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A tag for discussing language-version-related issues, such as answering practices when a desired language version is not mentioned.

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May old questions be repeated for new version of language standard?

This question is based on the following case: Recently, a question was asked which is clearly a duplicate of an older question. The new question was quickly closed as a duplicate, however, the answers ...
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In the R language, should I use the R 4.1.0 function shorthand "\()" in answers? [closed]

Sometimes I see answers that use the full function() sentence to define a function (closure), but sometimes I see the shorthand \() available starting at R 4.1.0. Since it is possible that users are ...
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Should I edit out version numbers from answers regarding software that has reached end of life?

There is a certain answer I like regarding a PHP question. At the top of the answer the author says in "You can do it in PHP >= 5.6 like this...". However PHP 5.6 is in the end-of-life ...
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Create a duplicate, or bounty the wrong version?

While researching a problem I was running into, I recently came across this question, which describes the exact problem I was running into. It was at the time unanswered, so I posted my best solution ...
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Should [dotty] and [scala-3] be synonyms?

Currently dotty and scala-3 are two different tags ("dotty" existed before, "scala-3" is a newly created one). And for each of them "Suggest a synonym" produces "...
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Is it proper to inform users that their Python 2 questions will soon become obsolete?

Python 2 will be retiring soon, at the start of 2020. It has been recommended countless times to Python developers to port all of their old code to Python 3. That being said, sometimes the site still ...
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Keeping a question up to date with two versions of Python?

In 2015 I asked a question about how to do something in Python, and got a great answer, with my requested functionality nicely wrapped in a function. Now I've just received a new answer, which notes ...
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17 votes
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How to determine whether a question and its answers are related to Python 2 or 3?

There doesn't seem to be a consistent & clear way to determine if historic questions and their answers are related to Python 2 or Python 3. I have only ever used Python 3, so other than the ...
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C++ tag variants do not highlight syntax

C++ syntax highlighting does not work when c++03, c++14, c++17 or c++20 are used, unless c++ is added as well. However, it does work with c++11 alone so I know it is possible, and makes me think the ...
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Can someone explain why this edit was approved?

I asked an OP for clarification on his question, and he indicated that the question related to SQL Server 2012. I edited the question, adding that information to it, and tagged it with sql-server-...
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A thought on Stack Overflow version confusion in Q/A

Several Stack Overflow Q/A posts already have answers (but not questions, unfortunately, nearly as often) stratified by version number. Sometimes answers are easily convertible to satisfy your ...
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Language Switcher Rather Than Separate SO Sites

not sure if this is applicable here (as in on meta site), but is it not more useful to have one SO site with a language selector that allows a more universal way to search/ask/answer? It will take a ...
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What to do about the same question in two different languages [duplicate]

This is the first time that I've seen this happen. In regards to the following question on the English version of Stack Overflow: Removing html tags without breaking lines with php The OP is ...
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Should redirect to

The standard URL format for non-english Stack Exchange sites is <language> Spanish: Portuguese: Japanese: japanese....
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Can we bring the <!-​- version --> syntax to Stack Overflow?

Recently, Documentation introduced the <!-- version --> syntax for wrapping an example's code and text. This is very useful for languages like Swift which drop and add a lot between versions. ...
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HTML Documentation - WHATWG vs W3C vs Browser support [closed]

Currently, the documentation for HTML includes 6 versions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.01, and 5. I wanted to write documentation for the <ruby> tag, which is used for displaying pronunciation ...
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How do I use compound boolean expressions in the version-selecting syntax on Documentation? [closed]

How do I flag sections as being valid for different ranges of versions? I can only see how to say something like "greater than 3.4". I need to be able to declare that something is valid in both ...
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Can't update the versions and the documentations to use the new version at the same time [closed]

When trying to update the "Introduction to X" page, if you modify the Versions table, you cannot use the added/modified version in the same draft to use this version, or update old references to the ...
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Should we prefer Java 8 language / API over Java 6 and 7? [closed]

Java 8 has been out for some time. Actually, it is currently the only supported version of Java if you don't count the Java 7 extended support (which most of us don't enjoy). It seems strange to me ...
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How can I specify a version of a topic, example or part thereof? [closed]

I would like to add a topic that only applies to a specific version of a language (tag). How do I specify that? Likewise, how do I add an example to a topic and define what versions it is available ...
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Swift 3/iOS 10 introduces class name changes, how to handle the flood of potential duplicate questions?

I have started creating some Q&A posts regarding the changes from Swift 2.x to 3. With the release of Xcode 8 Beta 1 today, I would imagine that users will start asking more and more questions ...
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Should version-specific tags be used for the latest version?

Should a question about Java streams include the java-8 tag, or should the latest version be assumed by default? At what point does a new version become the assumed standard, making the version-...
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How should we tag and maintain questions about specific / upcoming ECMAScript features / problems?

There are more and more questions being about upcoming features in ECMAScript (class properties, decorators, etc). Many of these questions are tagged with ecmascript-7, some even with ecmascript-6. ...
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Dupehammer powerless against tags with versions [duplicate]

Last week I was trying to close a question as a duplicate using my swift gold badge powers and I was surprised that only 1 close vote was recorded and the question was not closed immediately. Only ...
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Removing [ecmascript-6] tag from questions

I've seen a number of questions recently where the ecmascript-6 tag has been removed from a question. I don't really want to name & shame anyone so I'll not post the links to the questions. These ...
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Duplicate question with answers for newer version

So I noticed this Java question, which is a duplicate of this older question from 2008. However, there's now a better answer for the question, with the release of Java 8 a year and a half ago. And ...
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Shouldn't older version tags be merged into original when a newer version of language is out?

I have seen many questions in Swift language which are supported for many versions of the language but are tagged specifically for single version (like swift2 or swift 1.2). I usually edit their tags ...
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Should there generally be only one tag for a language, rather than multiple (especially minor) versions?

I see, for example: perl perl4 perl5 perl5.6 perl5.8 perl5.10 perl5.12 perl5.14 perl5.18 perl6 Many of these have only a couple of questions tagged with them. Should only the main one be used? Does ...
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How can users be hinted to mention software/language version when asking?

Those who are familiar with MATLAB's changes over time know that in the last few versions there is a growing transition to OOP to perform all sorts of computations and return their results. One of the ...
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