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For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc., use this tag.

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Auto-convert disputed flags when they prove to be correct

Having participated in clearing the Triage queues recently, I've found more and more that some of my flags end up being disputed. My first thought was that, just as people can disagree about votes on ...
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Duplicate flags shouldn't be disputed on a question that "Looks OK"

When the consensus on a question in Triage is that the question Looks OK, all flags on it are disputed (source). This makes sense for off-topic/unclear/broad/opinion-based/VLQ flags, but not for ...
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Jelastic using Stack Overflow as product support

Jelastic seems to be using Stack Overflow as a tech support forum, using this user. Their website points to Stack Overflow via "Resources -> User Forum" link on their top level menu, and a sampling ...
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It appears that reports about plagiarized content cannot contain the word "duplicate"

Just now I stumbled upon an answer that had a highly upvoted comment accusing it of plagiarism (from another answer on a different question), from many years ago. I checked out the claim and it was ...
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Is it possible to see which comment I flagged where I get a 'declined' response in my flagging history?

I recently reported a comment on this post and it was declined, but I do not recall which one I reported. I imagine it was this one, since it doesn't sound very constructive to me: ok if u dont ...
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Why was this spam flag declined, yet the question marked as spam?

I reviewed my flag history recently, and I noticed something curious. Now, I haven't looked into my flag history for a long time, so this flag is actually over a year old. I understand if the answer ...
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40 votes
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Misleading message is given when flagging with 0 remaining question flags

I have searched extensively for this, and am surprised it's not already raised. When you have 0 question flags remaining, clicking "flag", then selecting a flag option (not the "Other" flag), and ...
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Would a dedicated ChatGPT/AI flag be a viable solution to long response times to other flags? What can be done instead if not?

I have seen the post New flag for ChatGPT answers which suggests adding a dedicated flag for AI-generated content. The answer touches on the fact that Plagiarism flags were added for a specific ...
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If this isn’t a low quality “question”, how low would quality have to be?

My VLQ flag on this “question” was declined: Sample question to test out the StackExchange API website deal It says: Sample text: Hey guys. As you may have already heard we will be working ...
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Think this question should be migrated to another site? Think again

Today, I got this while flagging a post: Think this question should be migrated to another site? Please first check that it is clearly-written and on-topic for the site you're recommending. If you ...
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Statistics on how many flags age away?

Can someone help me get statistics about how many flags age away in general, per user, per data? We have a question about How many aged away flags are common?, but the answer doesn't have any data. ...
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Don't tell me to review a declined flag on a deleted post

When flagging a post today it told me to review my flags, because my last flag was declined. As a good citizen I did so, and came to the conclusion that my flag (VLQ) was "declined - a moderator ...
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Allow moderators to handle any NAA/VLQ flags outside the queue

I just revisited an answer that was edited and noticed an empty flag overlay where information about pending flags is normally displayed. This was, of course, a new "not an answer" or "very low ...
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Incorrectly flagged a chat comment. Can't unflag it. Please let me

I incorrectly flagged this comment on Python chat, but I can't unflag it. Can we have un-flag option, so that we don't have to clog up moderators' time? In my opinion, this should be handled the same ...
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It's possible to flag a question as off-topic and very low quality through H&I

Today I was reviewing in the Help and Improvement review queue, and I clicked the "question is very low quality" button on one of the items I was reviewing. There are certain cases where VLQ flags can'...
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Allow "View Deleted Posts" privilege (and other 10k tools) based on Helpful Flagging?

As background, I think most people know that there's a smaller sub-community of users here who do a lot of the flagging of posts suspected to be generated by AI/LLM (e.g., ChatGPT). Flags are welcome ...
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Please let us re-flag disputed Triage questions

When you flag a question from the Triage review queue by marking it Unsalvageable, if the question is not ultimately found to be Unsalvageable then your flag will automatically be disputed & ...
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Make expandable flag options visible

I just started reviewing and made a mistake while flagging, because I didn't know that by clicking on a flag reason it can be expanded and show more flags. Could this be made more visible? For ...
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Add details about when to use custom flag

I've noticed that many posts asking about why this or that custom flag ("needs ♦ moderator attention") was declined are confused about the accompanying comment declined - flags should only be used ...
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Flagging endpoints are intermittently slow recently

Lately, when I click the flag button on a post, it takes roughly 2 seconds for the flag dialog to get a server response and for the flagging dialog to show up. Then when I submit my flag reason, it ...
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Turn the VLQ flag for answers into two new, more intuitive flags to improve flagging experience

TL;DR Remove the VLQ flag and instead add flags for link-only and non-English answers that have the same effect as NAA flags but provide better guidance for flaggers. The Very low-quality flag for ...
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Users are posting links to questions they want answered in Collective discussions

Over the last little while, I've seen a number of posts like this one. Most likely, that will be removed shortly so here's a screenshot: Basically, a user encounters a question without a answer (or ...
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Can moderator responses to flags show up in the notification inbox?

Could we get responses to moderator flags in our "Recent inbox messages"? Let me explain why. I've had an experience with a user I've been constantly flagging for the same question asked, and I ...
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Flagged Bounty Questions do not show up in flagged list

I flagged the following question: how to find multidimensional array permutation in php with the following dialog box: choosing the should be closed.. radio (the question is overly broad and is ...
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This looks like an attempt to reply to the flaggers

Moderators sometimes try to communicate with the flagging community by taking a slightly different approach so our flags get either disputed or declined. I'm not sure what the moderator (who should ...
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Recent spike in the pending Low Quality Reviews count for SO main?

