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Questions about site's functionality issues (bugs, incompatibilities, feature requests) in any version of Internet Explorer.

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Bug: Stack Overflow not clickable anymore when saving comment edit with enter

Occurs on IE11 EDGE mode win8.1 (My pc). User Ismael Miguel notified me that this problem also happens on versions IE9 to 11 from Vista to 8.1, but not on IE8. Still occurs on IE Edge WIN 10 PRO. ...
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Image is not being resized appropriately on Internet Explorer 11

I am using Internet Explorer version 11.0.9600.18762. When I view certain questions in Meta Stack Overflow, such as this one, large images expand into the sidebar, which makes things almost ...
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After editing a comment, the prompt "stuck" on <textarea> after pressing "enter"/"return" on IE11 [duplicate]

I don't know if this is the right place or not, but I will post this here. I'm using IE11 (yeah..... yeah..... I know) while I play my games. Sometimes, I have periods where I'm not paying attention ...
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20 votes
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Ask a question wizard is unusable on Internet Explorer 11 [closed]

When trying to use the Ask a Question Wizard using Internet Explorer 11, the Tags and Review pages expand and shrink constantly, much quicker than the animated gif below, making it unusable. ...
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15 votes
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Can't close Teams bubble on IE11 [closed]

I am using Internet Explorer 11 (which is officially supported). I am getting a bubble asking me to create a team for my workplace. The x is not clickable on this bubble. (When I click the x, nothing ...
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Is it just me, or is the StackExchange login page not working on Internet Explorer 11? It reports a debugging error somewhere in the minimized code, fails to render properly, and the buttons are unresponsive to user input.
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Is the SO link on Modern.IE officially approved? [duplicate]

When you install a Windows VM from Microsoft's Modern.IE site, they have a big box on the page saying Need help with a bug? Tag your issue with Internet Explorer on Stack Overflow I did that ...
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