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For questions about the workings of the homepage of Stack Overflow.

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New home page makes it seem like SO doesn't allow free use any more

I will start off by saying that I'm a bit of an oddball. I browse exclusively in private browsing mode. When I'm logged in to Stack Overflow and close a tab, I'm no longer logged in. So despite ...
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Stack Overflow fails to promote well-researched, well-written, but difficult questions

TLDR; The question promotion algorithm favours questions that are hastily asked first and then actively followed up, but neglects questions that are meticulously written and as a result received ...
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Give greater dominance/placement to searching rather than asking for new/low rep users

TL;DR: We are more than just another Yahoo Answers or forum, but we are presenting ourselves in exactly the same way; just another Q&A site. Although technically correct, due to our rules and ...
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Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 4 - filters

We've implemented the unpolished filters mockup from this question in an equally unpolished manner. Currently, this is only on the "recommended" tab, found here:
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Feedback requested: New “recommended” homepage, phase 2

A while ago, we started work on a new homepage algorithm for Stack Overflow. See phase 1 (with feedback), and motivations for some more detail. We had gotten to a point where we were pretty happy ...
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Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 1

For the background, see: The Stack Overflow homepage is over-emphasizing bad questions (and a proposed solution) We've put together a first pass at a new homepage algorithm. You can check it out here: ...
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Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 3 - algorithm tweaks

After phase 2 feedback, we've made a few tweaks to how recent hot questions are chosen, namely to better incorporate your tag preferences. Here's a debug page that highlights which questions are hot ...
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"Congratulations Jon Skeet, and thanks a million! »" banner refuses to die

Every time I visit a Stack Overflow page I am presented with a "Congratulations Jon Skeet, and thanks a million! »" banner: And with all scripts disabled: I've seen it before so I click the X button ...
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Explaining Stack Overflow: Experimenting with About Pages

TL;DR We’re launching a series of tests designed to help us better educate new community members about Q&A and all the new products we’re launching. Many of you already know about all the new ...
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Clicking on Stack Overflow Logo must redirect to questions page (when browsing as a new user)

It kinda feels different that clicking on the "Stack Overflow Logo" redirects to the same intro page again and again. Can this please be modified to redirect to the questions page once the home page ...
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Change the SO homepage: Make it clear this is a programmer Q&A site

An un-logged-in user visiting This is what they see: I have all sorts of reservations about this page, but many of them are a matter of taste, or are debatable (maybe) - this post ...
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Where do Developers Learn, Share & ​Build Their Career?

Recently, the title of the main front page has changed to include the phrase, Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers Does this change to the page title serve any purpose that goes beyond ...
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"Google" login button on home page goes to Developer Story

When I visit the Stack Overflow homepage, and I'm not logged in, there is a big button for logging in with Google. When I click it, I'd expect to be left on the current page I'm on (https://...
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Why is the option of signing up easier to find on the homepage than logging in?

Why is it that the sign-up button is easier to identify on the home page than login? Is it due to the fact that there are more non-registered users using the site than registered ones?
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Why has the SO homepage been replaced with a marketing page? [duplicate]

When I attempted to use SO from the homepage this morning I was confronted with this rambling marketing page rather than the usual questions page. In fact, it wasn't at all clear how to actually get ...
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Top bar Home icon redirects me to http site

The main site link to home in the top bar is still set to, even though I manually load the https version. Are also affected all links to SO posts in Inbox, Achievements, and ...
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Downvoted questions on Meta with a non-negative scored answer on them should no longer be hidden from the main page

A simple suggestion: If a question has one or more answers, and one of the answers is not negatively scored (with a minimum of two votes), ...then the post should still be shown on the main page ...
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Is it by design that I am seeing so much empty space instead of the content of the question? [duplicate]

I saw the change just now and I feel something is weird. I think it is the empty space between the questions that I think it should be the content of each question, which is missing (or not). I am not ...
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Create new URL for new Stack Overflow company / business products and services homepage

The new Stack Overflow homepage, which describes all the company's products, is worthy of its own sparkling brand new URL: Then can ...
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Continuous Console.log() s in home page

I visited the homepage of for the first time (without login state) and opened the console. Then I saw that something is continuously logging on the console so I think it may be a bug:...
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24 votes
3 answers

How can I configure my Stack Overflow homepage to show recent questions that are only from my favorite tags list?

I have several favorite tags and I have a fairly narrow domain of interest and expertise. When I come to the Stack Overflow main home page, I would like the list of questions that I see there to be ...
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Revisiting our logged-out homepage

Today you’ll be seeing a few key changes we’re making in support of our new Free tier of Stack Overflow for Teams. You can read more about the story behind Free on our Blog as well as the MSE post, ...
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Weird ratio of favorite questions in "interesting"

I want to say sorry for possible wrong use of SO terms, and this could be the reason why I can't find this question on meta - I'm not sure how to properly call the things I want to ask about. For the ...
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Community ♦ Modified Posts Appearing on Homepage

Some Community user modified posts are appearing on the Stack Overflow homepage. These are old questions that have otherwise not been touched for some time. It's unclear what the reason is as I couldn'...
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Show who asked each question on the Landing Page?