For the past several months the flag count has been steadily in the 100 to 300 count range. However, recently I have been noticing that it is breaking into the 4 digit range, reaching 1150 just now. I ...
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Where have all the red flags gone?

The post flag dialog looks like this now: The spam and rude or abusive flags are missing. It hasn't been like this for long and I also have plenty of flags left.
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Misleading UI when trying to raise multiple flags

I recently flagged a low-quality answer (full text of answer: "Your answer is may be best. Thank u.") with a "Not An Answer" flag. Upon further investigation I grew suspicious that there may have been ...
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Add a "Flag Reviewer" button within the review queues

The Problem Consider the following reviews: Approval of plagiarism (source) Approval of plagiarism (source) Approval of plagiarism (source) Approval of answer being replaced with another Approval of ...
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Can a migration-like "flagging guidance" message be added when raising LLM flags?

Tl;dr When a user raises a flag containing certain keywords/regexes (like "GPT"), remind them to include rationale in the flag. Rationale One of the reasons that LLM flags can be slow to ...
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Add an "already managed" option for flags for when "helpful" and "declined" don't apply

Lately, I had some flags declined. I always try to improve my presence here on SO, so i revised what was wrong with my flags. What turned out was that questions or answers i flagged was edited before ...
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Grammar error when flagging

I see that recently flag descriptions were changed, from "too broad" to "Needs more focus" But as you see, header wasn't changed to fit: Now we have this strange: This question doesn't belong ...
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Add "How to flag?" to the Help Center under the Reputation & Moderation

I've recently faced a problem of misunderstanding the purpose of of a "Not An Answer" flag and this problem is very frequent among the users. Therefore we have a lot of questions about declined flags ...
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How to flag an edit?

There does not seem to be any obvious way how to flag an edit. In this revision history there have been several incidents: I retagged at #2, user undid this at #3, I rolled back with a comment to ...
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Editing tag wikis with spam - can that be flagged?

There's a user editing tag wikis with spam: Simulation tag wiki Simulation tag wiki excerpt Is there any way to flag those for moderator attention?
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What should I do to pass an audit with off-topic questions if there are no standard flag options?

I found a question in the First Questions Review Queue that is off-topic for SO, and I tried to flag the question, but there was no flag option except in need of moderator intervention. So I chose it ...
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Declined spam flag on gibberish question

To those voting to close this as a duplicate of one of the questions linked here: Declining this flag represents a change in how flags are being handled by moderators. If there really is a change in ...
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Make options for mod flag more visible

So, today a user posted Teamviewer details in chat. His TV credentials were deleted, but it starts here. I thought "Well, that's problematic, I'll flag it so a mod can delete it, looks like the rest ...
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Misleading warning text: "some of your recent flags have been declined"

Why am I getting the warning? Looking at my flag history, I can't see that I have triggered any of the thresholds. I only have one declined flag this year, none in the past week. Answer and ...
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Status of the [spam] & [offensive] flags is missing

Today I saw a question that was asking about ways to block people from the USA, and naturally they accumulated downvotes. The user then got slightly hot-headed and decided to interpret the downvotes ...
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Change the “you have already raised this type of flag” label

When I flag a question for close (duplicate or other reasons), I cannot flag it for close again with another reason, which is status-bydesign. Other flags are still available (leading to e.g. deletion)...
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Why do I get a declined flags warning when there's only one that's recent?

When attempting to flag a post, got the following warning in the flag window Great warning, but there is one problem. I don't really have any recently declined flags besides one on April 14th ...
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Custom mod flag for plagiarism still in queue after 2 months - necessity for new flag type?

I flagged an answer which was just a verbatim copy of some official documentation with no attribution to the original source. This was on September 5th and the flag is still in the queue unaddressed. ...
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Comment custom flagged containing a user with a vulgar name auto marked as helpful

I just custom flagged a comment containing a link to a user profile with a vulgar name on this post (the post isn't really relevant to this question). I chose to custom flag the comment as the user ...
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Close reason window force closes when user edits question

I've stumbled upon some weird behaviour... and I'm pretty sure it should not occur. Earlier, I was trying to flag a question because I have suspicions that user belongs to a voting ring. As I was ...
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Moderator diamond still shows when you flag a post

I just notice that the moderator diamond not hide when you open the flag list : Is this a bug, or it is for purpose?
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How to deal with forum-style questions (i.e. self answers which are edits/updates) at larger scale

I came across this SEDE query which allows to find questions with multiple answers from the OP. Most of these "answers" are no real answers but should have been an edit to the original ...
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Flagged post disputed for Duplicate but marked as duplicate eventually?

I flagged a post three days back since i feel it's a duplicate of other posts which already has an answer. Here's that post, i've marked as duplicate for this already existing post which had an ...
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The flag dialog for a comment on a downvoted answer is transparent

When I flag a comment on a downvoted answer, the flag dialog is semi-transparent, which makes it hard to use. Steps to reproduce: Find a downvoted answer with score <= 3 and at leat one ...
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Can the flag box be draggable in Discussions?

On a question, I can drag the flag box around. This is useful, especially for custom moderator flags when I need to reference something in the post. Unfortunately, the flag box in Discussions isn't ...
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