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Help vampires ask the same tired questions continually in the hope of someone else doing their work for them.

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What do you do when a user keeps pinging you by writing/deleting comments over and over again?

A user is spamming another user & I for help in solving his problem. The spamming happens as he writes a comment with the @<ourname> and then wait a little... delete that comment and write ...
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Dealing with help vampires in low-activity tags

A user has been posting a series of related questions over the last couple of weeks. The questions all deal with continuing to figure out how to communicate with a workout session manager, so ...
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Help Vampire reposting questions posted and answered elsewhere

I just came across a "Gimme teh codez"-type question here, and a quick net search showed the same username over in Microsoft's ASP.NET forums posting the same low-quality questions as s/he posts here (...
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