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Flair is an auto-generated image displaying a user's total reputation and badge counts on one Stack Exchange site or across all of them.

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Flair images low resolution on retina displays

Flair images appear low resolution on retina screens. Is there a retina resolution flair alternative?
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My Stack Overflow flair username is trimmed

I want to use the Stack Overflow flair and my username (which is also my real name) is trimmed. The last letter of my surname is missing. Screenshot (in case the flair hopefully becomes fixed in the ...
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13 votes
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Long last name gets cut off from embeddable profile

My last name gets cut off on my embedded flair, as shown here: Not sure if this is already a known issue, nor a fix. If this is cruft, I can delete the question.
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9 votes
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Flair images return 500 errors on flair page

I'm not sure if other pages are effected but I'm getting a 500 error on all images with the following url types from the flair page, if I remove the theme query string it loads fine. I've tried this ...
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Combined flair does not show

I've just checked my profile page, where I put my combined flair to show my activity among the other stackexchange sites, but it isn't working anymore. Even when I go to the page where I can select ...
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Flair HTML not working?

So I want to include my combined Stack Overflow User Flair. But the code provided, even on the SO website generates the following: so... what is going on? Is it related to my browser (Safari version ...
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