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For issues with how Stack Overflow looks or works that are specific to Apple Inc.'s iOS mobile operating system. For the official Stack Overflow application there is the tag [ios-app].

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Google login option isn't working on iOS Safari 12.5

I'm trying to login with Safari on Stack Overflow from my old iPhone 6 with iOS 12.5.5. But when I tap on "Login with Google" nothing is happening and the login does not work. Why?
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Undoing recent CSS tweaks

Is it just me? I view the Stack Overflow website on my iPhone. A recent update modified the CSS content so all texts/links are the same colour, regardless of whether or not I've previously visited ...
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Stack Overflow stopped working on my iOS devices several days ago

As of some time last week, I can no longer use Stack Overflow on my iPad. The 'comment', 'show more comments', voting, and 'edit tags' buttons do nothing, and possibly other things as well. At one ...
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Bug in Tagged Questions filter / show in Unanswered Tag

iOS 13.2.3 Google Chrome browser app The Unanswered Tag can't be selected. If I select Unanswered that changes to Votes. Screen record
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Form elements should be at least 16px font-size to prevent mobile browsers from zooming when focused on iOS devices

TL;DR: If mobile font-sizes in text inputs are at least 16px, browsers on iOS devices won't zoom into the element when the user selects the input. When navigating the Stack Overflow mobile website, ...
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Having trouble logging in to the iOS app with my account

I am trying to sign into my Stack Overflow account on my phone, but it keeps telling me 'user does not exist'. I have double, triple, and quadruple checked my log in credentials, but the problem ...
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Markdown bar is not shown in iOS Safari

The Markdown bar to do the bold, block quote, code sample, etc. is not showing up, when I use iOS Safari to answer a question. I can only type plain text, or type four spaces by myself to make the ...
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Cannot filter questions on iOS Firefox

Steps: Go to any SE site and select the filter dropdown menu Change the view to, say Active. Hit done Expected: The view changes. Actual: The view doesn't change and also if you click anywhere ...
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