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For questions about the formatting on Stack Overflow; how to use it and when to use it.

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Bulletpoints EVERYWHERE

I recently came across a high reputation-points user (10k~) with lots of answers (and very good ones!) who has some formatting preferences when posting: He just puts all the information in unlimited ...
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How to format reputation when Jon Skeet hits 1 million+ rep next year?

Based on Jon Skeet's past reputation gain, he will hit 1 million some time in July next year. We have until then to decide on how to format his colossal reputation. The choices for the short format ...
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2 answers

Can we have dedicated formatting for console output?

Currently, if a poster wants to format an error (e.g. from a console), she has to format it either as a blockquote, or a code block. Both options are inadequate for formatting console output, as such ...
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How should file names be formatted?

Many posts contain files' names and also the code contained in them. Usually I have found the file names formatted as code (, in bold ( or without format at all. What's the ...
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2 answers

Code block inside quote block formatting is broken on meta

After seeing How to include code inside a quotation? and its associated answer, I saw that a code block inside a quote block formatting is broken on meta. If we use the example from the answer on meta ...
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4 answers

How do I format my data as a table with doubled line separators in my posts?

Can anyone tell me how to format a table like the below? I have copied the structure from this question ╔════╦══════╦════════════╦═════╦════════════╗ ║ ID ║ NAME ║ BIRTHDAY ║ AGE ║ DEATHDAY ║ ╠═...
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1 answer

How to create links to tags on meta?

I was reading a meta post and came across the tag: daily-reputation-limit. It links to an empty Stack Overflow page. I wanted to edit the post so that the it links to the right place, however I ...
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Comment code format overflow covered by job

I just found a overflowing comment. It is covered by a job box (Whatever it's called). If there was some code there, it could not be shown. Can we change it to comment covering the job description? (...
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6 answers

How should I quote terminal output?

I have this recurring dilemma when writing posts involving terminal output which I need to to quote. You see, on one hand, it's a quote; but on the other hand, it's sort-of like code. So here are some ...
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Could MathML tags be allowed in Stack Overflow posts?

A small, but in my opinion significant, percentage of programming questions (not math questions that'd belong on and some of their answers require mathematical ...
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2 answers

Should unnecessary formatting (that serves to draw attention) be considered an antipattern?

I've noticed a pattern recently (though it's probably not new) of answers using formatting to grab attention. For example, this answer uses a H1 and a blockquote to make the answer really stand out. ...
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1 answer

Is there a preferred way to format links?

I was wondering if there is a preferred way to include links in posts. Sometimes you see something like 'See this link here' and other times you'll see something like 'See this link http://...
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1 answer

What's the limit to how many emojis a question can have? [duplicate]

This question has "a lot" of emojis. It's clear that the user is trying to get attention with them. Thanks for the interaction! I'm really hoping to get this solved. What are the rules regarding ...
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1 answer

Different table formatting in editor and outside

I came across this badly formatted answer and wanted to edit it to correct the formatting. The table formatting is messed as can be seen: However when I click edit, formatting is OK: Is there ...
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1 answer

how to turn off colorization? [duplicate]

Easy question, I'm sure (and apologies if it's a dupe), but is there a way to turn off colorization in code fragments? Perhaps by explicitly tagging the code as being in a specific language? That is,...
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Is inline code formatting for comments broken? [duplicate]

Just noticed this today on this comment: It seems that the formatting is broken, there are lots of whitespaces inside of the inline-code and the grey background is extending beyond the actual comment....
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Starting a new line in SO topic comments [duplicate]

A new line can be started in a question text box by double enter or double space. But... how to start a new text line in Comments to any SO topic? And, how to start a new line in Code section of ...
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Why don't comments support the full markdown?

If you read the formatting help for comments it reads: Comments use mini-Markdown formatting Why isn't the full markdown (the one that can be used on answers/questions) used?
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Better support for sample data and perhaps table schemas in SQL questions

I've been around SO since almost the beginning, and in that time I've answered a LOT of SQL related questions. One point of pain in this area has always been posting sample data or query results. We'...
54 votes
2 answers

Detect walls of text

I'm yet to see "wall of text" questions that were good, but I constantly see ones that are hard to read and make it really hard to answer. A simple algorithm to detect "wall of text&...
50 votes
3 answers

Should we make the {} button add ``` instead of four spaces?

I didn't know that the three backticks code fence feature was implemented until I asked this question. This is a great new feature! I think the code block button in the editor (the {} button) should ...
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3 answers

Is this formatting overuse?

A particular user frequents the same tag(s) I do so I see his answers a lot. I find many of them practically unreadable due to all the bold, code, links, etc. formatting that he jams into such a small ...
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7 answers

When to use code-formatted tables or Markdown-formatted tables

Given a code-formatted table: +------+------+ | id | name | +------+------+ | 1 | Paul | | 2 | Nash | | 3 | Anne | | 4 | Lily | +------+------+ and its corresponding Markdown-formatted ...
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2 answers

Is formatting that is designed solely to call attention to a question or answer allowed?

I strongly agree with the answers in, "Is using 'header' markdown okay in answers?" I use headings quite frequently in my answers, but generally only an H4, and only when there are multiple ...
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33 votes
3 answers

Using Keyboard Format for Product Names

I have seen people format product names with the keyboard format. ExcelO365 for example. I assumed this was the standard based the reputation of the people I saw doing this. Did I assume wrong?
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2 answers

What causes new contributors to miss the last line in a code block and paste the image as a hyperlink?

I very often see new contributors asking questions like this: function foo(){ return "bar"; } enter image description here I personally don't know how they get there, especially for the ...
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2 answers

LaTeX on Stack Overflow: any way to include a formula?

Is any painless solution out there to include LaTeX formulas in a Stack Overflow post? Of course I could render the every formula manually, make a picture (lets say a jpeg) out of it, upload it to ...
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3 answers

Formatting for keyboard shortcuts in comments

Why is there no support for keyboard shortcuts to apply formatting (like Ctrl+K for code) within comments to a post?
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1 answer

Not correctly formatted hyperlink

There seems to be some problem with the handling of links after <h1></h1>. It wasn't there some months ago. The problem is here and on the main site (I've noticed because I opened an old ...
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Is having the ability to apply rich text formatting inside code blocks important?

For many years, it's been possible to apply rich text formatting to code blocks inside posts by formatting the code block using the HTML tags <pre><code> and using more HTML tags inside ...
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How can I post following link that includes fragment with java method?

I had a few posts recently when an answer required posting links with fragments, that include a method declaration with an argument list., arg2) That pattern ...
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Format bug: edit → mark a text → click on **B** for bold or *I* for italic → start of the format change is slightly too late

If you click on edit, then mark a word, a line or multiple lines of text, then change the format e.g. to bold, the very first formatting change has a bug. Reproducible example at least at my laptop ...
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If my question is long because of relevant (but not critical) details that can be supplied with links, should I replace those details with the links?

Concerning this question: What is the syntax for partially specialising a template based on the number of parameters a template template parameter takes? Edit: The linked question has now been edited;...
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Should we ban strikethrough formatting?

I often see answers that contain significant amounts of struck-through text, like this. I understand why the authors have done it; it's often to indicate where they've since updated their answer and ...