I'm a big fan of the main landing page, the filters and highlights are great for finding questions that you might be able to help answer. My only real issue with it is that it doesn't always display ...
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Why is the main page of not about the site itself? [duplicate]

If I go to, not logged in, I expect to see a "Explore our questions" title and a listing of questions - just like on all (?) other Stack Exchange sites. Instead, what I see is ...
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Incorrect initial question count on Stack Overflow front page

I noticed earlier this morning that when I navigate to, I see an incorrect question count: When I switch to another tab and back to the "New" tab, I see a different question ...
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Why do closed or on hold questions appear on the homepage?

I only go through the home page to find interesting questions and now I wonder why questions which are not open appear if there is any activity there. I'm talking about questions which have [on hold] ...
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Updates/creation info of a post on the Home page seems to be broken

The updates/creation info next to the tags on the Home page has a bug. The content's position seems to be dependent on the number/length of tags. I feel like this bug was caused while trying to fix ...
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1 answer

Stack Overflow homepage not loading new questions

The Stack Overflow homepage used to load more questions without reloading the page. Now, I have to reload the page to see new questions. This happened after the change they made to the design of the ...
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New CSS class on landing page exposes tag regex issue

I am not sure if it is just affecting or others too. When you have an ignored tag with a wildcard prefix, tags can be matched incorrectly. I have been using *js for a long time as an ...
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Minimize/hide Teams questions or/and Public questions on Homepage [closed]

When you are inside Teams, you get more than 1 question lists: one for Public SO questions, and the rest for Teams questions. I think it would be a good idea to added a little button (shown in the ...
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Why does the title on a page link to the page itself on Stack Exchange sites?

I noticed just now, as I was trying to select some text in the title. Is this intentional? What is its purpose? Could be a bug, but I'm not sure so I'll tag as discussion for now.
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Questions with ignored tags are hidden on the homepage even if the "gray out" option is selected

This appears to be a problem on the main site only (I couldn't repro here or on Meta Stack Exchange). Steps to reproduce: Find a popular tag that has some questions displayed on the homepage. Add ...
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The Stack Overflow site for anonymous users is confusing [duplicate]

There have been rather substantial changes to the SO homepage visible for anonymous users that are not logged in or don't have an SO account. The biggest change is certainly replacing the Q&A ...
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6 votes
3 answers

"featured" tab missing when current tab is "interesting"

When the "interesting" tab is selected, the "featured" tab is missing - or am I missing something? Choosing another tab, "hot" for example, shows the expected header with ...
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"Home" and "Questions" showing different questions

I'm a new user and am trying to understand the Stack Exchange sites/Stack Overflow. On the Stack Overflow main page I've got a menu on the left which shows "Home" and below it "...
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What's the difference between questions link and stackoverflow link

What exactly is the difference between and links. I just noticed the Stack Overflow logo was a link but it seems to bring up a different ...
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Teams "Recently Active Questions" only shows ask date [closed]

With the introduction of the new question list view, this is what I see on my homepage in Teams (cropped): It always shows "asked". You can't tell if the activity was because of an answer ...
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Why is 'Top Questions' replaced with 'All Questions' on the homepage for teams users? [closed]

I was just reading When does a new question not show up in the Top Questions list? and I was confused as to what they were asking when they said 'Maybe that's why it's called "Top Questions" ...
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When does a new question not show up in the Top Questions list?

Just curious - I asked a new question - this one (though I'm not pimping for votes or even views) and went to the "all questions list" (you know, the front page, though I guess it is called &...
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Can TOP questions on the landing page filter on tags from my profile?

Could we have an option to list on the top questions on the landing page related to tags in my profile. Stack Overflow seems to know what tags and skills I have. I'm only interested in seeing top ...
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Home tab pagination bug

The first time I noticed this bug was around March 2016, but it didn't really bother me enough for me to add an entry here, and I assumed someone else had probably reported it and it would get fixed ...
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Randomly getting a sponsored tag on the homepage [duplicate]

This is the view i get right now on I reloaded and got the same thing. I don't know why it suddenly think that the homepage ...
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Wrong featured questions number on front page (in the tab name)

I just went over to Stack Overflow and it struck me as odd to see that there were 0 featured questions. I browsed over to the Featured tab and obviously there were questions (387). Also the number ...
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614 views redirects to

I just updated to Chrome v. 53.0.2785.116 m Navigating to it redirects to displaying the "404 Not found" page, what's going on? ...
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Has the homepage always looked like this for non logged in users? [duplicate]

Has the homepage always looked like this: Has the point of SO always been about developers this, developers that, productivity growth discovery blah blah, or might it have been about Q&A? Maybe ...
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Can the Needs Answer tab sort by Favorite and Ignored tags like the Home Page?

The Home Page does a good job of bringing up questions that I can answer. However, I suspect that questions get missed and go unanswered, not re-appearing until the next Edit. I tried using the Needs ...
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The new nav pagination links are broken on the homepage

The new nav pagination links on the homepage are broken. Clicking on one will scroll to the top of the page, but the page does not change. The links are defined in HTML like this: <a href="/" ...
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Could the filter used on the home page be remembered?

Currently, if I go to, what I get for the different question list options are by default filter: recommended, show: all and sort: recently active When the page was ...
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