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For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc., use this tag.

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Incomplete flagging options for question belonging on a different site [duplicate]

I just run into an issue when I was flagging a question. Solidity Transaction Issue This question was asked on Stack Overflow, but belongs on the Ethereum. In the Community Specific flag section, all ...
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3 answers

Vagueness of Spam flag / flags in general?

When a question contains links to pornographic material, material intended to be of sexual nature, explicit text or all of the above, are users powerless at flagging content as spam because the rules ...
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1 answer

Should I flag XY problem questions?

I think this question is a classic case of the XY problem. Should it be flagged? If so, how? It is a low quality question or is it unclear?
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How do we handle ethical/legal questions? [duplicate]

Today I came across a (now deleted- will link it here if I can find the link) question which asked about the legality of using distributing Microsoft libraries (DLLs) with their programs. This type ...
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Enhancement request: better reveal on flag dialog

I wanted to flag a question as being off topic but since I don't flag very often I forgot which of the options allows you, in a subsequent dialog, to indicate it's off topic and that it might be on ...
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Mods apparently could not see my deleted comment when reviewing my flag-- why?

I recently flagged an answer in which the answerer took the contents of my comment- which provided additional context to their answer- and pasted it verbatim at the top of their answer. My comment on ...
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What flag should I use for questions having a link to a photo of the real question? [duplicate]

Time and again, I come across questions like this. What I do not understand is which flag am I supposed to use. I usually go with very low quality, and at times it gets accepted too (I guess that ...
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3 answers

How about adding a "duplicate answer" manual flag type?

In a previous How to handle cleanup of late blatantly duplicate answers ('surfing') on popular questions question, we got answers encouraging users to flag copied/duplicate answers and ...
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0 answers

Turn the VLQ flag for answers into two new, more intuitive flags to improve flagging experience

TL;DR Remove the VLQ flag and instead add flags for link-only and non-English answers that have the same effect as NAA flags but provide better guidance for flaggers. The Very low-quality flag for ...
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Prevent flags from being marked helpful by your own close votes

I had flagged a question as duplicate before reaching 3k (the question itself isn't relevant here) and later came to it and close voted it. That marked my original recommend closure flag on the same ...
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1 answer

Flag marked helpful, but nothing changed

I flagged a question as off-topic (as it asked for references, not to fix a problem), and it has been marked as helpful, but nothing seems to have changed. At worst I thought the question would be put ...
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What type of flags should I use? [duplicate]

There are three very identical flags: Needs details or clarity. This question should include more details and clarify the problem. Needs more focus. This question currently includes multiple ...
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2 answers

Should we not flag rude/abusive a post containing valuable content?

declined - While we understand your concern(s), the "rude/abusive" flag should only be used when the post is completely unsalvageable and needs deletion. This post can (and should have been) ...
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1 answer

What should I do about a "not an answer" post posted by someone who has less than 50 reputation? [duplicate]

I often see that users of less than 50 reputation post something on a question such as, "This is not an answer, but I have had this issue too." I know that this post details more of what ...
93 votes
2 answers

User consciously ignores the rules of asking questions on SO. What should I do about it?

A user highlighted the following in their question: I ask this question on quora, and on but didn't find any answer, if this is not a right place to ask ...
72 votes
2 answers

How to handle "Explain how this ${code dump} works" questions [duplicate]

I've been seeing more and more frequently what I call "explain how this works" questions. A good example is: Essentially, OP ...
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1 answer

Improve the NAA/VLQ flagging mechanism

Currently, while one stumbles upon a NAA (Not An Answer), or VLQ (Very Low Quality) post, they can flag it accordingly. The problem is these flags cover a broad spectrum of answers, ranging from ...
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0 answers

What should I do about further questions asked in the Answers section? [duplicate]

I have just qualified for review queues and sometimes I do not know which option to choose. And I ask this question of the older ones: When the continuation of a question is asked in the answers ...
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2 answers

Is "Where do I find the Java JDK Source code for JDK 1.8?" off-topic? [duplicate]

I posted this question some time ago: Where do I find the Java JDK Source code for JDK 1.8? It was tagged to be closed for being off-topic. I protested because although not specifically about ...
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Flag a discussion in chat as no longer needed

Comments can be flagged as being no longer needed (NLN). If they are moved to chat, they are converted to messages in chat, which can no longer be flagged as NLN. The whole chat can also not be ...
2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to flag a revision of a tag in order to get some clarification/guidance?

I edited one tag in Stack Overflow and a moderator reverted it to be blank (first commit). Tag is hpcc and the edit is this one: I would like to get ...
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1 answer

Why did this Not an Answer flag get declined when it was just a copy paste of another answer with only a minor change to the code

I flagged the following as Not an Answer: Execute multiple async actions in the gulp task? This is just a copy/paste of another answer (with no attribution!), with 1 line trivially changed to fix a ...
82 votes
3 answers

Declined flag on plagiarised answer which copied a comment in verbatim without attribution

I came across an answer some days ago which was an exact copy of a comment on another answer to the same question (screenshot). After downvoting the answer, I flagged it for moderator intervention ...
24 votes
0 answers

Please stop making me wait 5 seconds between flagging [duplicate]

Please add a client side queue in JavaScript that submits flags every 5 seconds instead of making a human (me) do client-side load balancing for you... You could make it so that when I click the flag ...
57 votes
1 answer

Fixing the disconnect between VLQ and Triage

tl;dr; When flagging questions as VLQ, we're inadvertently sending too much noise to the moderators to handle. Over the past year, the reviewers here on Stack Overflow have shown themselves able to ...
271 votes
7 answers

