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Questions tagged [helpful-flags]

For questions about flags which gained affirmative result from the community.

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Overall Percentage of Helpful Flags

When viewing your own flag history, I feel it would be valuable to show what percentage of flags have been marked as helpful. I've implemented this as a userscript but would like to make a formal ...
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Custom duplicate-answer flag marked "helpful," but no action taken

(There are lots of questions about flags having been marked helpful but not acted on, so I at least understand the mechanism that can cause this circumstance; however, each existing question seems ...
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Helpful flags, no action taken

I recently stumbled upon 4 answers from the same user. All these answers were promoting the same piece of software. The user stated in each of his answers that he is working for the company that ...
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Shouldn't flags such as "close flag due to off-topic" marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes for same reason?

Shouldn't flags such as close flag due to off-topic marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes, especially if for same reason? E.g. A question closed as off-topic in ...
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