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Non-retina images on the bottom of the Approve tag wiki edits help page

There are two non-retina images on the bottom of the Approve tag wiki edits help page: They could easily be replaced with a retina picture or with the badge container span itself.
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Inconsistency in help center regarding [tag]s in title

In the how to ask page its written, that a good title contains "in [tag]". With that example: Bad: [php] session doubt Good: How can I redirect users to different pages based on session ...
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Reputation change due to documentation should be removed from the Help Center [closed]

Reputation change due to documentation should be removed or comment from the reputation page in the Help Center: example you contributed to is voted up: +5 proposed change is approved: +2 first time ...
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Add details about when to use custom flag

I've noticed that many posts asking about why this or that custom flag ("needs ♦ moderator attention") was declined are confused about the accompanying comment declined - flags should only be used ...
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Help Center: Privileges - edit questions shows outdated info [duplicate]

Since the redesign of the top bar reduced the amount of reviews taking place the requirement for suggested edits to be accepted or rejected were changed on SO, making them inline with the rest of the ...
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Where should I link new users for guidance on using Stack Snippets? [duplicate]

I frequently see new users turn up whose JavaScript example could quite easily be made an MCVE by making it a Stack Snippet. Rather than risk confusing them by editing it in, it might be best to link ...
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Help center update needed for comment flagging

According to the help center, one should be able to flag comments as: Flagging a comment: rude or offensive not constructive / off-topic obsolete too chatty The options I have are: I am flagging ...
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Documentation Help Missing Link № 1 [closed]

I came across "Anatomy of a topic" documentation help page and I see that link № 1 is missing: Each topic also includes a [discussion tab][1] that represent the history of all activity and ...
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Make how-to-ask more prominent

The "How do I ask a good question?" page (or "The absolute minimum every software developer should know about asking others for help (no excuses!)") is pretty well hidden. When not currently asking ...
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We are down to two, so the help center should say the same

Two (three on Stack Overflow) accept or reject votes are required to remove the suggested edit from the queue and either apply the edit to the post or discard it. Users with more than 2,000 reputation ...
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Misleading advice in "contact us" page for users with review privileges (500+ rep)

Note: the below is relevant for users with 500+ reputation, who have review icon instead of help center icon in the top bar. In the Help Center contact form (which is now made less reachable with the ...
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83 votes
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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

I've participated once in a discussion regarding removing greetings, salutations and thanks from SO posts here. Another discussion took place on Meta here. Both accepted answers and their votes seem ...
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How to start a new draft from a rejected change proposal? [closed]

At the very end of it states Even if a change is rejected, it’s not the end. Any proposed change that didn’t take effect can be ...
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Edit needed on Access Review Queues - username no longer shown at the top of every page

The Access Review Queues page states: The first queues you gain access to are Late Answers and First Posts. These and all other review queues are accessible from the "review" link that ...
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Poor images on Stack Overflow's help page [closed]

Reading the moderator tools privillage page, I came accross these very poor and unprofessional images. Just thought SO should know. I'd be happy to provide high quality Photoshopped screen shots if ...
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Erroneous Help Page (incorrect location provided)

On the Talk in Chat Privileges page in the help center, the following is stated: Where is chat? There is a link to chat in the footer of every page, as well as in the Stack ...
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Searching for the search box

The help topic How do I search? states: Enter search terms in the search box that appears in the upper right corner of every page, Here is a picture of the upper-right corner of the page that ...
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Documentation Pioneer differently aligned on badges help page

When I open the badges help page the Documentation Pioneer badge seems unaligned compared to the other badges: Is that something others can verify? (I had some other seemingly unaligned buttons since ...
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Update '' links in the Tour page, Help Center and other places to HTTPS

Currently there are two links to and one link to in the Tour page. They should be changed to https of course, because there is a 301 redirect ...
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MCVE shortcut link in chat

Many of the shortcut links to help topics work in chat, including [ask], [answer], [main], and [meta]. This is a very useful feature. However, [mcve] does not work. Can we get the [mcve] shortcut in ...
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33 votes
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Incorrect information on Help Center 'Edit Questions and Answers' page

The 'Edit Questions and Answers' page has not been updated to reflect the fact that suggested edits on Stack Overflow now only require two votes instead of three (at least per this Meta post). It ...
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The easily accessible information on how to help non-English speakers use Stack Overflow is outdated [duplicate]

According to this official blog post. The policy for when a user asks a non-English question is as follows: Users who post non-English questions should be gently directed to programming forums in ...
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Code formatting article in help center is confusing

Prompted by Does inline code span require HTML escaping?, I took a look at /help/formatting. While it's mostly accurate, there is a fair amount of ambiguous terminology and subtle inaccuracies. I've ...
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Include reputation required to vote in 'Why is voting important' help page

New to SO and learning about the mechanics of how the site works. I was looking into voting and read the page Why is voting important? and came across the line: Every user with sufficient ...
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102 votes
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What if I see someone, like Nick Craver, doing something bad?

... like messing up the Help Center? What if I see someone doing something bad? I have a log file being written by another process which I want to watch for changes. Each time a change occurrs I'd ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Where is the link to Meta and Help center in new nav?

