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For questions relating to the Google search engine and Google's authentication protocol. For questions about Chrome, apply tag [google-chrome].

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Use of is not China friendly

I often use Stack Overflow from China, where Google based services are regularly blocked or severely hampered. I have noticed that as of late, I am getting a lot of the following error: Stack ...
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Question appearing twice in Google search results

I was doing a Google search and found this question twice in a row in the Google search. Although, the to links are a little different. They are: Inserting a new text at given cursor position ...
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Did Google recently update algorithms in a way that's bad for Stack Overflow questions?

Until recently a simple Google search was great for finding answers on Stack Overflow. I generally don't restrict searches to because it's a pain to type and I occasionally get ...
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Creating Stack Overflow account instead of “Sign in with Google”

When I first signed up to Stack Overflow I just registered for quickness using my google account. However, as I've become more interested in the Stack Overflow community (and intend to more when work ...
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Is Google doing something new with this site's data?

I just saw this in my Google result: You can even give feedback as to: What is this and is it something new or has this been viewed before?
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Google special SERP entry for Stack Overflow

Wow, have you seen the new search engine result page entry for Stack Overflow hits in Google: And when there are multiple answers: I am not sure if this has been rolled-out globally or if this is ...
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Strange highlighting for a few seconds

On this Stack Overflow topic, I've seen this strange behaviour: It happened right when I started my browser, and it was the first page I loaded. Additionally, the page becomes unresponsive for about ...
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Where to find answers to SEO questions

I'm assuming that straight SEO questions are unwanted here. The question Good programming website like SO? on Stack Overflow provides a good overview of alternative forums but makes no mention of ...
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Please take away the Google juice from

This Google search: "T[]" comes up with absolute garbage; it isn't clear why these things are hosted on a subdomain to begin with, since they have nothing to ...
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'This email address is already registered' error when updating my account

I have already logged into Stack Overflow through my Google account. I am trying to update my account. I am getting this error: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: This email address ...
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Google featuring Stack Overflow answers now? (Chrome) [duplicate]

I just Googled a question, and in the same way that Google will feature its own quick answers to simple stuff like dates, calculations, translations, etc, it featured a Stack Overflow answer: ...
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Weird Google result description

The thread in question: Matlab: Scatter plots with large datasets & colorbar Screenshot: Google query was "matlab plot penis".
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Google is mixing GitHub and Stack Overflow

I don’t know if anybody cares, but Google is apparently mixing up GitHub and Stack Overflow: You can find this at the bottom of every Google Glass documentation page. I propose that a Stack Exchange ...
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Why is Stack Overflow not removing closed questions from the Google index?

People frequently rant about how Stack Overflow's draconian rules stink, too many questions get closed, etc. Regardless of where one stands on that argument, those people often complain that they ...
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Can the question list pages be prevented from being indexed by Google?

Once in a while I find myself coming from Google Search to a Stack Overflow page like Although the snippet on ...
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Why do Stack Overflow questions appear weird on Google?

I am seeing this weird number thing in Google search results when they show links to Stack Overflow. Why do the results include a list of other questions that only have a number (or in one case the ...
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Is SO now scraping my real name from my Google API?

I am sure I have never filled in my real name on this site, however, I have just noticed that my real name exists on my profile now. I can only assume it was taken from my Google Auth API (which I ...
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How does Stack Overflow SEO work?

I found a Stack Overflow question in Google search results which was posted just 2 minutes before. I just want to know how Stack Overflow SEO works.
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Why does Google not show the most popular answer as the default? [closed]

I google mac disable shortcuts. Then Google shows me the answer form Stack Overflow in a special frame. I go by link, and see that actually the other answer is most voted. Is that because of ...
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Google strikes again! Now mixing Google+ and Stack Overflow

It seems to me that Google likes mixing up logos. Two years ago mixing GitHub and Stack Overflow logos and now mixing Google Developers Google+ and Stack Overflow logos. Go visit Google Developers ...
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Google search result actually spells out the input controls of Stack Overflow. Is this Google's fault or bug in Stack Overflow?

See the image. I randomly searched for "what is service layer in MVC" on Google. Google returned a Stack Overflow answer whose first 4-5 words actually "spells" the vote arrow, the actual votes, ...
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Google indexes "Hot Network Questions"?

This Google search: is giving me hits based on content from "Hot network questions" (not very ...
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2 answers

Site policy regarding duplicates where first Google result is the duplicate [duplicate]

Over the past few months I've seen several questions where the first result on Google is the duplicate. Such questions often have critical comments along with the link to the original. However, Google ...
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Why did Google Search Trends for Stack Overflow spike in April 2019?

According to Google Search Trends, there was a significant spike in searches for Stack Overflow during the first week of April 2019. On a larger scale, April 2019 marks the highest search interest ...
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Google search results now listing all SO questions under one result? [duplicate]

I've been away for a couple of days, just come back needed a quick answer to a problem, ran a Google search and I expected a SO result, which I did, kinda: Oh a page that would of been full of SO ...
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