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For questions about how Gravatars are fetched and displayed on Stack Overflow. This is not for general Gravatar support inquiries.

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What happened to my profile picture?

I've never added a profile picture to my account, and today it randomly changed. Original: New: ...
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Gravatar is bugging out

I have a profile image from Gravatar, but ever so often when I load a Stack Overflow page, the loading fails and I get a broken icon image. The console shows the error Failed to load resource: net::...
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Performance Problems With Stack Overflow

Not sure where the issue lies, but tonight I have received red connect failed dialogs when trying to show additional comments or when checking my inbox to select new comments. Simply refreshing the ...
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Did my avatar just change to a generic one, but only on SO? [duplicate]

On all other sites (Electrical Engineering, Video Production, Emacs, etc.) my avatar looks like me: But today I noticed that on SO, my avatar looks like a generic gravatar: What happened,and how do ...
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My avatar icon has reset, but only on Stack Overflow

Just now when I went to Stack Overflow I noticed that my avatar icon has changed. But only the little one at the top of the page, next to my reputation. When I open my profile, or even my Network ...
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Emailhashes are not available in Users.xml [closed]

I'm making a list of users identicons, and given that I should get the Users.xml file from an archive to find email hashes in order to make the user identicons in Gravatar. Obviously in the title, ...
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My gravatar is broken on most Stack Exchange sites

I just noticed the wrong Gravatar URL is used for my profile for most Stack Exchange profiles. This wasn’t happening last time I checked. The correct one is used on:
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Use anonymous-gravatar when user avatar could not be loaded

I've found this user: Min Min. Maybe this user is using Google account because of: <div class="gravatar-wrapper-164"> <img src="
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Why is my avatar from Stack Exchange no longer used on Stack Overflow?

Since I created my account years ago I used my gravatar avatar on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. but since last month my Stack Overflow avatar changed to something that looks like an automatically ...
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Stack Overflow shows gravatar pic of outdated email address

I have a Stack Overflow account since about 2012. Back then, I had registered with an ancient email address which is not in use any more. I have updated my Stack Overflow profile accordingly. Even ...
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How do I enable Gravatar instead of Identicon?

I haven't used Gravatar with my email when I signed up some years ago. I haven't used Gravatar with my new email when I changed it a while back. Now I've enabled Gravatar to be used with the email I ...
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Facebook avatars are displayed in HiDPI/Retina, but other avatars are not

Users that log in through Facebook get to have the avatars in their signature blocks displayed in HiDPI/Retina: they have 200x200 pixels of image data displayed in 32x32 logical/CSS pixels (6.25x). A ...
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What email or MD5 is used for the Gravatar URI?

The URI generated for my Gravatar link contains an unique identifier. As this is not the MD5 of my email, what is it? If the MD5 uses somebody else's email, how can I retrieve that? If something ...
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How do I change my gravatar-linked email?

A few months ago I've changed my email in Stack Overflow from [email protected] to [email protected] in order to change my gravatar icon on Stack Overflow. I'm trying to change it back but can't seem ...
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What's with the default user icons? [duplicate]

In my time of programming things, I have had many questions, and have gone to many Q&A sites for answers. One thing I noticed about many of these Q&A websites have something in common: the ...
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Avatar image shadow

If you look at for example any user list you'll find that some avatars has shadows, others don't, here a random example from first page of users: This is a bit inconsistent and image-shadows looks ...
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Lost my original avatar

My first avatar was created automatically when I registered my email with my account. Then I changed my avatar to different images, and then I changed my email address. Now I change my email ...
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Broken profile picture

The profile picture seems to be broken for some users. For example, for user Paul. When I go to the picture's link, I see this:
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Gravatar: different email used in the past that was changed later?

