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Make suggestions in tech selector more neutral [closed]

I am wondering if we can change the suggestions in the input boxes to not point at specific programming languages somehow. Right now, it reads like a value judgement to me. I read this as HTML and C# ...
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Should inclusive language linting be part of post submission? [closed]

I recently came across an answer to a question (deliberately not linking) that used the term blacklist in both description and code. It answered the question appropriately and well. Although ...
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2 answers

Iterating on Inclusion: What does this mean for me?

I'm a casual member of SO and am not a moderator, although some algorithms do seem to have granted me certain priviliges over time. I have read a recent blog post by Sara Chipps titled "Iterating on ...
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The use of gender-specific pronouns on Stack Overflow

This is just a small lingual question, but it started bothering me when writing an answer. I was writing something like this: "As User1234 pointed out in his answer..." Then I realized that if ...
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