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Questions tagged [grammatical-correction]

Tag to point out grammatical mistakes or grammatical corrections to be made.

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0 answers

Grammar error when flagging

I see that recently flag descriptions were changed, from "too broad" to "Needs more focus" But as you see, header wasn't changed to fit: Now we have this strange: This question doesn't belong ...
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"Lifeboat" blog post grammatical error

Emboldened by this comment, I would like to report a bug on the Lifeboat-announcement blog post. I reported it as a comment, but the comment apparently didn't survive moderation :) . Would someone ...
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Closed question punctuation formatting is inconsistent

This is the most irrelevant bug, but here you go: With these close reasons, the period after the word "Closed" is bold. With these close reasons, the period is not bold. This is ...
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Grammar mistake in Suspension message for Excessive discussion in comments

When visiting a profile of a user suspended for excessive discussion in comments the public suspension message on the user's profile is missing a "for" or similar to complete the sentence. ...
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On-Topic guidelines should be changed to include the same formatting as the flag and an Oxford comma

Based on the discussion question, should have the debugging help paragraph changed to the following (adds Oxford comma and the italics from the corresponding ...
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Missing "to" in perks of working for Stack Overflow

In the perks section of working in Stack Overflow it states the following: "And much more such as Summer Fridays, a subscription Calm, and others!" Should it say "...a subscription to ...
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