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The Late Answers review queue is a review queue for answers by new users to old questions.

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How should I get started reviewing the Late Answers and First Questions/ Answers Queues?

I've just gained 500 reputation and am thinking about doing my part in the First Questions, First Answers, and Late Answers queues. What are these queues for? What do I need to keep in mind to do a ...
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Edit suggested on Late Answers queue

I was reviewing the Late Answers queue when I saw the following for I want to split string without using split function?: That is, an answer having a suggested edit to be reviewed (link to the ...
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How to handle cleanup of late blatantly duplicate answers ('surfing') on popular questions

There is a trend of people "surfing" by intentionally posting late blatantly duplicate answers on existing popular questions. This results in rep farming and noise and adds nothing to SO, and often ...
56 votes
3 answers

Lame "STOP! Look and Listen" even though I tried to edit a bad post

I was reviewing first posts on Stack Overflow and came across one that needed an edit due to poor quality, I clicked on edit and was shown a page ...
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I failed a review audit for a "spam" false positive

Reviewing a late post that referred to one of several links mentioned in the original question. I was given the following message: Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review ...
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Morals - Accepting Answers [duplicate]

Let's say I post a question and someone answers it. The answer does fix my problem but it's just a short, not-really-explaining-much answer. I accept it anyways, since it helped me solve my problem. ...
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Why is this answer considered as a poor answer?

Would you kindly tell me why is this answer considered as a poor quality answer. I'm pretty sure the code-only answers are considered acceptable, so why isn't this one not acceptable?
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2 answers

Hitchin' a ride

Some background About 6 months ago an idea emerged in the VBA Code Review chatroom, and together with a fellow VBA reviewer and CR addict, I started working on what became Rubberduck, an open-source ...
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User posting systematically late (copy-pasted) answers in popular posts [duplicate]

A user has a habit of posting late answers in popular questions that are copy-pasted (somewhat rephrased) from the top answer(s). These posts add no extra info/value to the OP. Deleted copy-paste 2 ...
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Why did I fail this late answer audit? [duplicate]

This answer recommends an operator to solve the problem. Maybe it poorly answers the question, but one cannot see the question in the late answers queue (never mind, you can). I've seen many high ...
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Should we flag off-topic answers to questions when they were previously on-topic? [duplicate]

When I'm bored I sometimes go to the review queues to help out. A few times in the Late Answers review queue I've got questions and answers like this: The specific review is located here, but I have ...
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3 answers

Thirty days late is extremely late in internet time

Please change the requirement that allows an answer to make it into the Late Answers Review Queue (LARQ) here on Stack Overflow. According to here, the answer must be posted 30 days after the question ...
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26 votes
2 answers

How common is plagiarism from unaccepted answers in same question?

Early in my FP/LA reviewing, I started checking for plagiarism on otherwise-good late answers to questions that have an accepted answer. But a while ago, it occurred to me that it's at least possible ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Can a suggestion be an answer or does it need to be a comment?

I recently failed the following review audit in the Late Answers queue: Question title: git commit signing failed: secret key not available ...
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Bad Late Answer Audits?

There are numerous posts on meta, including You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue that discuss when answers should be flagged, and the general consensus, particularly ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Should posting answers on an old, already-answered, and inactive question be discouraged? [duplicate]

I have a question on Stack Overflow (How does one remove an image in Docker?) which I asked over two years ago, and which was answered in a timely manner by a few people (timely meaning fast ...
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7 answers

Too much importance given to the lack of context explanation for a link in an answer?

This is not the first time I'm audited while reviewing an answer which: Contains a link to a solution Also contains the solution itself But doesn't contain a summary of the linked resource. Here is ...
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Late Answers audit is a post I had already flagged before it became an audit

I encountered an audit in Late Answers, a link-only answer, of a post I had already flagged back as VLQ when it was first posted. The flag dialog reminded me of that by showing that the VLQ option was ...
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What is the point of the "Archaeologist" and "Excavator" badges?

According to the tag wiki, a badge ...[is] awarded to encourage and incentivize positive community actions within the site. If you've used Stack Overflow for any extensive period of time, you have ...
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Reviewer doesn't know language of q/a, evaluates quality of answer; fails audit [duplicate]

Before I show the audit, I'm going to put a little example. Let's say a question is posted asking to print something on the screen using C. I answer: To print something on the screen using C, use ...
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Disable the fade-out effect when loading a post in Late Answers [duplicate]

I was doing some reviewing work in Late Answers, when I realized that the post fading out when it loaded was significantly slowing down my reviewing. Is there any way to disable this? I noticed this ...
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Unacceptable answer -- but why? [duplicate]

This answer is was flagged by Community Bot as "spam or offensive content." It contains polite language: Well, Mr.ajb has resolved and pointed out the error in your code. Coming to the ...
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Why does reviewing in the late answer queue require knowledge in specific topics?

Recently I was suspended for failing the following Late Answers audits. link1 link2 While the second answer was reviewed incorrectly, the first answer did look like an attempt to answer the vague ...
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3 answers

Review audit fail: Is a short answer always a bad answer?

I think that there are some questions in which the best possible answer is a concise one. So when I came to this review, after hesitating a bit (I often skip these traps), I decided to accept it ...