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HTML links, generally those created within the network on questions, answers, or the site itself.

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Can I customize the display text for my website URL in my developer story?

I'd like to add some UTM parameters the web site link I have in my Developer story. However, I'd prefer to keep the display of the web site clean. Do we have the ability to change the underlying URL ...
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Why there is no hover highlighting on visited links?

Currently the visited question links are painted in darker blue and the hover effect for these links is disabled. I suppose it so by design, but what is the idea behind it? Why I like hover ...
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Do Successful User Tags in Comments Get Hyperlinked?

I was reviewing ... re: the format for tagging users who are related to a comment. I was wondering whether a hyperlink is typically dropped ...
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Where did the link to featured questions feed go?

I am subscribed to the featured questions feed on Stack Overflow, which contains questions with bounties. I think I got its address from the original featured questions tab several years ago. But the ...
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Tags Info; Link to SO tags or project pages?

In some tag info tabs we have links to related technologies. Sometimes authors link to the SO page of that technology (if exists), sometimes to the technology project page. First, Which one is ...
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Linking to third-party site for system DLL

I came across this answer when reviewing: U can find this file here . I don't know how trustworthy that site is, or how trustworthy a recommendation from someone ...
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Can we make the "linked" sidebar more inclusive?

The linked sidebar lists Questions linked in the question, answers or comments. At the moment, it seems to only list them if it's a simple link directly to the question itself, not to a specific ...
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Add magic link for "welcome text"

It is very common to come across a user post a question that has many severe problems mentioned in the help pages. These are the users that are the least accustomed to the site, and weirdly, gets the ...
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Hyperlink with apostrophe doesn't link correctly

Perhaps this isn't a bug but I found an answer that had a link inline (i.e. not inserted with markup) which Stack Overflow linked to the wrong page. The reason: there is an apostrophe in the middle ...
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Camouflaged embedded links fail to be noticeable

In How can I ask the NLTK to have synonyms be connected to nearby terms, rather than an island?, I responded to what another user brought up in a previous comment. I wrote the comment, and even ...
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Automatically redirecting for multi tag link

I used to use this link: C++ or C++11 or OpenCV to find the newest questions in tags I am interested in. It is now (occasionally) redirects me directly to this: C++. Why does this happen? Edit: ...
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Hide the website link in the usercard

I'm wondering if is there a way to hide/remove the Website link from my own usercard when it's expanded, keeping the link itself visible when someone visits my profile.
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Difference in URL between question itself and its edit page

The URL of a question is like this: The edit page of that page is like this: Why is ...
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Stack Overflow URLs in double quotes in answers are not replaced by the name of the question

Whilst quoting a super useful answer in a reply, I enclosed the URL in double-quotes "", ...
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