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For questions about the former Help and Improvement review queue, which was intended to help new users learn the ropes. This queue was retired in 2021.

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Should closeable questions in Help&Improvement be edited-out then closed or flagged as VLQ?

I tried going through the Help and Improvement queue today, since it's the one I'm the least familiar with so far, and I was given this question. I tried my best at editing the question, understanding ...
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Help and Improvement queue skip item leading to removal of item

The Help and Improvement queue has been growing lately. This includes more reviews that I really have no clue on how to improve with editing, and for at least a few of those I think they should not ...
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What's to be edited in the Help and Improvement review queue?

I have been reviewing posts and I love to help the community as much as I can. I just got access to a couple of new review queues, but I am not sure how to help: Help and Improvement Edit if ...
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Don't show me questions in the HIQ that I have flagged

While going through the HIQ (Help and Improvement Queue) earlier today, I flagged about 10 questions as Very Low Quality. Most these ended up getting disputed (because they passed triage as Looks Ok ...
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Is there a limit to how many times a question can get sent back to Triage from H&I?

I suspect this is a duplicate but I haven't been able to find anything. This is in regards to the "Low Quality" link from H&I, and this section in Shog's nice flowchart: Is there a limit to the ...
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SO review section "Help and Improvement" has bug

I have faced a issue at the time of review in the section Help and Improvement. In this section, there comes two buttons Edit and Skip. ISSUE: After editing a post, I always see EDIT button. You can ...
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Link in "Help and Improvement" is redundant

In the "Help and Improvement" queue there is a link to the original question (the question title itself) AND another link to it, simply called "link" (right above the "question is very low quality" ...
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Editing a question in the "Help and Improvement" queue should not post the edit summary as a comment

When editing on the "Help and Improvement" queue, the comment box adds to both the edit summary and explicitly adds a comment under the post. Duplicating the message like this is unnecessary ...
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HIQ "very low quality" link

It looks like a "question is very low quality" link was added to the HIQ (Help and Improvement Queue) recently. When should I click on this link? Should I click it anytime I think the question ...
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There is no Next button when reaching 20 posts on the Help & Improvement queue

On the last question of the Help & Improvement review queue, you don't get a Next button. That is confusing until you realise you have done your allowed reviews for the day. Can we get a Next ...
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Upvoting comments shown in the Help and Improvement review queue

I asked to show the comments while editing a post from the the Help & Improvement queue in this answer. That was implemented, so you can see other comments. But you cannot upvote any of the ...
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24 votes
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How to handle useless improvements in the new "Help and Improvement" queue?

Now that the Help and Improvement queue launched, I'm wondering how low-quality reviews are handled. I took a few example to illustrate the problem: Please note I don't want to blame reviews' ...
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Help & Improvement queue gives page not found error

While trying to reach The Help & Improvement Queue as per the link in this gives page not found error. It also doesn't show in the list on the review page. The statistics for this queue can ...
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The Help & Improvement Queue gives you credit for an edit that did nothing

The new Help & Improvement Queue no longer requires a comment along with an edit to a post, which is great. However, this has introduced a new bug: the queue now no longer requires anything at ...
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Ability to close some questions directly [duplicate]

I had a look into the new queue (Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue!) and noticed that there are a lot of questions, which I would consider to close. There are questions about what ...
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Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue! [closed]

A short time ago, we introduced the new triage queue - a place where users can quickly sort questions into various categories, where one of those categories is 'needs improvement'. Until now, we've ...
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