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Help vampires ask the same tired questions continually in the hope of someone else doing their work for them.

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What is a help vampire?

I've seen several posts about help vampires, but I don't really understand what is meant by that phrase. What exactly is a help vampire?
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OP keeps asking more questions based on a single question which was answered already

Recently I had answered this question on Stack Overflow. The OP was satisfied with that answer and has accepted it. After that, on a daily/weekly basis, he/she is asking child questions based on the ...
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What should we do about users who are proud to be help vampires?

And happily, knowingly ignore site rules, because they get their answers. Example: (Click for larger image)
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Penalty for answering help-vampire questions? Or reward closure? [duplicate]

In javascript, I often come across answers from a certain user on typical help vampire questions. Questions that should be closed as duplicates, instead of being answered. You know the type: No ...
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Removing phrases like "I looked everywhere on the internet and I did not find anything"

I have been habitually removing statements like the one in this question's title when I edit to improve a question much the same as I remove 'Thanks', 'Kind sir' and other general salutations. I do ...
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Do we need to instill some common sense into minds of users who keep asking bad questions?

A lot of work is going into making new users ask better questions, and I can only applaud the effort. I'm still wondering though, what about "grandfathered" users who consistently show that they don't ...
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User who continuously deletes questions after getting an answer, then posts a followup

I think I spotted some bad behavior by an Stack Overflow member: he asks a question, then gets an answer, and then deletes the first question and asks a more narrow question. He'll delete the new one ...
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Answer unaccepted after a few days; OP changed scope of question in comments

A few days ago I posted an answer to this question. The OP accepted the answer, and even left an appreciative comment ("Thanks so much!"). Three days later, the answer was unaccepted, with no comment ...
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What should I do when a user keeps changing their question expecting me to change my answer to match? [duplicate]

Today I had a question which I answered. The person clearly couldn't use PowerShell. I've provided three times an answer to the question updating the code, only to see the exact same code I've ...
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Are « rep-hounds » necessarily bad people?

I've been around SO for enough time to have come across several terms used here on Meta SO. Thus I've read about « help-vampires » and « rep-hounds ». My definitions of those two: « help-vampires » ...
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Guidelines to being a prolific snitch

Just the other day, I encountered an atrocious question from a user whose reputation would make you believe they'd know better than to ask such a question. They also didn't respond meaningfully to ...
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What is the proper way to deal with help vampires that repost closed questions letter for letter under a different account?

now deleted as well as the account This is a self admitted copy of How to parse a C array in a .c file using a python script? now deleted as well that was posted under a completely separate account/...
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19 votes
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How should I handle users reposting their closed question with minimal title changes? [duplicate]

There was this question: How can I run psexec on the remote PC which isn't in my network? In my opinion it was off-topic for two reasons: a) should be on Super User, b) asking for tool recommendations....
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Is answering a dupe acceptable as to not "scare away" new users? [duplicate]

Yesterday this question (deleted, 10K only) was posted. I voted to close as duplicate but two high rep users answered the question (and didn't vote to close). To sum up the comments, I asked why we ...
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"Explain this code to me" disguised as "Explain part of this code to me" [duplicate]

I recently answered a question asking for explanation of part of an algorithm the asker had found somewhere. I then received a dozen comments requesting further clarification. It seems this user is ...
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What do you do when a user keeps pinging you by writing/deleting comments over and over again?

A user is spamming another user & I for help in solving his problem. The spamming happens as he writes a comment with the @<ourname> and then wait a little... delete that comment and write ...
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What to do if OP requests far more than just answering the question? [duplicate]

Being a newbie here in StackOverflow, I've been a user for time enough to be aware that SO is more about questions and answers than about users. I'm a little bit upset today because, after giving an ...
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