Flagging migration should include more options

I have encountered numerous questions in with the sprite-kit tag such as: ...
47 votes
1 answer

How to report a broken link that is now redirecting to malware or other unsavory content

A link in an answer directs to a web site that tries to take over the computer. How should I report this to Stack Overflow so that it will remove the link? The answer in the "Code Example" ...
66 votes
3 answers

Allow retracting flags on deleted posts even if you can't view deleted posts

Now that we have the ability to retract flags, I would like to make use of it to retract flags that would most likely be marked helpful but would have no further actionable effect on a post. Problem ...
538 votes
14 answers

The rudeness on Stack Overflow is too damn high

We’ve been there, we’ve done that. I know. But I have to air a feeling of powerlessness against certain disruptive users, and I think that Stack Overflow should have a better mechanism of mitigating ...
55 votes
3 answers

Guide on how to handle sensitive information in posts

What has happened... Two days ago, while checking the review-queue for suggested edits, I approved an edit of a question where an API-key got revealed. To be clear, the API-key was present in the ...
20 votes
3 answers

Improve moderator handling of confidential information

In my time posting on Stack Overflow, it happens that every now and then I stumble across a question that includes private/confidential information that certainly should not be public (API keys being ...
2 votes
0 answers

Incorrect notice on flagging answer for moderation action [duplicate]

I submitted a custom flag for plagiarism on an answer: Entire answer is copied verbatim from I received this ...
30 votes
0 answers

Why are not reproducible/typo flags listed under "needs improvement"?

When you flag a question that was caused by a simple typo mistake, the option is listed under "needs improvement" which says: "This question needs updates from the author in order to be ...
11 votes
1 answer

Mods' UI: Multiple "No longer needed" flags - LIFO, FIFO, or X don't care?

If I am flagging several, say ten, comments on a post as "No longer needed," do moderators prefer them to be flagged in any particular order? For example, the trail may go from requesting ...
17 votes
2 answers

Why was my flag for fixing a duplicate banner declined, even though it followed moderator advice?

I found PHP Warning Permission denied (13) on session_start() which has a broken duplicate banner. I mod-flagged it based on This question already has answers where? which has an accepted answer with ...
38 votes
1 answer

Unable to retract VLQ flag

I flagged an answer yesterday as VLQ. Since then, it has been accepted by the OP. After reading it again, it appears borderline, and I don't want to eat a declined flag, so I attempted to retract the ...
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1 answer

Is an answer still an answer if it doesn't use programming at all

There have been numerous meta questions about "Not an answer" (NAA) and the general consensus has always been that as long as it even tries to answer the question, it is an answer, albeit ...
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1 answer

NAA flag declined: flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer

A question tagged java arrays string: Find frequency of consecutive digits N times Given a string of digits and a number n String = 500055 n = 2 then output -> 510352 explanation: here I'm counting ...
30 votes
1 answer

Helpful flags were raised in my name

I'm 100% sure I haven't raised these helpful flags that were attributed to me. I don't have an autoreporting script running. What happened here?
6 votes
1 answer

How are "botted (i.e. using bots)" inappropriate conducts handled by moderators?

First of all, this is a hypothetical situation, which I thought of the other day. We now have chat rooms (one, in which I chat frequently) that use some sort of bots to relay messages between the room ...
86 votes
9 answers

Does a user have any practical options for dealing with blatantly incorrect close votes?

Pretty often (to the point where I have a canned comment addressing one category), I see close votes that are clearly, objectively wrong. I'm talking about stuff like: Voting to close IDE questions ...
16 votes
1 answer

NAA flag pending for twenty hours after the post was deleted before being finally marked helpful

Yesterday I raised an NAA flag on an answer (link for >= 10k users), but noticed that at the same instant that I raised the flag, the answer was deleted. On other occasions that this has happened, ...
24 votes
3 answers

How should I handle answers that address a comment rather than the original question?

A recent answer I saw disregarded missing information in the question, and the answerer explicitly mentioned that they're trying to answer a different question raised in a comment (Do you know how to ...
21 votes
3 answers

Moderator's reply to my flag ends with an ellipsis; was there more to the message?

I raised a flag on one of my questions, requesting moderators to migrate the question to Database Administrators: As you can see, the moderator who's migrated the question, has nicely replied to the ...
37 votes
1 answer

Shouldn't we have a copied content without attribution flag?

I found an answer which is a composite verbatim copy of content found in: and as well as some ...
24 votes
3 answers

Clarification on flagging "worked for me" answers as NAA

A few hours ago, I flagged a post as NAA; it is now deleted, but hopefully, some of you can see it: First Flutter App error: cannot resolve symbol "Properties" The complete text of the ...
51 votes
2 answers

What type of Stack Overflow content generates the largest numbers of "useful" flags?

In Summary Which types of Stack Overflow content generate the largest counts of helpful flags? Do we have any (anonymized) statistics? Otherwise, what is the anecdotal evidence? In Detail The current ...
9 votes
2 answers

Who handles comment flags?

Besides automatically handled flags, is it done by moderators only or is it done by all community members (with a certain amount of reputation)?
8 votes
0 answers

Flag menu submenu indication

I recently faced the problem of not finding the flag I was looking for. Specifically I was looking for the "Not reproducible or was caused by a typo" flag. (Which can be found under "...
386 votes
1 answer

When to flag an answer as "not an answer"

With respect to some flag rejection messages I received recently, the following seems to be a few of the guidelines for judging an answer: If it's an incorrect answer, downvote it. If you don't agree ...

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