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Use this tag for questions about the drop-down global inbox and its functionality. For questions about the notifications themselves, also include the [notifications] tag.

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Why am I seeing my messages in my inbox from my previous account?

I've asked (through the contact form) several times in the last 48 hours whether my previous and new account can be un-merged. It seems it has been automatically merged together without my approval. ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Inbox and achievement notification alerts stay alert too long

The red inbox alert is a real attention and eye catcher. So whenever I see this red on the screen, I assume there is something to look at. However, the alert does not go away or reappears after ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Not getting Stack Overflow Notifications

I am not getting notifications badges despite the fact that I have 4 notifications. I got comments on my question, but because of this I didn't know that someone had commented on my question. I ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Personal message/Rep change indicator on SE tab-page title

Usually I'm working on a filtered question feed, and new activities are indicated in the tab title, e.g. (1) Newest c++ Questions The (1) usually indicates that a new question appeared on the feed. ...
82 votes
1 answer

Can the Inbox/Achievements drop-downs be changed to protocol-relative links?

I like to use the Stack Exchange sites via the HTTPS protocol. This is partly because I think this is good practice, and partly because my mobile ISP injects JavaScript into HTTP pages and (perhaps ...
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Inbox notification won't go away [closed]

Since this evening's breakdown ("site is in read-only mode"), after I logged back in, I've got a dangling you have new inbox messages" notification. I did open the inbox - no message was highlighted ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Inbox notification count in tab title bar [duplicate]

Sometimes you're not in the tab where Stack Overflow is open and therefore can't see the notification that's in the top bar of the site. There's a notification of number of new questions: So, there ...
12 votes
0 answers

Is it possible to mark a comment as unread?

A user has responded to my comment to their question. I did click on the recent inbox message and read the comment. I am currently working on something else and unable to assist the user right now. I ...
8 votes
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Modified comments are not shown in inbox

When commenting, the first edit is signaled to the receivers, that is, the author of the question/answer and one @person. However, the next edit is no longer shown. Proposal: Signal also edits to ...
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12 votes
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Every day, I get repeated notifications about my answers being migrated or posts edited

Every day, when I take a look at my notifications on I see the same set of answer migration notifications appearing over and over: (They start out marked unread, this is just after ...