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For questions about the keyboard shortcuts feature of Stack Exchange sites, which are useful for navigation and moderation without a mouse. This feature can be enabled by clicking "preferences" on your site profile.

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Add keyboard shortcuts to review queues

Lot of times when clicking on Recommend deletion in Low Quality Posts review I just vote with "No comment needed" but I still have to click twice using mouse (second time is Delete button). It would ...
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Support Mac editing keyboard shortcuts?

The keyboard shortcuts that Stack Overflow seems to be Windows native (I'm not sure, as I haven't used Windows for 10 years). GitHub provides shortcuts for editing that reflect the native platform ...
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Cannot open a question using the keyboard interface and the Enter key

Until now, I have been able to quickly open the first question on a question-listing page (such as the start page or the page of a tag) by pressing J and Enter. J has selected the first question on ...
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Horizontal rule inserted when refresh with cmd + R

On Stack Overflow, when I ask or answer a question there is a 'control panel' above the text box. Each one of the items is activated by either a manual click or a shortcut (Ctrl + B for bold, Ctrl + ...
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Gradient Border remains when using keyboard-shortcuts, after pressing esc

What's this grey gradient doing over here? explains what the border is, but it should go when you close the keyboard shortcuts (with esc).
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Is it possible to implement the keyboard shortcuts on other parts of the site?

I like using the keyboard shortcuts, such as J and K for going to the previous/next post (or answer). However, these keyboard shortcuts do not work on documentation nor on the search results nor on ...
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Why do hotkeys not work in search?

In the questions tab on StackOverflow I use J and K keys to move up and down between the questions. These are keyboard shortcuts specific to this site. This is the blog post showing off the user ...
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Can't navigate to question by pressing Enter after selecting with J/K

Vi-like navigation (Implement J / K keyboard shortcuts to move forward/backward in questions feed?) doesn't work anymore on Brave (Chromium). When you've enabled keyboard navigation on your profile, ...
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Possible bug with Home key in editor

I'm not totally sure if this is a bug, or 'as designed', but I noticed tonight, while I was posting a question, that if I push the Home key while on an empty line, in the editor, my cursor gets moved ...
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Can we start using "Go to" keyboard shortcuts in Teams?

I find this slightly frustrating - in a Team, if I click G+Q to visit the Questions page, it heads right over to the main Stack Overflow questions' page instead. Can we start using these shortcuts ...
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Implement Ctrl+Enter to submit flag

Just as Ctrl+Enter submits an answer, it would be nice if it submitted a flag.
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More standard way of navigating nick reply autocompletion list

When you start replying to a comment, an autocompletion list appears. You can use tab to accept the autocompletion. But this was totally non-obvious to me. I only learned I could use tab because I ...
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Control-L inserts unnecessary backslashes which appear in rendered output

In an answer to a bash question featuring the [[ and [ operators, I thought it would be useful to insert a link to the relevant section of the bash manual. So I highlighted the text and used ctl-L to ...
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Add a keyboard shortcut to select the next question with favorite tag?

I didn't even know keyboard shortcuts existed until the new nav bar appears. I found these shortcuts really useful. I especially like the "select next/previous question" shortcut. However, there is ...
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Shortcuts at documentation, jobs, review, help etc

Why aren't there shortcuts in the documentation, jobs, review and help center of the site? You can navigate the full Q&A, tags and user part with shortcuts except they I've noticed above. Is this ...
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Up and down keys not working in edit box?

I've found that after inserting a hyperlink using Ctrl+L, after that the up and down keys no longer do anything in the edit box. Left and right keys work okay. I've noticed this in both question and ...
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In settings, "Enable keyboard shortcuts" requires refresh before it works

Within the user profile → Settings → Preferences → under Interface, the "Enable keyboard shortcuts" requires a hard refresh of the page before you can start using shortcuts (in Firefox on OS ...
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Edit keyboard shortcut does nothing

I have the Keyboard Shortcut* feature enabled. I normally only used the shortcuts for navigating through posts, but another Meta question had me testing the "Edit" option. So, I went to a post I knew ...
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Keyboard shortcuts on tag page

While you can type in the search box on the tag page and autofilter the tags, there don't appear to be any keyboard shortcuts. It would be useful, I think, to be able to press enter and, if there is a ...