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Questions tagged [languages]

For questions about the use of languages other than English.

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Provide option to filter jobs by natural languages

I got an email notification about this job, opened it and I was like what? I don't know German (location and Google says so). While I'm open to jobs in foreign countries matching my skills, I not ...
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Half of the New Privilege message is in a language I don't speak

I just earned the "access moderator tools" privilege, but the message under the achievements dialog is a bit odd: I don't speak Spanish and (as far as I know) never indicated to Stack ...
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Do we have statistics on how often people asking in different languages get into a localized version of SO?

In False Positive Spanish Language Detection when Asking Question and Should I encourage people to use the localized versions of SO? we learned that there is a system in place to detect if a question ...
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use to add snippets for more languages

Now that we have snippets (which are awesome), I would like to suggest we use to add support for more languages that are not just web-related. I know snippets just started, so implementing a ...
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Choosing a language on Stack Overflow?

Today, I received a notification that said that I have earned a new privilege. It had some of the text in (what I assume to be) Russian. Does it have anything to do with the ongoing war or is there an ...
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Has the discoverability of non-English Stacks Overflow been diminished recently?

I've noticed more questions on Stack Overflow in non-English languages just recently. Is this just something that happens sometimes, or has the discoverability of non-English Stacks Overflow been ...
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Can the Developer's survey split out language choice for college BS or MS recipients?

Colleges and universities want to know what skills lead to the best jobs so what programming languages should they teach? And how does that differ for those working on BS vs MS degrees? Can such ...
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Do we want to be littered with these sorts of questions?

First of all, we have this question from four years ago: Check if a subview is in a view Despite carrying an Objective-C tag, ultimately this question is purely just asking about an object/method ...
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Where can I ask questions about language structure?

I want to ask why ruby and python don't handle the variable++ notation, but I don't think it is a right place in StackOverflow. Where should I ask it? Thanks
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