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Flag history is a list of all previous flags a user submitted, along with how they were handled. It is linked to on a user's account page.

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Overall Percentage of Helpful Flags

When viewing your own flag history, I feel it would be valuable to show what percentage of flags have been marked as helpful. I've implemented this as a userscript but would like to make a formal ...
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Helpful flags should be shown in the same layout as votes cast

It would be nice if "helpful flags" will be shown in the same layout as "votes cast" and "post edited". Actually if I look at the votes cast I can see the header and navigate to other pages. If I ...
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Don't tell me to review a declined flag on a deleted post

When flagging a post today it told me to review my flags, because my last flag was declined. As a good citizen I did so, and came to the conclusion that my flag (VLQ) was "declined - a moderator ...
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Can we improve the display for comment flags in the flag history page?

I just checked my flag history, and noticed that two fairly old comment flags had been handled and marked "Declined". However, rather than showing the comment that I flagged, the flag history page ...
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The fixed size of the div containing deleted flagged posts causes display issues on small screens

The flag summary page puts deleted posts in a <div> with width: 685px and background-color: #f4eaea which doesn't take the size of the page into account. As a result the <div> flows ...
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"Pending" text doesn't appear for pending spam flags

After doing some reviewing in the Late Answers queue, I checked my flag history to make sure I was making good flagging choices. I noticed that a spam flag isn't showing the "pending" text, though it ...
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Flagged articles' comments don't show the article name on flag history page

I flagged a comment from an article as "No longer needed" and this is what I see in my flag history: I expect to be able to see where this comment is from, e.g.:
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Flagged Posts font size and layout

What is going on with the font size and line spacing on the Flagged Posts page in the new design for SO. The font size for the links is 18px and to me looks much nicer at a 16px or 14px. Then as the ...
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Show moderator flags in activity summary on profile page

I could not find a place where I can see my own moderator flags. I'm sure it exists but the activity tab on the profile page would seem like the natural place for this -- where I can see my votes, ...
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Three flags from 2011 still show up as "waiting for review"

From the flag history page: As you can see, three flags from 2011 seem stuck as "pending"; they also don't show the "pending" badge. The number on the right is correct though. Possibly related: Flag ...
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Font Size Discrepancy on Flag History

When viewing the flag history page, question hyperlinks are appearing a bit larger than answer hyperlinks. About 4px larger I believe. A quick look at the console shows this CSS rule for question ...
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What's a "good" helpful flags percentage?

The flag suspension that triggers on 25% flags declined in the last 7 days could possibly impact me depending on how exactly things drain from "waiting for review" vs land into "helpful&...
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No validation for tampered URL for flag history

These are the current group flags: Post Flags - this includes NAA, VLQ, other flags Comment Flags - all comment flag types - too chatty, not constructive, obsolete, rude or offensive, etc. Spam Flags ...
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Cannot view total number of flags raised

For the past hour or so I have been unable to view my total flags raised (by clicking on the 'helpful flags raised' link on my profile (see attached picture)): When clicked it spends a while ...
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The post score displayed in the flagging history appears above the name of the question

tl;dr: Post scores in flag histories are not displayed on the same line as the question title, but only on some sites. This appears to be a regression of part of The re-design has borked the user ...
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Why is text overlapping in aged-away post flags?

Recently when I visited my flag history page, I noticed that one of the flagged question titles were overlapping in my flagging history. NOTE: I'm using the Firefox browser. Please see below ...
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Last Name Wrapping to Next Line in Flag History

In the flag history section, the last name is wrapping to the next line. This is causing the flag breakdown counts to be pushed to the bottom of the page, under the paging section. Edit: In response ...
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Flag history page shows no title/link for flags on collection comments

For flags on post comments, there's a div.answer-summary > div.answer-link > a. For flags on collection comments, there's no such anchor. There's no indicator of what was flagged or what the ...
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Make flag history searchable

Context I have a very large flagging history, numbering well over thousands of flags. A lot of those flags are for plagiarized answers that I've found. Today I discovered that someone I had ...
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Shouldn't flags such as "close flag due to off-topic" marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes for same reason?

Shouldn't flags such as close flag due to off-topic marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes, especially if for same reason? E.g. A question closed as off-topic in ...
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Why are only certain VLQ flags shown in my flagging history?

I recently wrote an answer to this question by Tim Post. In my answer I advocated to change the way the Helper Queue works. To strengthen my argument there I decided to gather some data on how the ...
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