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Questions about site's functionality issues (bugs, incompatibilities, feature requests) in any version of Internet Explorer.

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Question filter tags are overflowing

The buttons in the picture below should not be overflowing in to the 'Featured on Meta' box as they are. URL: OS: Windows 10 Browser: Chrome (69.0....
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Unable to login to Stack Overflow in IE using my Google account

I have recently been having a clean up on my computer so deleted all of my temporary files etc.. when I returned to the StackOverflow login page I was logged out. Now, each time I click on the Google ...
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Code snippet not working in Google Chrome

I keep creating answers to things and using the very hand code snippet function. The problem is that the snippets don't run in Google Chrome and throw this error in console: The XSS Auditor refused ...
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Login page to Stack Overflow not working in IE11

Usually, I just stay logged in to Stack Overflow (via OpenID), and closing and reopening my browser (IE11) works fine to keep me logged in. Once in a blue moon, when I open Stack Overflow, I'm not ...
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Link to "edit the above snippet" impossibly tiny in IE11

Well, today I was looking at a question and testing some code. It is an experimental code I'm playing around to use in stack snippets. And I've noticed this: You see that VERY tiny text? Well, I ...
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