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Feature request: more flexible "watch" and "ignore" settings

I watch some tags, and ignore others. Generally I don't rely on the main display to highlight things, I click on each watched tag to filter messages with that tag. Mostly this gives me what I want, ...
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Questions with both Ignored and Watched tags are styled in a way that draws visual attention

Why do Ignored Tags not override the visual highlighted effect (where the background is a lighter color)? If a question has tags that are both Ignored and Watched, I would expect that the question ...
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Questions with ignored tags are hidden on the homepage even if the "gray out" option is selected

This appears to be a problem on the main site only (I couldn't repro here or on Meta Stack Exchange). Steps to reproduce: Find a popular tag that has some questions displayed on the homepage. Add ...
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New CSS class on landing page exposes tag regex issue

I am not sure if it is just affecting or others too. When you have an ignored tag with a wildcard prefix, tags can be matched incorrectly. I have been using *js for a long time as an ...
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Hiding questions because of your Ignored Tags preferences for tags:

I added ignored tags, so my timeline is not filled with them. In my timeline I want to only see questions I can answer. I'm trying to search for a specific tag and related questions to learn about it. ...
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Questions with ignored tags don't show up on Stack Overflow when I use a desktop browser and show up when I use a mobile phone browser

I ignore particular tags to fine grain the question list, and I have enabled Hide questions in your ignored tags, so the corresponding questions (with tags I ignore) don't show up when I use the ...
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What is causing this display quirk on [Delphi] questions? [duplicate]

Recently, very occasionally (maybe once a week), if I browse Stack Overflow questions for delphi, a question will be displayed with the text almost white, like this one currently is, as of 14 May 2020,...
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Why do custom searches list posts with my ignored tags?

When I do not search (just list) or search for just tags (like [java]) the results filter out those posts which contain my ignored tags. And I happen have a lot of ignored tags. But when I search ...
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Watching/ignoring a non-existent tag results in a visual glitch

This is a pretty small visual bug, but a bug nonetheless (on any Stack Exchange site): Go to the site's main page. Click on "Edit" under the "Ignored Tags" or "Watched Tags" section Type in ...
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Watched/Ignored tags bug: hint for tags don't disappear

I'm talking about Watched Tags and Ignored Tags windows on the middle right of StackOverflow's home page. When you want to add another tag to your Watched/Ignored Tags you press Edit and start typing ...
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How do I get the number of people ignoring a tag?

During one of the discussions related to burninating tags, one of the reasons against burning some tags was that many people use it to ignore a particular set of questions. Like design for example, ...
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There seems to be a problem with wildcards in watched/ignored tags

First off, be careful if you try to experiment with this. Somehow I inadvertently removed all my wildcard tags from watched tags and I can't put them back. I was trying to add a tag with a wildcard ...
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Grouping of tags - possible or not? [duplicate]

The problem that I repeatedly encounter is the following: I have set up a list of tags that are to be ignored, because I don't know anything about the subject. However, to various general tags (like ...
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Using the 'Enter' key while editing ignored tags doesn't submit the tag

When I enter a tagname into the box while editing the ignored tags list, and hit the Enter key to confirm, only a space is added after the tag. Doing the same action while editing the watched tags ...
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Show ignored questions on hover

I think that it is a good idea to grey out questions with ignored tags, as currently happens: However, I think that these questions should go back to full colour as you hover on them, as happens with ...
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Add ignore tag button to tag info dialog [duplicate]

I believe ignoring tags is a powerful tool to discover appropriate question to answer. So, it will be easier to ignore tag from the info dialog itself, Otherwise, I have to go to my site settings ...
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Why are ignored questions even showing?

I know that ignored questions are grayed out: But why are they even showing up if I want to ignore them? This is anoying. It would be much better if they were just hidden, then we could focus on the ...
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UX of editing / adding Favorite tags at least in Teams [closed]

I'm a member of the Charcoal Channel Team. I don't have any Charcoal Favorite tags yet. This is what I see, an edit link and an Add a favorite tag link: Clicking Add a favorite tag brings me here: ...
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When so many questions are hidden because of ignored tags

There must be the same question here in the meta somewhere but I couldn't find it. So... When a user searches on Stack Overflow, it shows up to 15, 30, or 50 results per page, depending on which one ...
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Subscribe to questions with [tag] and not [another tag] [duplicate]

I subscribed to typescript by email, but got a lot of questions about angular, because almost every question about angular has typescript. So, I'm forced to scroll over dozens of not interesting ...
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Is it possible to exclude all tags related to third-party libraries?

I want to get some reputation by answering. But when I filter questions by tags, I mostly find tags related to third-party libraries. EDIT: Not all tags mentioned above are third-party libraries. I ...
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Get more questions on front page when ignoring tags

After finally starting to listen to the SO podcast(a), I decided to take some advice and more intelligently select questions for answering. To that end, I started marking my favourite tags and adding ...
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Wildcards in ignored tags are not working

I was looking for a way to specify wildcards in tags in my ignored list, since there are so many version tags of php frameworks that I have little to no experience in. It got annoying to add them all. ...
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Ignored tags lose their remove button when adding new tags

While playing around with this bug I observed that when adding an ignored tag, all other ignored tags lose their remove 'X' buttons. Before: After: The buttons will only return if you refresh the ...
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An unknown tag shows when adding Ignored Tag