So I noticed the top navigation size has increased by about 50% which somehow also caused some items to disappear from it. Or I just can't see them. I usually used Help - Meta to get to the meta.SO. ...
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Make the search bar in meta also search the help center

The prominence of the new search bar is going to override the ability to search in the help center as seen below. Most users finding their way to help are going to end up searching in the wrong bar. ...
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Remove "How to Ask Questions in Private Beta" from the Help Center

During my regular perusal of Stack Overflow's Help Center*, I was surprised to see detailed instructions on "How to Ask Questions in Private Beta": This is confusing for two reasons: Stack Overflow ...
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Add fragment identifiers to MCVE page sections for easy linking

Sometimes, when I link to the MCVE page, I want to highlight one specific aspect using a fragment identifier. For instance, a question be minimal and complete, but not verifiable. It would be nice to ...
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The "How to Ask" Page Should Explicitly Mention That You Need To Actually Ask a Question

Every day I run into posts that do not state a question, not in the title and not in the body. The user makes a bunch of statements then clicks the "Post your Question" button despite them not ...
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Can the help center have a list of good places to ask good questions that are not suitable for Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange sites?

The last two questions I asked have been downvoted and one of them closed. (I had thought that they were good questions, but it turns out that questions about proper style/conventions are often too ...
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No badge progress in Help Center -> Badges

When I enter Help Center -> Badges I would expect, or at least would be nice, if I could see my badge progress, just like now I see if I have the badge or not.
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Do we need good, concrete examples in the "Be Nice" Category?

Our "Be Nice" page is pretty good, but I think it needs examples. I see a number of repeated patterns in comments, especially with new users. On Hackernews they have a page ( https://news....
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Is it useful to ask for good question templates?

I asked an unconventional meta question titled Good question templates. I say unconventional because rather than the normal discussion based answers, I requested answers that were templates of what a ...
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"What to do when someone answers" - Don't be a chameleon, don't be a vandal

There are some people who react... poorly... when their question is answered. Some definitions: Chameleon questions are those questions that just keep on changing, to cover more than the problem you ...
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Don't show the Tour hero header when the user has the Informed badge

When a user has the Informed badge, the Tour hero header on the Help Center landing page should not be shown. So, instead of this: I'd like to see this:
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Why aren't we told we can use special characters in search?

Until today, I wasn't aware of the ability to search for code with special symbols within our normal search. It's actually easy: Instead of #include, search for code:#include. (There appear to be some ...
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Grammar error in Documentation vote up privilege page [closed]

This doesn't make sense: When should I vote up? Whenever you encounter an examples especially useful, or a topic request you want to see responded to. Presumably, one of the following was intended: ...
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The Help Center > Documentation page is empty [closed]

Navigating to Help Center > Documentation shows a page without any content (just the regular headers, footers, etc.):
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Advanced Search Tips out of sync with Search Help

So I shared a useful searching tip over here, which prompted a comment that it doesn't appear on the search help page. Specifically the deleted option is missing, while it's present in the Advanced ...
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Help center section for link-only questions

Do we have an official help or faq entry for link-only questions, and if not, shouldn't we have one? I am talking about these questions: How do I solve the problem explained [here]. I have read ...
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What happens when a tag is removed?

What happens when a new tag is created? The new tag will now be available for all other community members to use, without needing the new tag privilege. It will also show up in the moderator ...
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Help center doesn't include a link to Software Engineering (previously known as Programmers)? [duplicate]

Among the most common reason to close a question here is because it is off-topic1. The frequency of this type of close action has increased markedly since other SE sites have opened which "carve off" ...
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Stack Overflow videos

I searched for "StackOverflow" on YouTube and it returned about 9,000 results. I discovered this one and found it beneficial. Could you include a link to some or your videos in online help?
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"Still no answer" - suggesting incomplete answers, or editing/improving the question?

This is a question for SE staff, or perhaps current or past moderators with a great deal of experience who've discussed this specific text with SE staff. Ideally, it's a question for the person or ...
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52 votes
6 answers

Why does the Help center seem to indicate "Me too!" is a valid answer?

I guess I didn't read the Help Center well enough, because I never noticed this part before: Have the same problem? Still no answer to the question, and you have the same problem? Help us find ...
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Add rationale to "comment everywhere"-privilege in help center

Please read before marking as duplicate I experienced the same frustration (with not being able to comment under 50 rep) as a lot of other people. The help page on this only mentions that it's a ...
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Meta site help documents are not specific to Meta [duplicate]

Backstory I had a question I was considering asking on SO. Then I realized it wasn't a good fit for SO, and was going to ask here on Meta as to what site (SE or otherwise) would be the best place to ...
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MCVE page should mention Stack Snippets

Currently the Stack Overflow MCVE page doesn't mention Stack Snippets. It really, really should, e.g. as a new paragraph just under the initial set of bullet points: If your question is about HTML, ...
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Bugs in Stack OverFlow Privileges Page [closed]

UPDATE: It's now fixed! There's 2 bugs in the Next Privilege progress bar. Documentation is not available yet, but it's displayed in the Next Privilege bar. It is also displayed as a link below My ...
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