Steps to reproduce (only users ...
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Late Answers audit is a post I had already flagged before it became an audit

I encountered an audit in Late Answers, a link-only answer, of a post I had already flagged back as VLQ when it was first posted. The flag dialog reminded me of that by showing that the VLQ option was ...
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Make it possible to view the review answer on the same page as other answers in answer queues

Quite often, I leave a comment on new answers if they add nothing to existing answers. Sometimes I also downvote because of this. I also think this is a quite important thing to do when reviewing. But ...
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Problem during trying to follow answer on Review Late Answers

While I was reviewing Late Answers post, I got to know something weird on Stack Overflow. I pressed the follow button in a random question as shown in the image: I was unable to follow it from the ...
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What is the point of the "Archaeologist" and "Excavator" badges?

According to the tag wiki, a badge ...[is] awarded to encourage and incentivize positive community actions within the site. If you've used Stack Overflow for any extensive period of time, you have ...
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"New User" but with 12k+ Reputation in Late Answers

While checking in the Late Answers, I happened to encounter an answer from a 12k user, but is considered a new user. Is this a bug of some sort? Here's an image for visuals: I'll add the link and/or ...
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Audit question for redundant answers does not show previous answers

I just now had the following audit question while reviewing the late answers queue: It only showed the question and the single (apparently ...
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