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HTML links, generally those created within the network on questions, answers, or the site itself.

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Can we have automatic pretty links to questions in comments? [duplicate]

I adore that you can write a link to a Stack Exchange question in a post like: and it automatically expands to Why is "using namespace std;" ...
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Is it possible to have an internal link in a question/answer? [duplicate]

Is it possible to have an internal link in a question/answer? I mean, the equivalent of for a full explanation, please see <a href="#note1">note no. 1</a>. Bla bla bla ... --...
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Stack Overflow URLs in double quotes in answers are not replaced by the name of the question

Whilst quoting a super useful answer in a reply, I enclosed the URL in double-quotes "", ...
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Automatic creation of Internet Archive Wayback Machine links for external links [duplicate]

As per How to Answer: Links to external resources are encouraged, but please add context around the link so your fellow users will have some idea what it is and why it’s there. Always quote the ...
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Is there a shortcut for adding title of linked-questions in comments? [duplicate]

When I want to add a link in a comment, I always do the following: Copy the question's URL, paste it: Copy the ...
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Link cut off in post, but fully rendered in preview [duplicate]

I came across this link through this answer (that I found via VLQ queue)$emit,-$broadcast-and-$on-in-AngularJS.html In the ...
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How can I cite someone who has a nickname longer than two words?

I often want to give credit in an answer (i.e. a post) to people who have nicknames longer than one word. When I mention the user with "@", how can I make it link to the user profile by Stack Overflow?...
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Posting link with space in url

I have a link that has a space in the URL Safety ...
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Could we have a "decent" statistics of which links the users visited from our user's profile?

I'm just curious, but I would like to know which links were visited most in my user's profile (I know, I have only one right now :) Hover on any link does nothing and I bet you collect this ...
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Meta SO link in main menu is http when viewing over https [duplicate]

The Meta Stack Overflow link on the main menu (the one that branches off from the main site link under "CURRENT COMMUNITY") shows up as an http link, even when using https on the main site, and all ...
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Ensuring the validity of links over time

Documentation on how to write a good answer states: Provide context for links Links to external resources are encouraged, but please add context around the link so your fellow users will have some ...
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Second hyperlink silently removed during edit

Earlier, I tried to edit this question: my table Muster contain following data 1: And final output I want is [2]:
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Posting links to resources or posting resources

At SO,sometimes the user's question can be answered by a well labelled image then the long paragraphs of description.Images can be found by easily googling up or the blogs we follow and then posting ...
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Automatically open jsFiddle in a new tab?

jsFiddle is frequently used in web design questions to provide examples of working or non-working code. Because links open by default in the same window/tab you're currently using, quite often I'll ...
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Can not link email

Why is the email address not highlighted as a link? I try to format it like: [](
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Opening image links redirects from post [duplicate]

Update: This got closed as a dupe, but I still wanted a popup for images. So I made this tampermonkey script: (not optimezed yet, but it does ...
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Share link to tags in LinkedIn messages [closed]

A few days ago I noticed a bug in the messages of Jobs when sharing the URL for searching by user tags. The same problem happens when sharing tag links in the chat of LinkedIn.
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Display the link with the real server address instead of a misleading one

In, I sent the address of a Web page:,91,751,3331.htm?PRO_STEPVENTE=1&idR=91&idS=751&idF=...
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Please correct the dead link on the locked post

Since it's not possible to flag, edit or report locked posts, I'm reporting the issue here. This post: What is the worst programming language you ever worked with? [closed] has the following dead ...
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How are [links][1] supposed to appear, or is it broken? [closed]

How should a link created [like this][1] be displayed? It doesn't do what I expect, but thinking about it, I'm not sure if I expect a link to the 'link' or a link to the footnote, wikimedia style. ...
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Should I use inline hyperlinks or put the links at the bottom of the post? [closed]

Is there a preferred way to insert hyperlinks? Should I use the button in the editor, which puts the links to the bottom of the post: [Link][1] [1]: or the "inline" way: [...
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Links at the end, like in a research paper

In the Stack Overflow question Improving "randomness" when extending the range of rand() the links are at the end, like in a research paper, instead of in the text, like hyperlinks are most ...
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Why aren't hyperlinks opened in a new window?

