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For questions about tags which have been ignored.

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11 votes
2 answers

Can I hide questions based on tag name(s) from my feed?

TL;DR; Question is deprecated. The default SO algorithm, made finding the right questions to answer very difficult as questions were all over the place, different tags, many topics. The question was ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Add tag to favorites or ignored lists by right-clicking

I'd like to add a tag to my list of favorite or ignored tags by right-clicking. Right now, I have to write them manually in a paper, navigate to my preferences and then add them there. Or, it would ...
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Get more questions on front page when ignoring tags

After finally starting to listen to the SO podcast(a), I decided to take some advice and more intelligently select questions for answering. To that end, I started marking my favourite tags and adding ...
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1 answer

Why are ignored questions even showing?

I know that ignored questions are grayed out: But why are they even showing up if I want to ignore them? This is anoying. It would be much better if they were just hidden, then we could focus on the ...
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22 votes
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I can have a tag both in "Favourite Tags" & in "Ignored Tags"

If you have a tag both in the "Favourite Tags" & in "Ignored Tags" it will be ignored anyway (as if it's in the ignored list); you get no warning about this when adding a tag to either list. This ...
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26 votes
0 answers

Can we apply tag filters to "questions with new activity" in the Questions tab?

If one sits on the questions tab with whatever filter and sorting they have, eventually a message will appear saying X questions with new activity. Clicking on this message will add all of these ...
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19 votes
0 answers

An unknown tag shows when adding Ignored Tag

An [...] tag shows every time I add a new Ignored Tag. But when I checked my Tag Preferences, there is no [...] showing Is this a bug of some sort? Or my karma for ignoring tags?
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12 votes
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Watched/Ignored tags bug: hint for tags don't disappear

I'm talking about Watched Tags and Ignored Tags windows on the middle right of StackOverflow's home page. When you want to add another tag to your Watched/Ignored Tags you press Edit and start typing ...
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11 votes
1 answer

New CSS class on landing page exposes tag regex issue

I am not sure if it is just affecting or others too. When you have an ignored tag with a wildcard prefix, tags can be matched incorrectly. I have been using *js for a long time as an ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Questions with ignored tags are hidden on the homepage even if the "gray out" option is selected

This appears to be a problem on the main site only (I couldn't repro here or on Meta Stack Exchange). Steps to reproduce: Find a popular tag that has some questions displayed on the homepage. Add ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Are ignored / favorite tags both limited to 1400?

Is there a limit for the number of tags a user can ignore / favorite? I've set a lot of ignore tags, but I'm still shown questions for tags which I have previously ignored. When I hover over such tags,...
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7 votes
1 answer

Wildcards in ignored tags are not working

I was looking for a way to specify wildcards in tags in my ignored list, since there are so many version tags of php frameworks that I have little to no experience in. It got annoying to add them all. ...
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UX of editing / adding Favorite tags at least in Teams [closed]

I'm a member of the Charcoal Channel Team. I don't have any Charcoal Favorite tags yet. This is what I see, an edit link and an Add a favorite tag link: Clicking Add a favorite tag brings me here: ...
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Hidden questions and items per page

In my preferences I've chosen Hide questions in your ignored tags; Now, is there a way to make the Items per page option not to count the hidden questions? Let's say I have powershell in my ignored ...
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