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Questions tagged [help-improvement]

For questions about the former Help and Improvement review queue, which was intended to help new users learn the ropes. This queue was retired in 2021.

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2 votes
1 answer

Link in "Help and Improvement" is redundant

In the "Help and Improvement" queue there is a link to the original question (the question title itself) AND another link to it, simply called "link" (right above the "question is very low quality" ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Inconsistent button text: skip or next?

Go to the Help and Improvement review queue. The buttons in the top-right are "Edit" and "Skip". Click the Back button in the browser. Click the Forward button in the browser. The buttons in the top-...
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2 votes
0 answers

User Participation in Help and Improvement Review Queue

I mostly active on Reviews on SO. Since last 4-5 months, I noticed that total number of daily reviews done in "Help and Improvement" are degrade than other review queues on daily basis. When "Help ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Help and Improvement queue favouring favorite tags?

I got the impression that the questions in the Help and Improvement that I get to review are disproportionally showing ones that have one of my Favorite tags. At least if there is a choice and the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

When do questions get out of the Help and Improvement queue? [duplicate]

While going through the Help and Improvement queue I sometimes run into questions that I've seen there before, questions that can no longer be improved and for which the only option to choose is "Skip"...
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2 votes
0 answers

By tag filter on review page for Help and Improvement queue [duplicate]

I just noticed that there are 'by tag' filters under the Help and Improvement queue. However, the tags that are visible for me are 'java' and 'php', neither of which are in my interesting tag ...
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0 answers

Where are the posts in "Help and Improvement" from? What actions are expected to do? [duplicate]

I'm making all kinds of reviews in a long time. And now I'm working on the "Help and Improvement" queue. After a period of reviewing, I found that I can rarely make some really good improvement on ...
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1 answer

Reputation by editing from "Help and Improvement" review queue [duplicate]

I just reached 2,000 reputation, and have unlocked "Help and Improvement". I edited some questions and I have the impression that these edits do not work as usual: no reputation is gained. I read ...
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1 answer

Is this really a duplicate question? [duplicate]

I have posted this question in stack overflow: I know that reading the title you can think it is a duplicate ...
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1 answer

How to advise users that have questions closed as a duplicate

I have been a member of SO for around 6 months now. One thing which is struck me that is: I frequently see that when a new or existing user has a problem which has been answered before, it has been ...
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1 answer

Improve the Improvement queue instructions

The vast majority of questions currently in the Help and Improvement queue are clearly written, but lacking in sufficient details. I had to come to Meta to work out what I should do with these ...
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-3 votes
2 answers

Bug in the "Help and Improvement" review - Count is incorrect

I think there is a bug in the Help and Improvement review queue. For example, if the question count is 5, and I start reviewing and just quickly skip questions, I'm usually done after 2 or 3, not ...
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-4 votes
2 answers

What to do with the question which just asked to attract votes and to gain reputation

I have been encountered some question where new users posted the question at very high level (even in Meta). When I checked some of these users profile, I realize these users have not participates ...
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1 answer

How to nominate a post for Help & Improvement when it just needs a little help & improvement?

Suppose I read a post, and I think that it could be improved by some obvious edits. But I don't have time to do the edits right now. So I think to myself "Hey, I'll get the post into the help & ...
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1 answer

Could we make anonymous commenting easier

I would every so often enjoy to be able to leave anonymous comments without disconnecting/reconnecting my stackoverflow account. This would be mainly useful on commenting questions, this would be ...
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1 answer

Why was I question-banned again after self-deleting my closed question? [duplicate]

I have already asked here yesterday for help to improve my posts and I'm very grateful for that. I was banned from posting questions on Stack Overflow and you helped me to revert that. Yesterday I ...
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