So I have used different email, (let's call it A), when I registered on Stack Overflow. Then I changed an email (let's call it B) for Stack Overflow. Then I used B email for Gravatar ...
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Uploaded avatar image only appears on hover [duplicate]

My uploaded avatar image only appears when I hover over it. Normal: Hover:
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Gravatar identicons appearing...sometimes

When my avatar appears on posts, I'm seeing the identicon but when I hover over the signature I get my avatar back:
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Issue with Gravatar not showing when using several Stack Exchange "Logins" email accounts

I use several "Logins" via Google to access Stack Exchange sites and I had previously uploaded from my computer a picture as avatar. Recently I used Gravatar for ONE "Login" email associated with my ...
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Different avatar depending on size [duplicate]

I noticed that my avatar change depending on the size displayed. In the header of the site where the avatar is small the correct image is displayed while in posts and on my user's details another ...
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My Avatar has completely changed

This is a NOT a duplicate of Why did my avatar change? That question is about a colour change, and it seems to be fixed. Today (31st August 2016) my avatar on Stackoverflow completely changed. Since ...
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Mutating Gravatar [duplicate]

My gravatar has always been yellow, but as of about 10 minutes ago (~10PM EST) I noticed it had changed in the navigation bar. And in my profile. But my posts are still clinging to the yellow they ...
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Why did my avatar change?

My network-wide gravatar identicon used to be a pleasant blue, now it's bright green. I didn't change my email. Did Stack Exchange change its email hashing algorithm or something?
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Is the Gravatar icon for Stack users repeatable or unique?

I just seems that each Stack user has a default auto generated icon when they create an account. Is this Image/Icon unique or repeatable? What is the tool/software to generate this image for ...
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Can't update profile "About Me". It says "invalid image" when my image is from the gravatar option

Can't update profile "About Me". It says "invalid image" when my image is from the gravatar option. I was given the option to select a gravatar profile picture. Then now when I want to include an "...
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Why is my avatar so blurry? [closed]

I have a new monitor which requires a dpi scaling since that date I see that my avatars are blurry and I didn't know why. Now I found it out. There is a bug in url. Check this screenshot: As you can ...
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Profile picture in Careers?

I am unable to change my profile picture on the Careers site, just like I can do on all other sites on the StackExchange network. When I click on "Change picture", it just redirects me to http://...
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Did something happen to uploaded profile pictures? [closed]

I noticed my profile picture is a gravatar again. No worries for me, but did something happen to the uploaded pictures? DID NEFARIOUS HACKERS STEAL MY FACE???
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Why is my selected profile picture being replaced by my Gravatar or Identicon?

As I was editing some questions, it appeared like "Edited just now by Imran Ali Khan", but my profile picture is showing the default Identicon picture. I checked my profile, and my picture is uploaded ...
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4 answers

Avatar photo of a user too... Revealing. In a bad sexualized way. What should be the right action? [duplicate]

While browser the meta section, I've found something quite disturbing. Before anything, I must say that I am a male. And I found a female avatar that is too revealing. It shows a lot of cleavage. It ...
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How do we flag an inappropriate avatar? [duplicate]

There is a user (whose initial post/rant caused quite a stir in the past 24 hours and it had appeared as if the user was deleted for a while) who has an avatar in which the "F" bomb is dropped. The ...
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8 votes
3 answers

What is the name of the picture used in Stack Overflow profiles?

Is there an official name for the type of image/avatar used as the default profile picture in Stack Overflow? I have kept mine (check my pic) as an example. Is there a name for this kind of images? I ...
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Is a bigger version of the user's default avatar available?

I like my default SO avatar and want to use it on other plattforms, e.g. on github. Is it possible / where to find it in a bigger resolution?
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I have a wrong gravatar

I've been having a fight with my login this days (my OpenID provider was broken), claimed my account with my email addres, had some problems, then finally logged in with my OpenID (when my provider ...
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Can I flag a question for moderator attention if the image is not proper?

A user has posted this question and it has a obscene user avatar,so can I flag this for moderator attention? As far as I know we do not have flag option regarding profile photo
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SO avatar shown in SourceTree?

I just noticed SourceTree installed on my Mac shows exactly the same avatar used in my SO account. This is an auto-generated avatar, I've not changed it in any way. How did SourceTree get hold of the ...
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Can I choose a different identicon without uploading one as a profile picture?

I was trying to change the identicon. It is allowing me to upload new photos as per my wish. I want to change the current identicon. Can we choose our own identicon (without uploading any pictures)? ...
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