Just wondering, why hyperlinks don't open up in a new window. I know I can always open the link by right-click -> Open in a new window. Just a suggestion !
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Paste URL with text selected should create a link

When I'm writing an answer, this is what I do when I want to insert a link. Select the text for the link Click the link icon (or type Ctrl+L) Paste the URL It would be easier and faster if you could ...
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Questions Marked Duplicate Should (Must) Have Link to Original [closed]

I run across questions marked duplicate fairly often. Unfortunately, the actual duplicate question notice does not contain a link to the question allegedly duplicated. Occasionally, some kind soul ...
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Snap Shot of Links

Some links may in cause of time disappear and become invalid. Hence it would be good to have a mechanism to crawl the old links in the site and also have a snapshot of the link. For new posts the snap ...
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Please block links to imgur and flickr

Occasionally we get question with resources on other site, like images on Imgur and Flickr. When editing those questions to inline the image, the Image dialog often cannot retrieve the image using ...
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Auto-format user link?

We know that question links are "beautified" like so: would be rendered as: How can I ceck the existence of `expect_out(buffer)` (and related)? ...
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Feature proposal : Links to recent post/answers

We should have a little list appended to nav.navigation > ol.nav-links on the left, with links to our recent posts and aswers (even the most recent/active favorites, why not ?). If not connected ...
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Where do I find the link to my Stack Overflow profile?

I am trying to copy the link to my Stack Overflow profile but I can't find it. How can I copy my profile link?
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Using URL shorteners in questions [duplicate]

I'm struggling to see in the help pages if these are allowed on this site or not. I often find myself needing help when building websites for clients, and 99% of the time it's a WordPress site. I of ...
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URL shortening service for Stack Overflow

Inspired by this meta-discussion, I felt the need to discuss a solution. We could use a system whereby links that are arbitrarily too large would be automatically shortened using a service provided ...
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Why was this useful answer that helped me deleted?

This answer on my 8 month old question got deleted 7 months ago by a moderator: Convert non-transparent image to transparent gif image PIL As far as I know, answers that go like this: Here is an ...
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What's with the underlined links?

I see that links on Stack Overflow are now underlined. Was this an intentional change? It looks like SO is going back to the web of 1990s.
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Downvote Brigade Because My Problem Had No Code and/or an NSFW Name

I had a question here which was (sadly) deleted by the community. It was (in my opinion) well-formed, had plenty of technical detail, and was a valid django/python/heroku question. It even ended up ...
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Feature request: add a link to /search on the header [closed]

EDIT: I specifically meant on mobile web. Although now that I'm looking again I see that if you click on Questions then there is a faint magnifying glass to the right of the word "Questions" that ...
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Links inside questions and answers should have the option to open in new-tabs [duplicate]

Links inside questions and answers should open in a new-tab or new window at-least. When reading through a question that contains links of images or other webpages or jsfiddles , it is very convenient ...
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We need a way to deal with deprecated web links and external resources [duplicate]

I have encountered this issue many times: You search for hours for an answer to your question Finally find a great answer The answer only contains a snapshot or less with an external link to the ...
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Why are link shorteners useful for spammers?

This question is related to: Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts. Why are shortened links more useful for spammers than the usual ones? Spammers can post any link, so why do we pay ...
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Why hide the file extensions in URLs? [closed]

Why does Stack Overflow hide the file extensions in their URLs? For example this URL has questions instead of questions.php or some other extension:
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How to deal with link-only answers?

Once again my answer was deleted because I posted it (a long time ago) with a few links: As a heavy Stack Overflow user I always downvote/flag-for-deletion ...
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