An [...] tag shows every time I add a new Ignored Tag. But when I checked my Tag Preferences, there is no [...] showing Is this a bug of some sort? Or my karma for ignoring tags?
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Ignoring my favourite tag

I've just noticed the main page had a lot less orange questions than usual, and indeed fewer interesting ones. Now I realised that my favourite tag, javascript, has gone missing from my favourited ...
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Questions page spends 6 seconds "Scripting"

The Questions page on Stackoverflow seems to spend some 6 seconds "Scripting" according to Chromium. This only happens when logged in and is 100% reproducible in different browsers on multiple ...
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Some of the tagged questions are not clickable [duplicate]

Please see below image(i.e the 3rd row). Everything is working fine earlier. But from last few days I have found that I am not able to check some of questions. I do not understand why.
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SO Jobs recommends positions related to your ignored tags

Until recently, I had only 3 favorite tags and no ignored tags. SO Jobs was recommending relevant positions based on my favorites. A few days ago I added a load of tags to my ignored tags section of ...
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Zero results on first page when ignoring topics

If I view I come across a few questions with different tags. If I choose to ignore these tags and refresh the page, I get zero results. It's not until ...
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Add an anchor to the `Ignored Tags preferences` link

I propose to add #ignored-wrapper to the end of the link in the comment Hiding questions because of your Ignored Tags preferences for tags. Currently the link leads to the top of the page "...
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Can the Needs Answer tab sort by Favorite and Ignored tags like the Home Page?

The Home Page does a good job of bringing up questions that I can answer. However, I suspect that questions get missed and go unanswered, not re-appearing until the next Edit. I tried using the Needs ...
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Why are questions with Ignored Tags listed on the newest question tab? [duplicate]

I have listed a few tags to be ignored in my profile. The newest questions tagged with ignored tags are still listed and grayed out. I suppose it would be better to exclude such questions instead of ...
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This question with my favorite tag is hidden

So I have both JavaScript and jQuery in my favorite tags, so why is this question hidden? In my preferences I have checked "gray out questions in your ignored list", but I don't have either of the ...
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Can we apply tag filters to "questions with new activity" in the Questions tab?

If one sits on the questions tab with whatever filter and sorting they have, eventually a message will appear saying X questions with new activity. Clicking on this message will add all of these ...
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Tag dependencies to ignore questions

It would be useful to have dependencies among tags for a better selection of ignored questions. For example, I would expect that if I choose to ignore the tag fortran, then I will automatically ...
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"Ignored Tags preferences" link under "Featured questions" is broken

Go to Featured questions tab; Scroll to the bottom of the list of questions; Follow the link in the comment "Hiding questions because of your Ignored Tags preferences for tags:" Actual result: a new ...
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Feature Request : quick tag favorite/ignored option [closed]

A very simple feature, in the hover popup of tags, one could add an option to add it as a favorite or ignored one. As I start to help some people (very humblely I admit), it bother me to see ...
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Prevent user from putting Tag in both Favorite and Ignored Tags [duplicate]

I accidentally ended up with php in both my favourite and ignored tags. This lead to some weird behaviour with highlighting and greying out of questions. Can a user be prevented from adding a tag to ...
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Is it possible to ignore tags that are related to each other? [duplicate]

For example angularjs and these. angularjs-directive angularjs-scope angularjs-ng-repeat angularjs-service angularjs-routing
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How can I hide a tag in a review?

In the Triage review queue, I would like the ability to hide certain tags from a post, or automatically skip a post if it has a particular tag. There could be a relation from my "Ignored Tags" for ...
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How can I ignore tags? [duplicate]

I'm getting tired of seeing all of the "Laravel" questions here by noobs whose questions fall under the category of "Why isn't this code working?" It is border line spam. Can we ban this tag and all ...
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I can have a tag both in "Favourite Tags" & in "Ignored Tags"

If you have a tag both in the "Favourite Tags" & in "Ignored Tags" it will be ignored anyway (as if it's in the ignored list); you get no warning about this when adding a tag to either list. This ...
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Hidden questions and items per page

In my preferences I've chosen Hide questions in your ignored tags; Now, is there a way to make the Items per page option not to count the hidden questions? Let's say I have powershell in my ignored ...
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Why some posts on meta are "muted"?

I just saw this in Meta's Questions page: Why first question is muted or deemphasized like answers with score less or equal than -3? It's not because of score (it's +3). It's not because it has no ...
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Please use substring matching on ignored and favorited tags

I've ignored windows-phone. It should be possible to automatically determine that windows-phone-8 is related, and ignore those too (specifically, my ignored tag is a subset of the other, counting ...
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Are ignored / favorite tags both limited to 1400?

Is there a limit for the number of tags a user can ignore / favorite? I've set a lot of ignore tags, but I'm still shown questions for tags which I have previously ignored. When I hover over such tags,...
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Add tag to favorites or ignored lists by right-clicking

I'd like to add a tag to my list of favorite or ignored tags by right-clicking. Right now, I have to write them manually in a paper, navigate to my preferences and then add them there. Or, it would ...
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Ignored and favorited tags in the case of multi-tagged questions

What happens if: a question has multiple tags, only one of which is ignored? (I assume the question is treated as if it had just an ignored tag, so ignored) a question has an ignored and a favorited ...
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Why do some posts seem faded out suddenly? [duplicate]

I just noticed, in the past day or so, that some posts appear to be faded out. As DeAndre Cole would ask, "what up with that?"
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