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For questions about the 10k+ user feature that allows for inline tag editing.

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Collectives icon will be lost if the request is canceled during inline tag editing

While editing the tags using the inline tag editing option, if you "Cancel" the request, we will lose the collectives icon in the display. GIF for reference:
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Collectives icons are duplicated while inline tag editing

There is a duplicate icon displayed with the inline tag editing privilege in the Collectives questions. While editing the tags of the post using the "Edit tags" option, the Collectives icon ...
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When using the inline tag editor in Teams, the word 'Tags' is duplicated [closed]

When using the inline tag editor in Stack Overflow for Teams, the word 'Tags' is duplicated:
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Edit tags not working and comment flag icon missing in Mobile

I realise these are 2 separate issues, but I noticed them both at the same time. I can split this into 2 reports if required. This morning I went to edit a post on my mobile that was tagged ...
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"Edit tags" link no longer focusing in tag editor area

When you use the inline tag edit feature to quickly edit the tags of a question without editing the whole question, the field for the tags automatically received the keyboard focus. This meant you ...
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Strange animation after clicking "Edit tags"

When clicking Edit tags to use the inline tag editor, I get this weird-looking animation: Also, reproduced on Meta/light-mode: (Rapid flicker warning) It appears to be some sort of progress ...
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Inline tag editor delay enabling

The inline tag editor for questions should have the disabled attribute while the pillbox is loading. There are times where I edit and the browser doesn't catch up to my typing. Click the button for ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Edit Tags Feature Broken - Can't Save [closed]

When I click the Edit Tags link I'm able to edit the tags as I would normally, but there's no save button or link. I'm seeing this on and here on meta as well. The Save Tag Edits ...
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Inline tag editor has buggy animation

I recently earned access to moderator tools (yay!) and noticed the "animation" that looks rather buggy when opening / closing the inline tag editor tool: Specifically, I'm talking about: the jumpy, ...
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2 answers

Inline tag edit design inconsistency

I couldn't find details of when this was implemented, but it seems like this old request was implemented, although it's not marked as status-completed: The design for always having the inline edit ...
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