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For questions about the images used on StackExchange sites or about using images in your own posts.

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enter image description here... please?

Would it be feasible to prevent users that haven't filled out the description of a linked images from submitting, instead showing some form of validation error? Here is an example of the situation I'...
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Badges in "Vote Up" privilege page in the help center are images

At the bottom of the Privileges > Vote Up page on the Help Center, there is a list of badges one can get through voting: They look blurry because they are images in the HTML, e.g. the Supporter ...
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Require confirmation before allowing mostly-image or mostly-link posts

There are loads of new questions (mostly from new users) which primarily consist of a hyperlink to data or code or a picture of data or code. For example:
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Allowing low rep users to post inlined images certainly isn't an improvement. Roll back please!

It seems that the minimum 10 points rep restriction for posting inlined images recently was removed. Example: someone can help me, I don't understand my mistake? Showing those mostly useless ...
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Paste to Imgur in chat

Since recently we have the ability to directly paste an image from the clipboard to Imgur, and to the Stack Overflow proper Imgur widget. However, the chat image uploader does not appear to ...
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Avatars from Facebook do not appear for some users

Some users have avatars that won't show up, for example, Consistently across the whole site, for example, in chat oneboxes: Inspection of the profile page tells me this is with Facebook avatars. ...
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Default to HTTPS links when using imgur links

I use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, and Chrome shows the security warning below: If you open the browser console you'll see that the culprit are imgur links. What is the state of HTTPS support? A ...
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"The format is not supported", but it's a PNG image

I can't upload this image to Imgur: It's not even my image, I was editing in the H&I queue and it was there. For some reason, ...
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Should protocol-relative URLs be disallowed in profile "About me"?

Unexpected error message when opening “About me” for editing: All image URLs must start with https:// This is triggered by the existing protocol-relative URLs in the “About me” text for my user ...
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Profile pictures in chat rooms have odd green squares on them

I'm on Android, and it seems that the chat room profile icons have a weird green hue to them. I'm unsure why, but it definitely seems like a bug.
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Image centering in questions and answers

Many posts contain useful images within them - screenshots, UI examples etc. I would like to argue that the natural alignment of images should be centered. Center alignment is more aesthetically ...
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How can I fetch images from my private team?

I need to fetch some of the private team's images via the API or HTTPS, but I am not able to do this. I see this feature request from StackApps, but I am posting this as a Stack Overflow for Teams ...
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Image upload in Opera 12.17 is broken

Image upload on is not working for me: Opera 12.17 Windows 7 The upload dialog opens up, but when I click the "Drag and drop or click here" area, nothing happens. Also, if I drop a ...
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Channels image cannot be resized

When posting images on Stack Overflow and other sites in the network, we can choose between the original image and a number of different sizes by adding l or m or s before .png However, on Channels, ...
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[![Does it need to be clickable?][1]][1]

To get an image to have a link to show the original size of an uploaded image, markdown of the form [![image description here][1]][1] is used. However, if an image fits in the available width for ...
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HTTPS links to imgur doesn't work for me

It seems HTTP imgur links are forced from HTTP to HTTPS, however HTTPS doesn't seems to work for me. The following images doesn't load for me. Example 1: Example 2: This is what I see: Although ...
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Play icon appearing inconsistently on user avatar

On this user avatar on their user page I see a play icon: But the play-icon disappears from their user card on one of their questions:
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Make the image in 2017 Developer Survey result clickable/zoom-able

Some sections have images embedded: Developer Role and Gender Languages Over Time Correlated Technologies On my Chrome browser with 100% zoom, the image's text is comparatively smaller than the body ...
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Did Stack Exchange change the upload host for images?

I was reviewing the edit queue and realized that I can't see images any more, Did Stack Overflow change the upload service provider for images? Because I'm from Iran maybe the new host has some ...
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Implement floating images

I've seen some questions that contain screenshots from smartphones (portrait oriented) that look ugly especially in the middle of the post (usually that means that one has to scroll until they see the ...
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Create an Images that hold codes and description

I have a simple request for StackOverflow Please create a Images that can contain a description or code. For example: ![I want to create some description here or some codes, that can explain what ...
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Does adding a picture to a previous answer make it sufficiently original?

I was noticing as a pattern with upvoting when browsing the highest voted questions. It seems to be a very good "strategy" to find highly viewed questions, summarize the other answers, and then add a ...
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Images not shown in firefox portable

I used stackoverflow sice some days in firefox portable version 49.0.2. There are the images at the beginning of the top bar missing: Also the images for the editor i can not see: Is it a bug or is ...
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Support Images hosted on Amazon S3

I was going to edit django-select2 not working with inlines in django-admin and replace the person's links to their screenshots with the images, when I realized the image uploader "from the web" ...